133rd Voicemail, 134th Voicemail, 135th Voicemail, 136th Voicemail, 137th Voicemail, 138th Voicemail, 139th Voicemail – June 9th, 2015

This was not a fun day in the morning time. Meri had lied to me. She was really upset she got caught. But she was more upset about how she got caught. She slipped up and I said wait a minute then caught her. Then she lied about lying and that was 2 lies in a row. I was pissed. I was angry but more frustrated. It only lasted a few hours because I knew she didn’t want to lie to me. She just didn’t know or think the lies would be found out. I told her that I loved her and don’t lie to me. There was nothing at all she could ever say to me that would hurt me more than a lie.

We did a lot of communicating and working things out. There were things that she questioned me about too and I gave her the information right away. We both felt better. We both felt a little hurt but love. It was always love that won. I loved Meri so much it didn’t matter to me that she lied to me. I mean it pissed me off. But I only wanted her to be happy and choose to be with me. Not feel like she was stuck with me because for 5 years she felt stuck and trapped with him in their relationship.

I offered her freedom. I offered her unconditional love and non-judgement. I supported everything she said and wanted to do. But most of all I really did love her and only her. That was the one thing he could not offer her anymore. And she wanted that. To have me all to herself. That’s why she called so much. She wanted me around all of the time.

We did work things out and went back to being in love and very sweet to each other. Unfortunately for me, this wouldn’t be the last time Meri lied to me. She only lies when she doesn’t want to say something or she doesn’t know how to say something. That’s the honest truth. I don’t believe Meri is a liar. I do believe she does lie about some huge things in her life and maybe that’s her way of not dealing with them.

133rd Voicemail 6-9-2015 8:03am

Baby I know your phone is turned off. And you’ve probably blocked me and I don’t know if you will even get this. I don’t even know what to say except for what I’ve said before. I am sorry. I did nothing on purpose. I did not keep that from you on purpose. I am so sorry. I know how it looks and it was not what it was intended at all. I did not even know about what was going on with that business dealing with them until it was halfway through. It just was not even on my radar to even talk to you about it. I just, am so sorry. So sorry for the anger, and hurt and pain. I’m really sorry. Please call me.

134th Voicemail 6-9-2015 8:16am

Baby I am so sorry. I can’t. Imagine what I have done to you and the hurt that I have caused you. And I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I need you to just please call me, okay baby? I just can’t even think of what else to say. Please just call me.

135th Voicemail 6-9-2015 8:23am

Samuel. Samuel Cooper. You are what I want. Do you understand that? I need you to know this. You are what I want. I am out for you and that is all I am out for. That’s all. That’s all I want. I’m not going for anybody else. I am just so sorry. Please talk to me. Please talk to me.

136th Voicemail 6-9-2015 8:57am

Samuel I am so sorry. This was an honest mistake it was a huge mistake but it was an honest mistake. And I am so sorry. I am sick about this. I am sick mostly of how you feel about me because of it. I know you are angry with me and it is completely warranted and I am so sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just wasn’t even thinking about that aspect of it. And it had nothing to do with trying to withhold anything. I swear to you baby. I swear. I don’t even know if I could even ever convince you of it. I am so sorry. This is screwing up your life and my life and us. And I hate it. I am so angry about it. I am so angry that she is doing this. I don’t know why she is doing this. I don’t get it. I am so angry.

137th Voicemail 6-9-2015 3:06pm

Hi, could you call me please. I want to know what those phone numbers were that you listed off the other day, yesterday. Last night. I’ve gotten a couple of calls from California and I don’t know, I haven’t answered them. But I don’t know who they are and I don’t know if it’s something I need to be concerned about if she’s got another phone possibly that I need to block. Anyway, could you give me a call and give me a heads up on what’s going on?

138th Voicemail 6-9-2015 9:14pm

Samuel. I know it’s not fair or appropriate to try to apologize and ruin that an apology with an excuse. I know that. All I can say is I’m sorry. Nothing was done with any malintent. I did not even think. I did not even think about that issue. It did not even cross my mind. I never. Oh god. It didn’t even go there. I am not out to get you for anything other than you and who you are because I love you. That’s all. You asked me to stay open to you and I did. You made me fall so in love with you. You made me fall really, really hard. That’s all I want. That’s all I’ve wanted. Please call me. Please let me talk to you, please. I hope your appointment goes well. I really do.

139th Voicemail 6-9-2015 11:13pm

Baby please will you do whatever the physical therapist is asking you to do. Lindsay texted you. She said you are kind of being stubborn. Will you please just do what you need to do to heal your foot. Okay? You need that healed. Okay? Please. I love you, bye.

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  1. Justyouraveragehuman

    Can I shoot you an email to ask a few questions about the show?

  2. Justyouraveragehuman

    Wow I never realize Kody was such an ass hole. I use to think that people were really mean to Robyn but I notice all the talks about is herself. Her and meri are close but I think meri cares for her more than Robyn does Mari. Please correct me if I’m wrong. He caters to Robyn’s every need and I see more and more each season that he favors his other wives less and less. Would love to hear more about the inside of meri and Kodys relationship. Not what we see on the show. More of what she told you.

    • She told me on the show she has always protected him so he wouldn’t look bad. She did this by not saying the truth of how bad things were. She has been just going through the motions of the marriage for 10 years. Ask me anything.

  3. Thank you so much for making things so much clearer for us…..after reading your words , I am able to understand the things we have seen on the show– there is a saying—–If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is—– and I sure think that is what Meri is living thru…. her actions on this seasons show certainly make it clear…. Thanks !

  4. Thank you for your quick response.

    I am amazed that, if this is all true (and I am not saying it is or isn’t either way), Kody has not asked Meri to leave. He has made his feelings about his wives having another man quite clear, in one memorable episode he even said to Meri it ‘disgusts’ him to think of them with another man. With those strong feelings, and the fact he claims to be so religious, is that really not be enough to kick her out? Or is fame and money from TLC (as it appears he doesn’t work) so much more of an attractive proposition for him that he will forgo all his morales and beliefs?

    Also, before you started posting the voicemails, there were messages pretty much everyday, no days missing I don’t think, and into the early hours. I assume from the fact Meri was able to text in the early hours, and chat to you as well, that Kody was no longer spending any nights with her? Was their ‘spiritual marriage’ already over? Is she just staying for the TV show and money? Was the adoption of Robyn’s children just a convenient excuse to get a legal divorce?

    I haven’t see the new season yet as it’s not started airing here in the UK, but everybody says how miserable Meri looks and how she seems to have just ‘checked out’ and ‘the lights are on nobodies home’ when the sofa interviews are done. Very sad.

    • I do not know what is going on with her at this point. He was very vocal about her not talking to me for a few months. It caused fights.
      Money is the main reason I’m sure. Without that show they are in a financial mess. He does not work as far as I know. I don’t believe Meri is hung up on the fame aspect of her life. She’s very good with her fans and she is always very kind. I think she’s more embarassed by the attention she gets to be honest.

      We talked every single day for 6 months. We never went a day without each other. Meri kicked Kody out in early May. By June she told him she wanted to leave. Then she told the other wives in a therapy session she wanted to leave. They had not been sleeping in the same bed since March. She would go upstairs to the spare bedroom or ask him not to stay there on her night. The spiritual marriage was not over, by the time our affair ended. But their marriage has been over for years. She’s been going through the motions with him for 10 years. Things were very bad 5 years ago and she has had the desire to leave since that time. She will leave, someday. I believe that.
      She is staying right now for the money. She has to pay all of her own bills, her mortgage by herself, as well as her college and Mariah’s college and living expenses. She needs the cash.
      The adoption was very real and sincere. The divorce was something she had thought about for 5 years. It was not an excuse for the divorce, but the divorce meant a lot more than what you saw on tv. They both say to each other nothing will change, but right after Meri told Kody and Robyn she was going for the divorce, off camera, Kody said to her this changes nothing between us. And Meri told me that meant that their marriage was not going to get any better just because she did something he wanted. She said things got better for a few weeks after the divorce, but it went back to be really bad soon after. That’s his pattern with her. When he gets his way he treats her nice, but when she is upset with him, he yells at her, fights with her, storms out like a child, and won’t listen to anything she has to say. He is all ego based. He simply does not care about anyone’s feelings but his own. That’s why he is a douchebag. He doesn’t respect women.
      I am not watching this season at all. If she looks miserable its because she did not want to be there for filming. Kody had a fit about her non-participation and told her she was the Heel of the Show during one of their fights. She called me up crying right after he left. He said she needs to work for her money or go do something else. The show is based around the women, he’s just a supporting cast member. This is what I mean about him not showing her any respect. She works her ass off in filming. She always shows up on time, does what she needs to do and tries to make every experience fun. His ego is completely out of control at this point. And the sad thing is, he just doesn’t give a damn.

  5. So.kendra has been fuc*ING shit up since ages ago. What is meri referring to what did she do?

    • She was nosy and poked her nose into this on June 1st, 2015. Kendra was the very first person to ask us about an affair. No one else had the inside scoop on it. Just Kendra. From Kendra her former group admin, Amber, wrote an article about the affair. That article went nowhere. No one paid attention to is. So the affair stayed quiet, thanks to Lindsay and Kendra deleteing posts on Facebook and deleteing Twitter accounts. It did not go public until Meri’s friend started harassing me about it. And by then the affair had already been over for 3 weeks.

  6. Hi. I just wondered why Meri put out a statement saying she was catfished and had never met you and it was all this one woman pretending to be you and Lindsay, yet you responded to a couple of people saying that Meri knows you are posting all of this and is fine with it as she wants you to clear your name? But SHE’S the one that said you were a catfish in the first place!

    Surely if she wanted to clear your name in the tabloids etc. all she has to do is give a statement saying she wasn’t catfished, you are real, she did meet you and you did have an affair.

    If what you are saying is true, and you did meet, and you had a sexual affair, and she wants your name cleared, why wouldn’t she just say so instead of having her most intimate thoughts and feelings published instead? She must be horrified seeing all of this being put out there for everyone and anyone to see. And how is it affecting Mariah and the other kids as well? Why would you do this to someone you love? You said a couple of days ago that you are still in love with her and your new girlfriend understands this.

    A couple of photographs was all the proof that was needed, not 6 months of her life in great detail that could embarrass and destroy her.

    Also why did you lie to her? Right near the beginning she asked you a couple of times if you would promise to delete every single text message between the two of you and you promised that you had and you would. Yet you hadn’t and you didn’t. Why did you lie to her and keep the messages?

    Apologies for the questions, I am just confused by it all.


    • Meri made a statement that is intended to protect her tv show from being cancelled. There was a lot of media attention on the affair and she was saving her own ass. The media has twisted the story into what it’s not. And the catfish story was created by a woman named Cheryl Crisafulli, someone I do not even know. She is an antipolygamy crusader apparently that wants media attention for herself and her agenda. She is the one that put the name Jackie out there. It came directly from her. And I do not know why she did that. She obviously has a grudge against that woman to add her into this. Jackie had nothing to do with any of this. She is completely innocent in this, but as it turns out she has broken the law and is now paying for those crimes. That’s her issues. I do feel bad she was drug into it, but she has nothing to do with any of it. Meri is not interested in clearing my name at all She is interested in saving her own ass. I’m posting my side of the story with proof so everyone can make up their own minds. And it’s working because a lot of people believe me.

      Photographs are coming. I needed to establish all of the voicemails and texts proof in order for anyone to really see this was a real affair, we were completely in love, we had sex, and we were spending an enormous amount of time together. Pictures will be the last things posted. So that no one can ever say it’s all fake and photoshopped photos. This is a lot of proof. People will make up their own minds on it, I just ask everyone to give me a chance to explain my side.
      I did delete everything. When I got a new cellphone I had Lindsay do a backup so I could donate that phone. When she backed it up, everything I deleted came back. She put it on a flash drive for me as an archive of Meri and I’s love story. I didn’t remember it until Meri’s friend started harassing me.
      Thank you for your questions and being so kind in asking me these things.

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