176th Voicemail, 177th Voicemail, 178th Voicemail, 179th Voicemail – June 28th, 2015 – Drive Home from our Utah Trip Together

This was the day we were driving home. We followed each other the whole way. We talked on the phone all of the way until we hit the Canyon. Then we picked back up after we were both through it. We were so happy, we laughed the whole week together and really had a great time. The sex was amazing, we made love almost every night. One day we had sex 4 times that day. She said she had never done that before. We were very, very happy.

Out of nowhere that day while we were driving home Kody sent out a tweet about me:


Real men don’t dream they are Batman, nor aspire to dark, controversial roles. Men lovingly become Santa Clause to their children! Insert winky face.



So I replied:


Then right after I said Why don’t you stop worrying about me and go get your wife’s air conditioner fixed in her car. Meri’s air conditioner in her SUV doesn’t work well. She said it was going to cost a couple grand to get it fixed and that she couldn’t afford to deal with it. It was over 100 degrees in Vegas. I offered to go get it fixed and she told me no.

Immediately Meri called me and told me to erase that Lol So I erased both of them but not before people screenshot on all of it. She said he was upset with her talking to me and she said he had asked her 4 times at this point to stop talking to me. She kept telling him no. She said we were just friends and that I made her laugh. She said never told him we were more than friends. That came later.


That night the very first article came out about Meri leaving the family and possibly having a boyfriend. They mentioned my name in the articleIMG_6048. Juicy Chatter was the very first time my name was on an internet gossip blog and the first time an article was linking us together. This was June 28th, 2015. No one else had written anything about Meri and I before then. Some people claim they were the first, but this is the truth. So we can finally prove that one.





I didn’t even see the article for a few days when someone sent it to my email. I called Meri and we both laughed about it. She said well it’s true. So I guess we need to start packing me up.


That night we talked on the phone for a few hours going over our week together. We stayed up until 2am talking. At this point he had been kicked out of the house so she was able to talk to me openly in her house. She wasn’t hiding in an upstairs bedroom or office to talk to me anymore. She said she wanted to move out soon. She said make plans to get a moving company ready in a few weeks. So I did.


176th Voicemail 6-28-2015 12:16am

Hey. Just, I was seeing if I could get in touch with you. Please give me a call as soon as you can. I don’t care how late. I just want to talk to you. Okay. I love you.

177th Voicemail 6-28-2015 1:37am

Hey. I hesitate calling this late. But you say to call you if I feel like it.

178th Voicemail 6-28-2015 12:57pm

Baby you said you’d answer my call when I called back. Anyway, I love you. Call me when you can.

179th Voicemail 6-28-2015 1:30pm

Hey baby, give me a call. Okay, I love you bye.


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  1. I totally missed this when it was going on, because I don’t spend time on gossip sites, and swore off the Facebook site because of all the nastiness. I looked up Kody’s tweet, and sure enough, there it was–along with the responses. They figured out who it was about, and then “Yvette” started calling you a catfish. Did Meri say anything about that?

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