168th Voicemail, 169th Voicemail, 170th Voicemail, 171st Voicemail, June 26th, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

We were completely inseparable for the week and now I needed to head to Salt Lake City for a meeting. It was going to be a challenge being away from each other for a few hours. She was so happy. She couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t stop smiling. We were still in love.

168th Voicemail 6-26-2015 11:19am

Baby where are you? Why aren’t you answering my call? Alright, I love you. Just wondering what’s going on with you. Where you are? Anyway, give me a call. Okay.

169th Voicemail 6-26-2015 12:17pm

Oh man, you didn’t answer. Baby. You  had fair warning. Okay. I love you.

170th Voicemail 6-26-2015 12:22pm

And I even gave you an extra 5 minutes. And you are just sending me a text, lol, laughing at me. Don’t laugh at me baby. Let me know what you are doing. Okay?

171st Voicemail 6-26-2015 11:51pm

Hey baby just wanting to touch base with you. Don’t forget I don’t want to go to bed tonight without having a good night call from you. So. Give me a call whenever you can, okay? I love you, bye.

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  1. That’s so sad to hear that he’s not in love with her either. Doesn’t really surprise me tho. To me it’s like he’s collecting wives every time he falls out of love with one on to another :/

    I really hope she finds happiness soon. Would be great if it was with you 😉

  2. Ok…I see.

    Why ban all 3 of them?

  3. And…who is Kendra? Why is she talked about so much?

    • Kendra is Robyn’s best friend. She has been accused of talking to reporters and being a source in news stories. She gave one statement and it was published correctly. All other articles are not her words they belong to 3 different trolls feeding the tabloids lies. If Robyn is smart she will realize Kendra would never say anything against her. She loves Robyn too much to hurt her or betray her. It’s disgusting the lengths the trolls go to. They are hatefilled harmful women.

  4. Wow. Very interesting!! That’s sad that she’s been unhappy for that long. I thought that Meri couldn’t leave the family because of the show? So, how were they planning to do a spiritual divorce while they’re still filming? I can’t see Kody going along with that and letting her leave. It would ruin the show and stop the flow of money; which is his number 1 concern. Plus, he seems too controlling to let her leave without a fight. I just have gathered that from your responses to other questions.

    Has Kody or anyone else from the Brown family tried to contact you after this whole catfish story came out? Has TLC contacted you?? Also, how are you so sure that no one from the Brown family (including Meri) has read this blog?? I would think at least one family member has read some of it just out of curiosity.

    I really hope Meri leaves one day. I think this didn’t work out because she was depending on you to help her leave. I think she is meant to leave on her own.

    Thank you for providing more insight to Meri’s world. Polygamy sounds like a very hard life. I don’t blame her for wanting to leave. I hope she gets the strength to do it on her own.

    • A spiritual divorce takes time. They were talking about starting the process. Kody offered to help her get a place or help her move back to Utah because he was ready for her to go.

      Yes they have tried. Discovery contacted me and asked me for information. Through my lawyers I provided it.

      Meri used to read it, Robyn and Janelle have read it. And all 3 got banned by Lindsay as soon as they showed up.

  5. Sam, how did she explain your relationship to Kody? I’m sure she didn’t admit that you were her bf…did she? I’m wondering how much of the truth did he actually know. Also, what did he say to her about the relationship? Did he tell her to stop communicating with you? It’s really crazy to know that Kody actually was aware of you!! Wow.

    • She told him we were friends. Then he got pissed because she was always on her phone when he would pop over to her house. He started asking about me and they started fighting. He told her to stop talking to me and she told him no. When Kendra got involved he asked Kendra what was going on. He was well aware that she fell in love with me. In early May she kicked him out. By the end of May she told him she wanted to leave. And they said let’s discuss a spiritual divorce. She told him she felt like they had a bad marriage for ten years. She wasn’t happy and she wasn’t in love with him anymore. He said he was surprised she thought the marriage was bad that long and he also was not in love with her anymore.

  6. I don’t mean this to be accusatory in any way, so bear with me. 🙂 I know it’s not your responsibility to be her savior, but considering that her life has completely imploded now that this is all public, do you feel any remorse at 1. ending what she thought was the greatest love affair of her life, and/or 2. exposing to the world the most intimate thoughts and desires of someone you professed to love and cherish and protect? I know you’ve gotten a lot of flack for being cruel or sociopathic, but I doubt you’d agree with that assessment, and I just wonder why it’s important to you to expose everything. Are there any special moments or conversations you’re committed to keeping private, for the sake of honoring that love you once treasured?

    • I’m posting the truth. Some people don’t even believe me. She had her say on a national platform. I’m proving my side with actual proof. I’m not mad at her at all. This isn’t revenge. It’s me telling my side.
      1. I do feel bad that it has come to this, of course. I love her. I never want to hurt her. That being said, I also never wanted my businesses to suffer, my family to find out I had an affair, my Church to call me in and question my morality, most of my friends to stop speaking to me, and the entire world of people to think I catfished her. I’m proving I did not catfish her, and we were in love and had a real affair. Not an “emotional affair”. That is such bullshit.
      2. There is a lot of things I’m not sharing. Too private, too personal, and not for anyone but her and I to share in memories.

  7. Hahaha, wow. Was that the extent of your interaction with him? Or did you guys ever exchange words directly?

  8. I’m assuming this is when he tweeted that passive-aggressive thing about how “real men” don’t aspire to be Batman?

  9. Who needs to leave you alone?

  10. Who are you referring to leave you alone?

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