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Insert Kendra into my life. The story goes like this according to my side. Kendra had been in town and staying at Robyn’s house. Kendra and Robyn were best friends for several years. Kendra was working, being paid, and on staff with the Brown family working on Tshirt Designs and helping with My Sister Wives Closet. They do have great items so I hope everyone goes over there and buys stuff from their story. Meri is actually the person that ships out the items so you will receive a little thank you note from her if you didn’t know that.

Kendra has a Facebook group with thousands of people in it. They discuss polygamy as well as the tv show. At the time Meri and I were so open on Twitter talking to each other rumors had already began. People kept asking me if we were dating. If I was Meri’s boyfriend. We both laughed it off and never answered. A lot of people were posting in Kendra’s group about me, asking her who I was. So she started looking around. She and Robyn sat down together one night and looked at all of the rumors online together. That’s the first time Robyn knew that Meri and I had been talking a lot more than she was aware. By June, all of the Browns knew my name because Meri was talking about me to them and telling them the funny stories or things we were talking about. Even Kody.

One of the days that Kendra was there she asked to talk to Meri and she warned her there are a lot of rumors going on. I have posted the text messages on my blog between Meri and Kendra because Meri gave them to me so I could see what Kendra was saying about us. Kendra talked to Meri about all of this and she was interviewed. Her version of what happened in also on my blog. I posted that a few weeks ago so everyone could hear how Meri was reacting to Kendra talking about us together. Meri lied to Kendra and Robyn and kept telling them we were just friends. She did not tell them we were having an affair. She said we were just friends and had never met. She did not want to admit we had met in person because Robyn would go tell Kody about it. Meri was protecting us.

What happened is Kendra went into the group and started to really ask questions about me, digging for info. And I got wind of it. So I told Lindsay go fix this. Lindsay and Kendra got ahold of each other’s phone numbers and they started a war. A screaming on the phone calling each other so many bad names I lost count. There were several times I had to physically take Lindsay’s phone away from her because she was holding it out and screaming into it like a lunatic Lol It was very entertaining because when Lindsay gets mad her accent gets really thick. She is Australian if anyone doesn’t know that by now. And Kendra was doing the exact same. Kendra would not leave Lindsay alone because Kendra figured out Lindsay was my best friend. For months they fought and fought. Not everyday but it was weekly.

Here is where the real threats were at. Lindsay threatened to hack into Kendra’s emails, phones, Facebook and Facebook groups if she did not erase and deleted any mention of my name on her group and Facebook page. And she did just that. She sent Kendra her home address and told her I know more than you realize and then she started getting into her emails and telling her what was in there. Kendra got scared and deleted every word of my name. We really thought that was the end of it. But no. Kendra was pissed. And she had every right to be. She was getting sucked into this because she was protecting Robyn, Meri, and the family. Lindsay was protecting me and all of our business stuff because rumors like this could really hurt all the things we had money into. Lindsay told me to stop. She told me stop talking to Meri, stop going on Twitter and talking to her. Just stop because this was looking really bad. I did not realize at the time how many people were talking about me and Meri.

There were several people wishing us well. They wanted Meri gone. She was receiving a lot of messages telling her to leave Kody that she deserved better. And she does. That’s how Kendra came into my life. Kendra and I are friends now. I even dedicated my book to her because she completely switched sides and began defending me when I showed her enough proof that the affair was real, that I was real and we set up a time to meet in person to talk about all of this. Lindsay, me, and Kendra were going to meet up in Kendra’s town someday to talk this out because we really needed Kendra to help us out.

This was not a fun day. I was really pissed off at Meri for inviting Kendra over to her house. I didn’t understand why she would do that. Meri didn’t realize all of the things Kendra had posted in the group. She was not aware of how bad this was getting for both of us.

This was also the first lie I caught Meri in. She told me Robyn gave Kendra her cellphone number. She told me she doesn’t really know Kendra that she is friends with Robyn and Kody and she was just someone she sort of knew. That was a lie. Meri knew who Kendra was and was even working with them on the tshirt designs and other things Kendra was helping them with. Meri did not tell me that Kendra was under contract with them and had been a part of things with the whole family for 5 years. She lied, I found out, and I was pissed. It was really bad. To me Kendra was a threat. She wanted to figure out what was going on and she would not leave Lindsay alone about it. Lindsay said nothing to her other than a bunch of bad words and telling her to go away Lol They never calmed down and started talking calmly to each other for 3 months. Every single phone call was them screaming at each other at the top of their lungs.

This is when the affair became an internet rumor.

124th Voicemail 6-4-2015 12:58am

So that you can kind of slap out of it so that you realize that you are kind of, that you are being kind of ornery or whatever so you can calm down. And I know you are reactionary I understand that and I know you don’t think that I am taking responsibility. I’m not quite sure what the responsibility is I’m telling you everything that I know about Kendra. I don’t even know exactly what is going on. Why, like I don’t, I mean, I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be telling you about her. I mean I told you everything I know which is not anything. I didn’t know that I was supposed to tell you a contact in my phone. Like she was given my phone number. I didn’t give her my phone number. I’m so frustrated that you are so mad at me because I don’t think that you should be as mad at me as you are. I understand some frustration. I get it. I don’t know. I don’t even know what is going on here. You know this is, this whole weird situation with her and this whole thing. And I, I just don’t even get it and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with you because now you are saying you are want a break for a few days and do I push you or do I just sit back and let you take a break. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do here. I am so confused. I want to push you. I want to yell at you and I want to tell you, you know what knock it off quit being stupid. I mean I get us being frustrated and angry but I don’t know how many times I need to tell you we’re on the same side. So quit separating from me. Quit separating from this. Just knock it off. Be frustrated for me, at me for not telling you all of the information but I don’t know what information I’m supposed to tell you.

125th Voicemail 6-4-2015 6:01am

Hey are you really not talking to me still? Will you please call me? Okay.

126th Voicemail 6-4-2015 6:07am

Will you please just call me and just talk to me okay? I see that you are posting things on twitter so that I will see what is going on with you. And I understand that. I just need you to talk to me quit avoiding me, okay? Call me.

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  1. When you say the text messages and pictures are in your blog. Where? I can’t find them.

  2. 12th kendra. What is that about?

    • On June 1st 2015 is when Kendra got nosy. There were rumors in her group about Meri and I. So she started asking around. I told Lindsay to go see what was being said. She got into Kendra’s group, looked at the posts/comments, copied a bunch of it and emailed it to me. Within a few days Lindsay threatened to delete Kendra’s group if she didn’t start deleting anything that said Sam on it in her group. Kendra got ahold of Lindsay’s cellphone number, called her and they got into a huge, epic fight. That lasted 3 or 4 days. Finally Kendra talked to Meri about it and agreed to delete everything. But in the meantime, her and Lindsay started a 4 month war against each other. It was brutual.

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