Kendra Followup Interview Part 2

Why have the Browns never come out to protect you?

I really wish honestly I had an answer to that because this is how it is. No matter what happened over the past 5 or 6 years no matter what was said about this family I always defended them. Whether I believed it was true or not. Whether I even had the truth or not. I always made sure they were taken care of and covered. But the reality is they never once stood up or defended me. There was a time that I did ask them to not defend me in the beginning of all of this I kind of wanted just to let it go and see what happened. I think after this amount of time and to see how much I have been slammed publicly with all of this stuff at some point in time true friends would jump in the mix and say you know what Kendra did not do this Kendra did not do that. I definitely did not catfish them. I know that for a fact and that rumor is still going around heavy and strong. Another rumor going around is that Robyn and I created this story or scenario to get rid of Meri. That’s not true. You would have thought they would have at least defended me on that but they haven’t. So I don’t have any answers. Because the only thing I can think of is they haven’t gone out and defended me because part of them believes and knows the truth is out there still. And Meri is just not telling it.

What is the fan reaction to all of this?

The fans are actually really devastated by all of it. They are hurt. Well you have to understand at the beginning of the show people did not understand polygamy. They didn’t know what it was. And what they did know about it was all negative. It was just the Warren Jeffs side of it. The whole point of the Browns coming out was to give a platform for these families to come out and be free and give space to discuss their lifestyle and their family situations and be proud of their families and gain acceptance for it. The Browns made that happen for a while. A few years. It was becoming more and more accepting so they gained a huge fan base over that. People fell in love with their family. They loved to see their family grow they loved to watch Kody take care of all of his wives and children. Even some of the haters turned into understanding of the family I thought it was great. Well unfortunately when this happened it kinda showed the cracks in the family and everything people questioned for so long. They questioned how can Kody handle so many wives and keep them all happy and emotionally and otherwise. Well usually when a wife steps out on a family for any reason whether it’s emotional or physical it’s because they are not satisfied at home. And it makes Kody look, he looks completely bad at this point. It’s made him look like he’s neglecting his wife. He got so much negative hate over this. That was the one issue I had in the beginning of all of this is how it was making the family looked. It was affecting  how Robyn looked. People already hated Robyn for just being in the family and now of course they started the whole she’s the favorite wife and how Kody is the worst husband because he neglects his family and on and on and on. So if the Browns had ever wanted to keep their family whole and safe and all that Meri’s actions are completely unacceptable. The worst part for me is to sit here and watch Kody and his wives defend Meri’s actions. And find it to be acceptable for even stepping out to have any of these conversations to begin with. Because in the polygamy world, especially in the faith-based of it this is not acceptable behavior. You don’t have outside relationships of any kind. You don’t do that. So fans are having a really hard time with that. They are having a hard time seeing all that happen on tv. And to see her sit here and talk about it they don’t believe her. They don’t believe it because they have seen too much evidence. They want to sit there and prove and discuss all of these voicemails and pictures.

What is the fans reactions to all the voicemails?

They think it’s disgusting and they think it proves she had a full on relationship with somebody. And at this point they don’t even care who. They don’t care about circumstances. They just said that she has completely stepped out of her relationship. Some of them, you have some defending her. She shouldn’t be in this relationship, the ones that are like me they don’t think she should be in a relationship, they think she should run and be with Sam. Then there’s the ones that find it disgusting in the marital aspect because they felt like its inappropriate spiritually. It’s just a mixed bag. But the majority is they give their ha ha, proved you right, polygamy is a bad thing. And that’s exactly what all the people who are supportive as far as me, never wanted to have happen. Was t o have a public figure or show, people representing these families in a way have these things happen because it just makes everyone look bad.

What will Meri get out of this new special she is doing on catfishing? They are already getting paid double what they used to make because they have filmed twice as many shows.

At this point in time first of all through all of the years of Sister Wives. When Sister Wives is off-season, online it’s off-season. Nobody talks about it. It’s a moot point. Ever since this started it has gone on season, on and off-season, 24/7 people are talking about this catfish scenario. First it was Meri’s relationship and who was she talking to. Who is Sam? That was the last season. And this season is all about the catfishing. Off season it has been nonstop talk. So in many ways the fans are correct this is absolutely a ratings and moneymaker keeping this show on air. Because otherwise what the heck were they even going to be talking about. I can’t even imagine how they were going to fill this season and the last season to be honest with you. There was not much more to do with the Brown family. So this has been a huge ratings kicker (The ratings are actually down) and moneymaker. And that’s the problem in many ways. The fans are 100% in belief that this was all set up. They really still, they are like this is the theory. If Sam is really not real they still 100% believe that Lindsay was hired to play whatever. And mystery Sam was hired. They even think a guy was hired. You should really see some of the scenarios, I don’t want to say that, but it’s pretty funny. This is a big time moneymaker. And that’s the point of it. They want to keep it going and now it’s going to become. I don’t even know. It’s going to be a big show at this point I guess. To be honest. I never even expected for this show to come out of it, I find it hysterical that a show is coming out of it. And proof of point there’s a catfish show coming out with Meri Brown on it discussing why she was catfished yet Lindsay is still around and Sam is still around. So I’m not too sure how all of this is being honest. Once again this goes back to honesty. If she’s making, if their profiting in any way from all of this then it shows that unfortunately it’s fraudulent. It’s not true.

What about the rumor TLC tried to pay you guys (Sam, Lindsay, and you) to shut up?

I was actually threatened a few times by phone call that I was going to be sued by the TLC network if I didn’t shut up and I had to basically had to completely detach myself 100% from anything TLC. And I had to, I even unliked pages and everything. I was a little bit freaked out by it all. And that I was going to be paid basically to shut up and to not talk to anybody because I had so many people coming after me for interviews. You have no idea how many people are coming after me for. Still always trying to get interviews from me. To the point where some of them seem fake and they are not true and I have to question them, which I recently did online. Which I feel bad about because there’s a few people that were coming after me and I really shut them down thinking they weren’t real and they were actually real for major networks and I feel bad about that. So my apologies to anyone I was mean to. My phone number has been distributed, my address has been distributed. I’ve had people show up at my door which was a little bit strange. Yes, TLC definitely was behind trying to shut people up. I’m sure for a fact I’m going to get in trouble for discussing any of this because nobody wants the truth to come out. But unfortunately this is the truth and this is my truth and I’m not worried about really what happens at this point.

What about this new interview Samuel just did today?

There are some casting networks that were interested in a separate show. The show has absolutely nothing to do with glorifying the Browns or the catfish scenario. They actually want to do a show with Sam, Lindsay, and myself to get our side of what really happened and take a peek into of Sam’s life because they actually interviewed Sam and met with Sam and they have some really great footage of Sam in this interview. So that was exciting for him. I know that. I don’t how far it is with Lindsay at this point. But they wanted to share this side of the story basically when you are caught up in a scandal that you didn’t create and yet it kind of ruins you in many ways. That kind of story. So I thought that was pretty cool but of course there have been no answers as far as if I would even be involved in that or not. So that was the other way that it’s been proven that Sam is actually a man because they have all of this footage of this guy and it’s the same person that I know and it’s pretty interesting. It’s great I guess when you have people who have met and been able to validate that shoot I believe this. It’s good. It makes you like okay, I’m not losing my mind here. I know for a fact I’ve talking to somebody I met this guy I know he’s real and it’s crazy. It’s just nice to be validated. So hopefully the interview eventually does come out. I’m not sure when it will, if it will or if it’s going to end up on the show or not.

What about the rumors you are trying to get money off of this?

Interesting making money off of Meri Brown’s affair that’s the other rumor going around is that I’m just trying to bank off of it. Or get famous off of it and the funny part is, believe me, you don’t want to be recognized or known or famous for working with a polygamous family on tv. I’ve made this comment many times before in the past. I’ve lost jobs being associated with this family. Trolls and haters out there, that’s bull. You know what, that’s not true. I have no interest in that. And no I don’t have an interest in destroying the family or taking them down. I have interest in the truth. When you have faith in God and you have religion in your heart whatever you want to call it people of all different kinds of faiths, being truthful and honest is the best point. It’s kind of what you should be doing anyway. Practice what you preach. I guess I’ve had enough evidence presented to me to know my reality and my truth and what I’ve seen to be real. I will just hope that they would do the same.

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  1. There are tons of books on Mormon polygamy where women escape from that hell hole. To say the world did not or does not know about polygamy is laughable. They can hide all they want, it doesn’t stop people who were born and has lived that lifestyle from speaking out or writing about it.

    When the Brown family came on TV, most of their fans were interested simply because they viewed the Brown family as some kind of freak show to be gawked at and laughed at. From the very beginning the “loving family” appearance that the Brown family tried to put on was known to be fake by many of their viewers. What the Browns forgot is that this show that they are doing will be around for a very long time. People have and will continue to pick apart their lies.

    This whole “catfish” scandal proves what many people have been saying: Kody cannot keep track of any of his wives. That is why he uses religion to keep them all in order. The fear of hell, the fear of not having their own planets to populate with Kody’s children, the fear of outsiders, fear of Kody not loving or fucking them, etc. This is no different than what the Taliban and other extremists do to women. Keep the women fearful and they will be submissive follow the men.

    This whole thing with Meri lying about the catfish, the Brown family mistreating Kendra, etc. this is all Kody’s way of making sure his women stay in line and follow him. He doesn’t want them to go off and fuck other men while he is having his fun with his new, favorite wife, Robyn. So he uses fear.

    It is rather sad to watch the women think they are free when they really are not. I truly hope that planet in the afterlife is worth living this life filled with fear.

    Lots of love and blessings to Kendra, Lindsay, Sam, and everyone else the Brown family screwed over.

  2. I feel so sorry for Kendra being treated so poorly by the Brown Family after all she has done for them. Sam, look after the poor girl as she has given her all and been thrown to the wolves! My prayers include you all, Sam, Lindsay and Kendra and i cannot wait for the photo of Meri with Sam to come out into the press so the Browns and their supporters ( the trolls) have to eat crow. Xxxx

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