My Interview Part 8

This is the last one I will post for today.

20. How many days was this after you started talking to her?
21. A week after you started talking on Twitter she said I love you for the first time?
22. We see the text messages between you. What she said was “Thank you for making the sacrifice to fly so far. I wish we were alone today for you to pull me into your embrace, and to kiss my neck and run your fingers through my hair as you wrap your arms lovingly and passionately around me. I do love you Sam. This is so crazy. I love you. And I miss you. I need to touch you.”
23. Then you say “Meri, You love me? Oh Meri.” She said, I love you Sam. I love you. And you reply with “I love you.” Did you really love her at this point?
And then she says “I don’t like feeling love that I can’t act on.” You reply, “We can. In anyway you find acceptable. I want your lips.”

24. And she replies “I know you do and I want yours but we can’t babe. Not after last night.” What is your thinking when Meri Brown, a spiritually married woman on a reality tv show is saying something like that to you?

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