We had some issues the night before but had worked things out. It was a late night let me put it that way Lol The next morning we were still in a mood for each other and found time to be intimate, again. She left me this voicemail after she started her day. It’s innuendo about our morning together. She was the one that initiated things that’s why she phrased it like this. That was the beginning of her initiating our intimate times. I told her she needed to tell me when she was wanting to be with me. That it was okay for her to express that part of her life. She wasn’t used to that so it took her a little time to get used to that.

14th Voicemail 4-02-2015 11:06am

Mr Cooper, this is Meri calling. I need to apologize for pushing my business agenda this morning. And ask your forgiveness. Anyway. I will talk to you soon. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to be of service.


  1. Sasha

    Samuel, I can’t wait for more!! I’m not over exaggerating that I’m addicted to this love story!! Are there more voicemails or did you post all that you still have?

    I just want you to have it all out there while people are still searching for the truth 🙂

  2. Sasha

    Hi! I guess because this had been reading like a love story (chronologically speaking) that it’s just hard for me to get the context of some of the voice messages. Will you also be including texts and summaries of your phone conversations? I apologize for asking so much of you. I just really am very intrigued by your side of this story.

    Have a good night!