4th Voicemail, 5th Voicemail, 6th Voicemail, 7th Voicemail – March 12, 2015

This was a few days after her brother passed away. We didn’t talk the night before because the phone messed up and she wasn’t getting my text messages to go ahead and call when she could. She woke up to my text messages finally coming through. She wanted to come over that night and I said yes. She had my address at this point and I told her I would come out to the gate and let her in. She told me she wouldn’t have much time to stay at all she would need to get home. We had a nice visit. I was starting to express this was going to be too hard because she was married and not able to leave until the show was still filming. I was a mess. She was very loving and reassuring. She said we would figure it out somehow. She knew she wanted to be with me and if I would wait for her, she would leave as soon as she could.

4th Voicemail 3-12-2015 8:36am

Baby. I’m getting flooded with texts from you this morning. Did I not get any of these last night? I wondered what happened and I’m now getting all of your texts and I totally understand your frustration. Oh my gosh. Oh, baby just answer your phone and talk to me, okay?

5th Voicemail 3-12-2015 8:24pm

Sam Cooper. I’m right out here waiting.

6th Voicemail 3-12-2015 9:47pm

Baby, don’t be giving up. Hey. What is going on with you? I know you are really stressed. I really do. I understand that. I’m just trying to make it easier. I’m like. I’m good here, okay? I’m good here. I don’t know why you are saying that about this, my love. I don’t know what’s going on. Call me, okay? I’ve got plenty of time, I’m driving. I love you. I, dang it honey give me a call. I’m fine doing this thing without you. I don’t know, I don’t know why you’re not. I’ll make it fast, so.

7th Voicemail 3-12-2015 9:52pm

Baby, I’m sitting here smiling and thinking about you, okay? Things are good, okay, we’re good. So, yes. I don’t know just call me. I’m fine. I’m fine, I’m good. I don’t even know. Just call me, okay. I’m thinking about all of the fun that we have together and I know that work is really stressful for you and having to be away and stuff like that. So I understand that okay. I’m not quite sure why you said you wanted to give up. I don’t know what I said to make you react like that and I’m sorry for whatever it was. Anyway, just call me, you know. I’m here okay, don’t shut me out, don’t break up, just call, I’m trying to…

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