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I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep since Friday evening. My boys are more active than ever during the day and at night they think it’s play time. We are trying to get a handle on this and learning how to deal with their new developmental changes. I love they are growing up, it really is all going so fast, but the best thing is knowing they are okay. I’m not screwing this up. Why do you think I have 3 nannies and not 1? Because I wanted to provide them with the absolute best care I could, even if that meant hiring it out. I take care of my boys everyday. I am home 99% of all nights. I don’t go hang out with my friends, my friends come over to see me. That’s how it has to be. My boys are too young for me to continue living my life the way it was before. The trips I have taken came at a time I was absolutely burnt out. All of us were. I took time off, I had my nannies take the same amount of time off and let my family come in to take over for a few days. It was much-needed. Remember, this whole experience completely changed my life and it is an adjustment. Nobody tells you that part of having kids. Oh, you need to run to the store real quick? No. Oh, you haven’t picked up the dry cleaning in a week? Sorry. There is not enough hours in the day for me anymore. I’m trying to do too much and the end result is a bad week, like last week. I finally broke down and cried because I felt like a failure. I’m trying, really, really hard, to be the best for my boys. I was overwhelmed, overworked, and completely exhausted. And that was just one week. Sarah said she feels like this every week. We are implementing a new schedule now. So she can split things up a little more evenly. Her school schedule has changed, she is taking online courses right now, and she can take a day off during the week. She is taking 2 summer classes online. I’m proud of her. She has an enormous amount of responsibility and has been great through all of this.

The thing that really pisses me off are the racist comments I get about her. Yes, she is african american. Why does that matter? My nanny was african american and a great woman. I loved her from the first day we met when I was 3 years old. She took very good care of me and my brother. Her granddaughter is taking very good care of my boys. My weekend nannies are caucasian. Still doesn’t matter. They are the best people in the world to help me take care of my boys and that’s all I care about. They love them. They help me. We all are a family now. My family. And anyone that wants to take shots at me go for it. I don’t care because I don’t take any of this personal. You can’t. The comments come from anonymous jerks that have no idea about my life. They sling out hateful rants and think their words hold any power over me or at the least ruin my day? Guess what, doesn’t work. I don’t see it, I don’t care, and I let everything go. Keep your comments to yourself when it comes to my nannies. Your opinions are not wanted here.

Speaking of crap circling the drain, anyone ready for some big reveal today? Yeah, me neither. What is going to be said is the same story with maybe 2 new sentences added into it. And please keep in mind the fabrication on this story has gotten to its peak. I’ve been waiting for my name to be called and so have my lawyers. We are ready to file and serve papers on a $100 million dollar defamation, libel, slander, lawsuit on her and her network. I have every confidence in the world I will win that case. So do my lawyers. All 6 of them Lol My lawyers will be watching all of the shows tonight taking notes. So they can amend the wording in the paperwork. If my name gets called out of her mouth, BOOM! We strike sometime in the next few weeks. Because this whole time I’ve been right here fighting to save my name from this. Fighting to tell my truth and story. I’m right here. Still, fighting.

I’m actually getting a lot of support. I have not seen any of the shows at all. I am only hearing what people tell me and answering questions that come up from all of it. The consensus is she is lying. A lot. She is not giving details, she is generalizing it and she is avoiding the truth with her eyes wandering around searching for the next lie to cover the only real fact in this.

We had an affair.

To me this is how it has always been. Let me try to explain it the only way I know how. She admitted this in October of 2015 to


That is what reported it as. An online affair because she told them that’s what it was.

This is no different than this in comparison.


Which word do you pay more attention to? She is trying to hide the affair, the one thing she admitted to, with this, my god circus show of theatrics and non-responses. Why has not one dang reporter ever asked her to address these voicemails and photos? Why is TLC parading her from couch to couch making big time $$$ off of her “pain and suffering” and throwing her out there to share her story yet avoiding at all costs, any culpability?

Do you think Kody and the family are ignorant to the voicemails and photos? Well guess what folks.

Lindsay installed something on here a long time ago. It’s called WP Anti-proxy. We don’t really use it to stop anyone from using a proxy server to hide their identity to read my blog. It’s common. A lot of folks do that and I don’t mind. But what ya’ll didn’t realize is this Plugin Wp Anti-Proxy does this:

This plugin will fetch and auto-correct the user’s ip address in the event that the user is hidden behind a proxy or load balancer.


She installed it to find out which one of you yahoos was spamming up my comments anonymously with hateful photos of dead cats and babies. And it works great. We are able to view ALL IP address with location and she has a GEOlocation plugin to look up the IP. So using a proxy, kind of not worth it here. We know who you are.

So when somebody LOL was on here last week reading my blog and listening to all of my new voicemails, shit hit the fan. Because that’s when we also noticed and had heard somebody was sniffing around my twitter account also. Take one guess who it was? He will never admit to it even though he is caught and I’m throwing this out there now that Lindsay did catch him but he is curious what I have to share. What husband wouldn’t be? I’m sorry but if my wife or girlfriend had been a part of all of this mess I would be on that blog reading and looking at all of it. Then I would go to her with my phone in my hand and say explain this please, tap voicemail play button here. That’s most people. They would want to know WTF is this?

The truth is, she is fine. She’s over there living her life, alone, again, and doing more with her family and kids. That’s awesome. That’s all she ever wanted. And please remember, according to her we were just an online thing. So why the BleeP didn’t she just block me? Or block my number? Or at the most ignore me? Why did she “catch on early but carried it on out of fear”. Listen ya’ll, if Lindsay wanted to threaten anyone she would straight up threaten them Lol She holds nothing back. And she would 100% admit to threatening them. She has openly said numerous times she not only threatened Kendra if she didn’t remove my name from her group conversations but she went in and did other things to a lot of Kendra’s accounts. Kendra can and has verified all of that.

So what threat did Lindsay lob at Meri? She told her 1 time when they were talking, don’t hurt him. He has been through enough. And what friend meeting a new person would not say the exact same thing to someone in this situation? Meri hung out with Lindsay. Meri wanted to talk to Lindsay about me. Because Meri had no one else to talk to about it. It was an affair! She was always gushing with love about me or anxious and worried I was upset with her. The rest of the time they just hung out together as friends.

If Meri was so scared of Lindsay why did she go with Lindsay and her friend to Circque show O and sit there for 2 hours watching the show with them? Lindsay paid for the ticket. It had nothing to do with me at all. It was a fun girls night out thing. Why did Meri go hang out at the Stratopshere with Lindsay and her friend at 11pm one night? Why did she drive 4 and a half hours to take her to Disney? And drive 4 and a half hours back? Why did she go eat breakfast with Lindsay at an egg place near Lindsay’s hotel, which Lindsay paid for. Why did she take Lindsay over to PF Chang’s for lunch, which Lindsay paid for. Why was she seen at Lindsay’s hotel 12 times over the course of 4 months talking to Lindsay or up in Lindsay’s room while Lindsay’s friend was out. Why did Meri have Lindsay go over to her house and work on the project together 4 times? And why at 2am the morning after Lindsay and her friend went on their own trip to Disney did Meri have her come over to talk, while Lindsay took a shower in Meri’s upstairs bathroom, did a load of laundry and sat there in her pajamas with no makeup on talking, crying, and gushing in love about me? At what point was there fear in hanging out or being around Lindsay? And why, did Meri send texts and call Lindsay so often? Ya’ll don’t know this but Lindsay is not much into texting or talking on the phone. At all. She never returns a voicemail request for you to call her back. She texts back, yea, no, k. That’s the extent Lol And she doesn’t really say anything to anybody. She listens. She never threatened Meri. I never threatened Meri. That is a lie and she will pay for that one. I know that. There are multiple more stories that no one knows about Meri and Lindsay’s friendship. They became friends. They were very nice to each other and they got along great. Meri confided a lot in her. Lindsay has stayed loyal to her about that. She doesn’t talk about it.

So where was this threat at? In a text? A call? A voicemail? In person? When? Where? How? Details please.

If you are holding your breath waiting for Meri to ever talk about the voicemails and photos, you will pass out. She is never going to take full responsibility for it. What Lindsay told me because she got an advanced copy of this catfisher show, she is arrogant, distant, and eye wandering through her small snippet. She adds in a few added details but completely sluffs off the affair part and sticks to the main topic, this alleged catfishing.

I did not catfish her! Or anyone. I’ve said that so many times it’s like a mantra now Lol Love the sinner, hate the sin. It’s what God teaches us.

So please watch that show. Get the ratings. They are needing it because Lindsay said their ratings are below 1.6 million viewers. I hope her show goes on forever. She needs the money. I hope ya’ll go visit her jewelry website and buy things. Or order Liv products from her. They are all awesome products that I do use and I promise they work. Do what you can to support her and her family. They need the money.

Because that ship is sinking.

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    That’s becoming very obvious!


    I admit, early on I thought Meri was a victim of lies…but the more I read your blog/ see your details and proof, the more I think it’s a bunch of BS cover up on the Brown’s part. They are so vague and inconsistent! And meri’s daughter is sure missed at her!

  3. A couple of days ago, I googled a bit, and it looks like some people think it’s creepy that you have info about their locations. Um, so does every blog/website owner. It’s called stat tracking. 😉

  4. I didn’t know there was such a plugin. I’ll have to bookmark it in case I need it. 🙂

  5. I’ve been watching sister wife’s sense the beginning. Sam ur a great guy. We emailed a few times. I see that she did love u. Oh and I’m back! Catching up on ur blog my friend. I sure wished u had a Facebook. Or u do but its private. Hope all is well in ur neck of woods. U give woman hope that their is still nice guys. U have always made me feel welcome. U rock Sam. Hope that didn’t sound creepy. Lol

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