122nd Voicemail 123rd Voicemail – June 3rd, 2015

We were both really tired. We had been staying up way too late. But that was about the only free time either one of us had. We had to make time for each other. Usually that meant after 7pm because of my work schedule at this time. She was always great about staying in touch with me every day.

122nd Voicemail 6-3-2015 1:47pm

Hi. I’ll never understand why it doesn’t ring when you call I’m sitting here holding it. And I just get the notification. Anyway, so, I tried calling you back. So, alright. I’ll talk to you later, bye.

123rd Voicemail 6-3-2015 5:52pm

Hey just thinking about you. Just missing you thought I would just give you a call. Try and touch base with you. Okay. I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Love you

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  1. So I remember when Kody married Robyn, Meri said she wanted him to and pushed him to do so. Is that what she told you? Since you know about Therapy sessions? are the other wife’s happy? Or do they want to leave too? Kody has said him and Jennelle’s relationship is like a business relationship. Christine has spoken about a lot of issues on the show and trying to work on them. Robyn and Kody seems like they are still honeymooning. Are the kids worried about all this? That’s soon to be 18 kids that may have more parents then normal but kids that have seen little hints of issues and five parents is there normal. Are they close of do they all live 5 separate lives? Has Kody been worse since the show started? Sorry for so many questions I thought I had two than they kept coming. Thank you for your time.

    • She said the day she met Robyn she felt a connection with her. She immediately encouraged him to look into it because her marriage was in a bad place.

      We discussed the therapy sessions she attended while we were together. Like all relationships the other marriages each have good and bad times, and I really don’t know much about the other marriages. I only comment on her marriage since that was a lot of what she talked about.
      They all lead separate lives now and get together to discuss the schedule and family events but for the most part they do not hang out together or go do stuff together unless it involves filming. The only one I know that checks on Meri is Robyn.
      She told me he has always been a good guy but he can be an ass when talking to her. She said all of their marriage they struggle to communicate and he does not listen to her.

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