128th Voicemail, 129th Voicemail, 130th Voicemail, 131st Voicemail, 132nd Voicemail – June 8th, 2015

Very busy day for both of us. We were still talking about the Kendra issue and some of the rumors flying around. We were solid. It actually brought us closer together. We were very protective of each other. I had Lindsay going around getting rid of a lot of people talking about us on Facebook. That’s where all the accounts came up missing. Lindsay was deleting accounts not just posts and comments. It was helping. This is when the group of haters and trolls started to join forces against Lindsay because she knocked out their personal Facebook accounts that had all their kids photos, family photos and years and years of information on it. She warned them all to delete everything that mentioned Meri and I or else. The or else came and they were pissed. Really pissed.

This was also a day that Meri we very sweet. She was so in love and I was so in love. We didn’t let much of this stuff bother us. We were smart and trying to keep it off Twitter from now on. We were still posting somethings but we started using coded messages so it wasn’t as obvious. We always posted things to each other in the morning. Every morning. Then during the day if we saw something or heard a song we would post that too. She had a pile of letters I had written to her. And cards. Things I had given to her or Lindsay had given to her from me, or I mailed to her. I’m pretty sure those letters and cards are in the trash by now but she loved them. She would sit in her chair and re-read some of them because she loved how much I talked about loving her and how she made me feel. I also would talk about what I saw as our future and how happy I was being hers. I write very good letters.

This was also the night right before I discovered she had lied to me. And she lied to me twice about the same issue. I was pissed by the morning. I did not block her but I was not answering her at all. I couldn’t believe she had lied to me. It really shocked me and hurt my feelings. We had prided oursevles on always being honest even if something was difficult to say. We would always warn each other, this may piss you off but… Then state what it was. That way we would each get that moment to take a deep breath and get ready for something big.

128th Voicemail 6-8-2015 1:41pm

Hey. I was just listening to a message that you left me a couple of days ago. You were like. I love you. Meri, I love you. And it was just really sweet. And I thought you know what. I’m going to quit being shy about it. So Samuel. I love you. Anyway, call me when you have a second. Hope you are having a fabulous day. I love you. I really do. Okay. Call…

129th Voicemail 6-8-2015 4:00pm

Hey baby I was just out running errands and I’ve got a question for you on one of my errands but I can take care of it tomorrow. If I don’t hear from you. Actually it’s probably getting late enough I may have to take care of it tomorrow anyway. Give me a call when you have a second.

130th Voicemail 6-8-2015 5:00pm

Hey, so you told me to let you know when I was driving down your road. So I’m driving down your road so I’m letting you know. And I thought it would be fun to see if I could try to catch you but maybe you are busy. Anyway, so that’s all. And actually because we haven’t talked in over 2 hours. So I was just touching base with you. Hope you are having a good afternoon and things are fabulous.

131st Voicemail 6-8-2015 6:24pm

Hey baby it’s been like 4 hours since we’ve talked. I thought we were going to try to be in touch a little bit more. A little bit better. To get things going back on track. Anyway, give me a call when you have time. Okay. I love…

132nd Voicemail 6-8-2015 7:18pm

Hey, so I have a favor to ask. Since you tell me that you can’t say no to anybody. All I’m going to say is I need you to stop being polite to me. Alright? No more just being polite, okay? Okay. That’s all. I love you, bye.


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  1. This day she went to court per the show…did it ever come up?

    • She told me she was filming stuff for the adoption but we did not discuss it because I wasn’t that interested in that. I had asked what that meant and she said she couldn’t say because it was supposed to be a surprise. If the kids are now adopted that is news to me and congratulations to them.

  2. What does Meri mean “Is dinner out tonight?”

  3. How come you never wanted to talk to meri on the phone?? Why all by text? Why did she call/leave you so many voicemails? Im sooo curious/fascinated!

    • That’s a great question I get that one a lot. During working hours 8am to 5pm it’s very hard to get ahold of me. Her schedule was very busy as well so most of the day were texts or quick phone calls. At night we would find time to be together.

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