185th Voicemail,186th Voicemail, 187th Voicemail, 188th Voicemail – June 30th, 2015

Kendra was the first one to figure out we were having an affair. We were doing everything we could to stop the rumors. Even cleaning up my twitter account to erase off any tweets that may elude to more than friendship. Nothing was working. The rumors kept growing and Kendra kept digging up more and more info about our relationship. She kept asking Meri and Lindsay what was going on, but neither one of them would tell her anything. Lindsay only said to her “I don’t know” over and over again. This conversation was about rumors in Kendra’s group about our affair and how frustrating it was to keep hearing about it daily. I was not calling Kendra a liar. I was calling someone else that was asking questions after Kendra figured this out the liar. Because she is. But I refuse to give her any attention on here.

We had been walking together for a couple of months. First in the mornings and then later we added in at night too. It was to rehab my foot. I had broken my foot in 3 places months ago and I had to relearn how to walk properly. My foot kept going off center. My rehab lady told me to walk a lot a certain way to rehab it. If I wasn’t able to walk with Meri we would talk on the phone while she walked. This morning I was still mad from the night before so I took off at the same time but on my own. She saw me and decided to call. I ignored it. Then I picked up the next call and we had a disagreement about something she said to me. I didn’t like what she said but I had gotten in the shower and was getting dressed in eating. So while I was busy she kept calling me and I didn’t even know it.  Meri thought I was more upset than I was, but I had let it go already. She was a little worried that I was still upset. So we were discussing that. We made up later that night. She came over and we talked it out. She was ready to move out and leave him. She was tired of all of it.

185th Voicemail June 30th, 2015

Baby. You are scaring me. Talk to me. I love you.

186th Voicemail 6-30-2015 7:14am

Saw you and thought it looked like you were probably walking. So I thought I’d just give you a call. Okay, call me back if you want to.

187th Voicemail 6-30-2015 7:52am

Samuel I’m sorry that you felt like that was a comparison. All I was saying was I had that (With Kody). I know what that feels like. That’s not what I’m looking for with you. Do you understand. That what I want with you is something deeper and stronger. And more passionate. It’s what we have. We have something more passionate then I have ever felt and you know that.

188th Voicemail 6-30-2015 7:58am

And I wasn’t comparing you (To Kody) and anyway. You know what? Guess what. If I were compare you, you win on all counts. You win on all fucking levels. Now I’m pissed. You don’t think. You don’t think that I think that you beat out? You don’t think that I think that you are taller, better looking. Very much better looking by the way. Kinder. Sweeter. You care about me. You want me. You say that you are willing to fight for me. You say all these things about love and affection and passion. So yeah if I were to compare you. You win. All the time. But that was not a comparison. It was I know the pain of that. That’s all that was. And that’s not what I want with you. I think you need to just. I am fighting my darndest for you right now. Because I feel you slipping away. And I’m fighting when everything in me tells me, all my history (With Kody), excuse me, all my history tells me to just back off and let go. And I’m not doing that with you. I told you I wouldn’t and I’m keeping that promise that I’m right here. But I know that it makes you mad when I. It’s you. And all I want is you Sam. All I want is you. And I just keep fighting for you and I just keep pushing you away.



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  1. Keep on getting the truth out there Sam. It bothers me that she posts on Twitter thinking this is funny and a game. I can’t stand people like that. I’ll be praying for you ❤️

  2. Ok so I’ve listened and read and researched and consider myself a pretty intelligent person not easily duped. It seems to me that Meri catfishes you for ratings on her tv show. She used you to create drama and I wouldn’t doubt if the entire cast and production knew about it just to exploit it for television. It makes me sick. I’m following you on Twitter Sam and am truly fascinated by all this. Feel free to email call text me whenever.

    • Meri is not catfishing me. She is lying. It’s not for ratings all though that is an added benefit for her. She is trying to save her own ass because she knows the voicemails and texts are here. She knows the books tells the entire story. She doesn’t want to admit to having an affair. So she lies in order to keep her story from damaging her image. A lot of people are seeing the lies and seeing her story does not make any sense. If I had threatened her, if Lindsay had threatened her in anyway, why is it she continued to call me and say I love you and continue to leave me sweet voicemails and texts all the way up until we broke up? And even afterwards when I walked away why did she still contact me? She is lying. I pray everyone will figure that out for themselves. My proof is all right here.

  3. Also, who is Kendra? Has she been on the show?

    • Kendra has been on the show. She is Robyn’s best friend. She got nosy and started asking around about things. She got ahold of Lindsay’s cell phone number and those two girls started fighting. Kendra asked Lindsay if Meri and I were together. For 4 months Lindsay never said a word. She just laughed and said I don’t know. After the affair ended Lindsay finally confirmed we had an affair. Kendra wanted to talk to me. I got on the phone with her and refused to tell her anything except that I was in love with Meri. And how amazing she is.

  4. I agree!! Thank you for adding to your posts!

  5. These are SO much more interesting with the back story attached!! Thanks

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