Anybody watched any good shows lately? Yeah, me neither

1327568239_all_lies  The big question of last night was, Did I watch the show?


Why not? Because I will not watch her sit there and lie. It’s both too awkward and very sad for me to see her in that place. Plus I was going to hear about it whether I wanted to or not so I would end up with the general gist of the show. Plus I was busy. I had a friend in town and I had to drive her back to the airport to catch her flight around that time. I did make it home to watch the Thunder win their game and tie up the series with San Antonio, 2-2. Go Thunder! It’s looking like our year and as a big time fan of the OKC Thunder, love it.

I had a great weekend. Followed by a really bizarre thing that happened last night. I called my friend this afternoon and told her about it and she said I told you not to invite her to your home. It was really bizarre. The boys had a great weekend. The nannies and I pigged out on everything, literally. The fresh fruit and veggies that are out this time of year taste so good. I grilled out and we had dessert. I made a cake for them to eat. It was something they had asked me to bake. We didn’t have any left to bring back so I guess they all liked it. I’ve got some mad baking skillz.

What else? Lindsay is back from Australia. We all know what that means. Better lay low in a bunker for a few days while she starts to assess where to start Lol I wonder how many accounts she will get suspended this time. 10? 15? The list is actually pretty short because I guess some folks have finally left and went to go do something with their lives. I guess stalking me daily got boring for them. Too bad I had them all blocked and never saw a word they said anyway. When I did unblock them last night in order to get a new list written up of who the troublemakers are, I found out why I blocked them all in the first place. Those women are both hysterically nuts, but also very mean. What kind of sick twisted up minds comes up with such things? There are 4 blogs about me, ya’ll Lol 4. Because I guess they can’t get their shit together enough to work on 1 all together. Or maybe it’s the ego driven woman that need that special air of self-importance to run a site on their own. Either way, all 4 are in violation of my copyright and also got reported.

My lawyers are getting documentation, screenshots, and all kinds of information from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube so we can file legal paperwork to obtain the real names of these folks. It’s kind of fun. I had no idea someone living in Florida has taken it upon herself to say such heated and nasty things about me. That’s okay, I pray for all of you everyday. I just wonder what will they do with all their new free time coming up once they get tossed from the playground for not playing nicely with others?

How about go spend time with your spouses and kids maybe and stop all this  b.s.?

So no, I did not watch that show. I heard a lot of the fans are very unhappy and can not believe or follow any of the story she told. Which doesn’t surprise me. Lindsay hasn’t watched it yet. I believe the plan last I heard is she is going to go watch it with Kendra. I can’t even imagine the amount of snarky comments that will come from that couch Lol Those 2 are trouble together.

I hope ya’ll have a great week. I have Thursday and Friday off of work because I will be a conference. I am very excited to go network and hang in Milwaukee for a few days. It will be fun being on a panel speaking to a bunch of other investment nerds about the upcoming fiscal year projections and other things.

If you have a question, I’m right here? If I ignore it, it was either rude or not interesting.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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  1. I was being facetious…..they have spinned this story SO much. I’m not sure what is real but you have shown a few pictures of her, and the bath tub picture and voice mails prove that she thought she had hit the jackpot with a gorgeous rich guy. With all the internet proof, they must think most of the viewers are idiots to believe her spin

  2. Too bad you missed it. I am amazed that someone can threaten someone else to say they “love” them a few hundred times on voicemail. She looked awful too, I guess not many women can cry pretty

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