194th Voicemail – July 8th, 2015

Just another day where we talked a lot and texted a lot. So in love.

194th Voicemail 7-8-2015 12:44am

Hey baby. Sorry I just saw your text it just barely came through. So yeah I’m just reminding you to call me because it’s been like an hour since you showered. Okay. Give me a call, I love you, bye.



25 thoughts on “194th Voicemail – July 8th, 2015”
  1. you state her that none of meri’s family comes to this blog, but you just recently posted that they did come to the blog in the beginning and did in fact read it and you then blocked them all, btw how do you know they haven’t read this blog especially the kids that aren’t living at home anymore? and how can you block someone unless they are subscribed? this is an open blog that anyone can come to and you only see the email ip approx address if they are subbed?

  2. It is clear that Meri was in love with you and wanted to leave Kody. Did she ever voiced any regrets, bad feelings, etc. towards her sister wives? On TV it always seem as if Meri is intimidated by Robyn and doesn’t like Christine and Janelle. I wonder how she felt about leaving them with Kody.

    1. We had been fighting off and on for a month maybe a little more. Her filming schedule kept getting delayed because they added more episodes to shoot. It was a mutual decision but in the end I broke it off and walked away.

  3. I agree with a previous post. I am so fascinated by this entire story. But the thought of her family, especially Kody or Mariah, reading/listening to this material is almost sickening.

  4. I’m embarrassed that I find this all so fascinating and I have listened to every voice mail. Did you meet in Utah? How could she be waiting and not be screaming in some voicemails about you not showing up? To think about Kody listening to these makes me cringe.

  5. My gosh…after reading/listening to all this shit….she sure is needy, clingy. Ugh! Sooo….really bored with her voice messages. ..hope u are posting pictures soon..cuz I’m getting as bored with this blog as I am with that washed out show -zz-zzzzzzzz

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