Is it Friday yet?

Twins are a lot harder than I thought. If anyone has twins, God bless you Lol I don’t know how I have survived a day short of 3 months. Thank God I have 3 nannies. This weekend 2 of them brought friends up to the lake house. Cam came over for dinner and he said you always have so many women here. I started laughing thinking these are kids, not women. But I guess he is right. They are all in their early 20’s. B and H are my weekend nannies and Sarah is my full time. They work for her. Otherwise we would have all kinds of problems. I let everyone get away with too much, there are attitude problems amongst the group and everyone is having a hard time keeping the schedule straight.

So we all had a family meeting Saturday night. I opened up the floor to what I thought would be a thoughtful, adult conversation only to hear Sarah say these two “muppets are good with the babies but bad with respecting her position” Where have I heard that one before 😉 We got some things on the table and collectively everyone agreed it was all my fault. Nice. I don’t reign anyone’s attitude in and step in when Sarah comes to me for help with them. She has been telling me so often I blow it off and she is left demanding and bossing too often. She takes her job seriously and wants respect or we will replace them. Shocking. B and H started off with we love the boys, the problem is Sarah and I. We are too close and they are struggling to deal with the schedule between their school schedules and studying for finals. Finals end this week (Thank goodness!) And on top of it I let Sarah get away with murder because she is the full time. It turned into an hour worth of me sitting quietly and just listening while drinking my Lemon Liv drink Lol Finally Sarah crossed her arms, pushed her chair back and said Honestly, I don’t see that I’m a problem here.

So I told them this is my life, we are all here to make it easier for me, the paychecks they get prove I am holding up my end and they all need to send the weekend schedule in by Thursday night so Sarah can work everything out. She also said that even on the weekend she is still pitching in and that she does feel taken advantage of sometimes, but not all of the time.

Then they all agreed that I do too much with the babies on the weekends and that they are basically sitting around somedays just waiting for something to do, which Sarah popped off and said that should be time working on your attitudes Lol And then we went right back into another round of Oh Hell No!

In the end, we all agreed to try harder, do better, and find a balance. I said we all have survived the first 3 months. It’s something to be proud of because my kids are happy, healthy, and thriving. I know ya’ll love my boys very much and that’s why you are here. It is starting to feel like everyone is against each other until I get blamed for everything then they all get along just fine. So I took the bullet to end it and said it’s all my fault. I’m sorry.

That shut everyone up. I said I will try harder. Then got up and left. I heard B say, it is kind of his fault Lol By Sunday everyone was fine. The girls had fun playing with the babies and taking turns holding/feeding them. Sarah and I went for lunch after Church to really talk about things and she told me she is just tired. The 4 days 24/7 is wearing her out and maybe she needs to split up a day off in the week instead of taking Fri to Sunday off. I told her we will adjust to make it easier on her because I am also not getting any sleep at all. The only time Sarah and I can catch up is Friday and Saturday nights. But by then we are both so exhausted, work is suffering for me and she is not concentrating very well. She said she tries to take naps with them during the day but one gets up when one is down and it’s been really hard to try to get in a shower. We have got to figure something out here. I really thought my team of 4 had this all worked out by now.

I am exhausted. I love my boys, I wouldn’t change any of this at all but it really is hard to work all day, and get up 4 times a night with them. Now that they are getting older they are wanting to stay up a lot longer in between diaper changes and bottles. It’s not easy. Twins are not easy. I love it though. I really do. It’s just hard.

Lindsay and I are in an epic fight. It has lasted over 2 weeks now. She will not budge at all and I do not understand her decision to not compromise. She said she is right and I should trust her. I do trust her it’s not about trust, it’s about the big picture. I am thinking long term and she wants to take a huge risk with the potential of a really, really big cash windfall. I’m scared to take that chance I guess. So she put everything in a folder and won’t talk about it anymore until I come out of my f-word clouds Lol The only saving grace so far has been Mark who has been working extra hard and training to become a junior VP. He has another 2 years to go but he is motivated and proud of his work. The kid really has made me proud. The Las Vegas office is working out great and our new downtown Vegas lease space looks great! I can’t wait to see it when it’s completely done. The only scary thing is Lindsay said as soon as it’s done she’s moving her office there so she can lunch at her favorite places aka gamble during her 1 hour lunch break, I’m not stupid Lol

This week I have meetings for summer interns and meetings with people that want to tell me I can make a lot of money if I just give it to them and hope they give it back someday. It’s that time of year again, Tax levy time! Every May these folks show up out of nowhere talking about their projects. They schedule meetings with me to go over how I can help them, get this one, help me. I sit there thinking how are they helping me with my own money? It’s interesting but no. Shelly schedules these meetings to get back at me for whatever heck I have put her through the past 20 plus years we have worked together Lol It’s really good payback too because it always takes me a few minutes to realize what this meeting is really about and by then she excuses herself with a shit eating grin as she walks out.  Thanks a lot Shelly!

I am exhausted. Did I say that already? I need to get to bed a lot sooner. I was on the phone last night with my friend and we lost track of time. Pretty usual for us.

Is it Friday yet?

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  1. You are such a busy business man and father. Isn’t it disrespectful of Shelly to schedule meetings for you as a “payback”? As a business woman, I would be furious that someone I pay to help me is actually wasting my time. I certainly don’t have time for that and it doesn’t sound like you do either!

    • She and I are Catholic these meetings are with Catholic based businesses or ventures and we don’t say no to them as far as requesting a meeting. I do say no to writing them checks. Out of respect I will listen. She does this to pay me back for all the long hours she works or for being ornery. Very rarely do I find a business I want to invest in among this group. Maybe twice out of the last decade and both flopped within 2 years.

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