vm  This was the day we were having some issues. I posted on Twitter early that morning that it’s over. I meant all of the fighting and all of the miscommunication we had going on. She was worried I meant the relationship. That is not at all what I meant. I was being proactive and letting her know that the small arguments were over.

Later that night I texted her while she was soaking in a bath. I told her to call me when she got out. Out of nowhere she sent me these pictures. She said look at the one it looked funny with the way her leg was in the bubbles. I did not ask her for these photos. She freely sent them. It worked because that night we had sex for 2 hours Lol

13th Voicemail 3-29-2015 3:13am

Hey baby, I’m seeing a tweet that just says it’s over. I can only assume you’re talking about us? Maybe I’m wrong, I know how I am. I don’t know what’s going on or why you would say it that way? Because I love you and I believe that you love me too and so I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. So I get if you need some space…

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