That sure is a fancy bird you’ve got there Lol

So this came in this morning. I asked Lindsay to look up the number they gave me. And it came back as legit. I have a scheduled call with NBC soon 😉



7 thoughts on “That sure is a fancy bird you’ve got there Lol”
  1. I do want to say that this whole story has been riveting to follow and no matter the outcome, I wish you well and think you write VERY interesting tidbits about your life and this whole Meri debacle has me glued to your blog 🙂

  2. I’m sure Mariah is embarrassed because her Mom is lying on TV about the emotional affair or whatever kind of affair it was…but it was an affair! Meri acted like you were a terrorist and were forcing her to leave mushy voicemails. Did you have her house bugged like she said ! ha

    1. I was very sweet to her. I was very loving and kind. We had a few minor arguments but we had it settled within a few hours usually. I treated her with respect, always. If I had ever threatened her she would have/could have gone to the police with it. And no one bugged her house. That is the most ridiculous thing.

  3. wow…post what happens with this interview. I really hope you are real, I hate the way Meri lied on the latest episode. If she had told the truth, I would have some respect for her and even felt sorry. I do feel sorry for her daughter, the whole story must be embarrassing for her

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