My Interview Part 1 and 2

interview  I sat down last month to talk to 5 screenwriters wanting information. It was a video interview, we pulled the audio off and are posting it on here a few parts at a time.

I was honest and candid. I answered every question I agreed to. I gave a lot of new information and I tried my best to remember the timeline.

1. Why did you finally agree to talk?

2. What is your real name?
3. You are obviously male. How does it feel when people have accused you of not being a man?
4. Your id says Samuel Cooper in Chicago, Illinois. Why do you think people still don’t believe you are who you say you are?
5. Why don’t you show your driver’s license and prove it?
6. Okay, so how did you meet Meri Brown?


2 thoughts on “My Interview Part 1 and 2”
  1. I’m curious as to why you chose to pull the audio off instead of just posting the video? You always say you want your truth shown, why not show it? You would have never had all these troll issues if you would have posted a picture of you and meri together, not a face time like phone capture that can easily have been photoshopped. Just one would have ended all of this month’s ago. If you would have posted one simple photo of you holding a card with your name and the date on it. We all know your voice sounds male, Meri never would have continued talking to you if it didn’t. We would just love to see the face behind the voice. So far you could be anyone behind a computer. I’m losing faith you are who you say you are, and I want to believe.

    1. Because I love my privacy and they are using the video portion of it. I agreed to not have control over that. Believe it or not there are many photos of me around. There are photos of her and I together. Not only the Skype ones.
      The truth defends itself. I said my truth and it’s none of my business if anyone believes me. Many people do believe me. You are welcome to your opinion.

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