8th Voicemail, 9 Voicemail – March 14, 2015

This is when Meri started to realize that during my working hours I was pretty busy and couldn’t answer my phone. I explained it to her a few times that I would call back when I could but it may be hours and hours.

We had begun expressing how we felt about what if she really did leave. It was scary for both of us. It would be a huge change with a giant spotlight on both of us. I kept telling her I wanted her to be with me but I also knew it was impossible. She was very reassuring and kept telling me she loved me a lot. She said we had to wait and we needed to figure things out. This is when I started talking about making an exit plan. I was still unsure of this whole thing but she was strong in her resolve to leave. She kept reassuring me she was not happy with him. She wanted to still be around for the family, but not for him. She told me several stories about how bad things had been for years. This was not her wanting to leave suddenly because she met me. This was something in her heart for years. She had wanted to leave 5 years ago at this point but didn’t know what to do because of the show and the kids. She told me she would leave him, stay involved with the family and family events and had hopes that one day I would want to be welcomed into her family life. I said no Lol

8th Voicemail 3-14-2015 5:25pm

Sam I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m just so scared right now. I just know what I want and I just don’t know how I’m going to get it. I don’t know if you are going to walk away from me. I just wish you’d answer your phone. I wish you’d talk to me. I’m just so scared.

9th Voicemail 3-14-2015 8:08pm

Hey babe, I guess you got tied up again. Just call or text when you can if you want to. Okay I’ll talk to you later, bye.


4 thoughts on “8th Voicemail, 9 Voicemail – March 14, 2015”
  1. Take 2

    I have been reading your blog for the last couple of days after watching last season and the big “Catfish” reveal and then the two new episodes that aired for the new season that just started. *shrug* I’m nosy and wanted to know what was going on. I have just gotten to the voicemail messages. I keep reading in the comments section that for the R rated messages that a password has to be put in to listen to those. Are these available to listen to now without a password? If I am logged into my youtube account (I have a Google Chrome Cast that I am always logged into) will I still have to have a password? Where do I find it?

  2. Part of me is disgusted that she wanted you to be involved with Kody’s wives and children. It was revealed that she introduced Kody to polygamy. Seems to me like she was trying to get you involved in polygamy as well and maybe take Kody’s wives and children away from him. I get Kody is a poor excuse for a husband but she needs a clean break.

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