There’s some old lady in the bushes with binoculars looking at you. Who me????

IMG_6327 I was told a while ago I had a stalker. A real one not one of these annoying internet trolls. I started laughing because it’s ridiculous. Then Lindsay started looking into it and said, this is a legit, real stalker, congrats Lol Here is what we and now the police know for sure. We went down to the police station this morning to file some complaints. It has gotten way out of hand and I’m going to do all I can to stop this stuff.

Her name is Cheryl Crisafulli. She is from Georgia but lived in Florida for a number of years. You can see her photo and twitter account here. Her username for her personal account is @cher711.




Oh and of course her troll twitter stalker account too. It’s @truthseekerllc






Which is against Twitter policy. You can’t have multiple accounts set up to harass someone, you can’t harass someone, and you can’t target them by posting information that is both false and defamatory. Twitter is looking into it now that I sent them a police report we filed on her. Hopefully within a few weeks both of her accounts and anymore she has out there will be shut down. The police were very helpful looking stuff up for me. They had a bunch of information within a few minutes.

I do not know this woman. Never met her, never talked to her, nothing. I have no idea who she is or why she is stalking me. But here is the story she is telling people. All lies, it’s actually pretty funny to read. She has been able to say whatever she want without my response because I was not aware of all she has done, until this morning. I have had several people give Lindsay information, I want to thank those women for all your help. I appreciate it. You know who you are.

Jessica Justice’s Story as told to Christiana Lane

     It was a transitional time in my life when I stumbled upon SamuelJacob73’s profile on the dating website in January of 2011. I lived in Florida, anticipating a career change and a move to a new city.  It was finally “my time”.

This is not true. I have never used  a dating website in my life. I’m going to sound really arrogant here and I know that, but I don’t need to do online dating to meet women. Note she has been stalking me since 2011 and she admits that much. There was no career change she worked for NASA, that we confirmed, as a technical writer. Meaning she is very good and organized, which helps in her stalking skills. The move is about the bad divorce she went through. I have now talked to her Ex-Husband and a few of her family members to find out WTF is wrong with this woman. We’ll get to that story later.

     Samuel Jacob Krane’s description fit all the attributes I dreamed about in a man: Southern, tall, masculine and gorgeous. His profile said he was 6’6, lived in Edmond, Oklahoma, owned a construction company, and that he tragically lost his fiancé who was pregnant with their son.  

There is no Krane last name anywhere in my family. That is a lie. I have never lived in Edmond Oklahoma. I have owned a construction company. And Lisa did pass away while she was pregnant with our son Ryan. They both died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

   I reached out to him first. I told him I knew we were too far apart geographically, but I liked his profile.  I also said he seemed like a nice guy and I wished him the best of luck in his search for love.  In Samuel Krane’s first reply, he thanked me and said, “Well you are too far away to date, but maybe we can be friends.” 

Again, more lies. I have never contacted her or replied to anything because she is making all of this up. Notice there is no documentation of any of this. We couldn’t find it online, we looked. What we did find out is she’s been a member and a non-paying member of several dating websites for 8 years. She has a history of meeting men on them, sleeping with them, dating them, or stalking them. I have talked to 2 other guys that have contacted me as soon as her InTouch weekly article came out and they shared their stories. They both said she was crazy, she wouldn’t leave them alone until they threatened to call the police and she won’t stop. Just my luck, I get one that’s tenacious Lol

      We occasionally emailed each other for the next few weeks, and began texting each other in February. By March, we were speaking on the phone. His voice was masculine with a Southern drawl.  We tried to speak a few times over Yahoo Messenger and use the webcam, but Sam had issues with setting up Messenger.  His cousin Taylor tried to help him figure it out a few times to no avail. 

Again, all lies. No documentation to support any of this. If some suddenly appears after I post this blog, it’s going to be manufactured by her and her troll friends. We have never texted she does not have any of my phone numbers, I have never even gotten a call from anyone in that area in Florida or Georgia. Ever. I have used Yahoo Messenger and I have used Yahoo Messenger webcam before. I did have a cousin Taylor. She passed away. I miss her very much.

     During one of our first conversations I told him I was moving from Cocoa Beach to Miami, and asked if he had ever been there?  He said yes, he goes often and in fact, was going with a group of people for his twin cousins 30th birthdays. The twin girls were named Tristan and Taylor Evans.   He even gave me the name of his hotel the weekend of the birthday celebration, but I refused to meet him there. I believe now that he sensed I wasn’t ready for the pressure of a hotel meet up, and that’s why he offered.

I did go to Miami for my cousins’ birthday party. My family has been going to Florida since 1978, we own a lot of properties down there and that’s usually where my family spends their summers at. Miami and Miami Beach area. Tristan is Taylor’s twin, so that part is right. She was never invited to my hotel Lol She was not invited to the party. I do not know her.

As our relationship continued to blossom, Tristan and Taylor were often go-betweens for Sam & I, especially when we were not getting along.  More deflection and distraction to confuse me, I clearly see now.   For example, I was in a Yahoo Messenger chat with Tristan (who conveniently happened to be logged in on Sam’s account), telling her that Sam picks a fight when we are just about to finally meet face to face.  Tristan changes the subject by saying she’s going to upload a photo to Sam’s profile page, using one from his Marine Corps days.  (Making Sam seem like what a great guy, a veteran, steering me away from confrontation)!  Mind games. Always.  I’ve since seen archived blog posts and screenshots where Sam later claims he was a Marine veteran with eight years of service. Stolen Valor!

Tristan and Taylor also did not know this woman, never spoke to her before. Nothing. More lies. Yes I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I was honorably discharged.

        We sometimes spoke several times a day by phone. Not only was he a handsome and successful business owner, Sam spun a tale of wealth.  He claimed his family was responsible for inventing Kool-Aid.    It wasn’t unusual to talk for hours at a time.  Before I knew it, Samuel Krane, a man I had never met in person, drew me into his life.  As the saying goes, when things were good, they were really good.  If I went along with everything, we were fine. A line was drawn between our virtual/phone relationship and meeting face-to-face.  I’m an intelligent, educated woman who, before meeting Samuel Krane, wouldn’t understand or buy into this type of relationship. Now, without realizing what was happening, he managed to blur my reality. 

We never spoke at all. Ever. I am wealthy. My family money is no one’s business. She is completely delusional. None of this happened at all.

    Over the next several months, Sam and I tried to meet but something always came up on his end. Once, he supposedly was in Miami and coming to see me.  I called him, and his cousin Taylor answered the phone and said, “Sam isn’t here. Didn’t he tell you?  He is having chemo treatments here in Miami for Leukemia.”  I was shocked. Sam never mentioned he was seriously ill.  I change my train of thought and convince myself Sam has to take care of himself. I rationalized that’s why I shouldn’t pressure him for a meeting. 

I do have Leukemia but none of my treatments have ever been in Miami. She is lying about that. And again lying about a supposed meet up. Ridiculous.

    A few more months go by, and Sam says he is in love with me and wants us to get married.  Now he has moved to Miami and bought a house for us.  He was renovating it and tells me to start picking out furniture.  Keep in mind, at this point, we have never skyped or seen each other.  Who in their right mind would consider marrying under this circumstances?  

In love with her LMAO No. Don’t even know her and certainly never in love with her. This woman has lost it. Married, to who? This woman I don’t know. Wow. I have several houses in Miami and Miami Beach that we have invested in to renovate and sale or we invest in it and use it as vacation rentals. I have never lived in Miami. She is nuts!

       I must digress here and say that Sam always had pictures of himself that he could send.   ALWAYS.  One night, we were texting while Sam was on his way to dinner with Taylor.  I asked him to take a picture of them, and he sent me a picture immediately of he and Taylor in the car.  Sam had a photo ready for every story.

Never sent her pictures of myself. She has no pictures of me. That’s another lie.

      During August of 2011, Sam changed his last name to “Christianson”.  He said it was because he wanted a new life separate from his roots in hometown of Grand Island, Nebraska, and to escape the tragedy of his fiancé Lisa’s and their baby’s death.  He chose Christian because that was going to be the name of their son, hence ChristianSON.  I’d never met someone with so many dramatic life stories.  

My son’s name is Ryan. I had a blog I called Samuel † Christian Son, meaning Son of Christ. My blog url came out or So she got close on that lie at least Lol It was never a last name. Always a derivation of what my blog was about. I had that blog for 4 years before I got rid of it, had no blog for a few years and started this blog January 1, 2012.

     I didn’t know at the time, but by September or October, Sam moved on to his next victim, while stringing me along.  She will hence be referred to as simply “J”.  When I first talked to Sam, I wondered why he didn’t have a Facebook page, so he made one. “J” was one of his new Facebook friends.  She reached out to me via  messaging  and asked if I had ever met Sam in person?  I lied to her and responded, “Yes, I’ve met Sam, why are you asking?”    “J” did not reply.   I’ve always regretted that lie. However, at that point in our relationship,  I was in the mindset that Sam was real. 

I did not move on to anyone. This woman has no idea who I was dating in September or October of 2011. The J name she mentions is Jodi Salata. A former friend of mine. We will also get to that one later. Cheryl is the one that contacted Jodi on Facebook. The basic stalker move to see who this hot, young, beautiful woman I had friended on my Facebook account. Jodi is gorgeous and very sweet. We were great friends and a little more for 3 years. We stopped talking 2 years ago and have had maybe a handful of calls or texts over the years. Just checking in with each other. No significant communcations between us for years. Jodi screenshot the conversation between them. I don’t have that it’s been so many years but it was basically Cherly asking her who she was, how did she know me and what our relationship was. Jodi said we were just friends and that was it between them until years later. When Cheryl again, contacted Jodi. The entire 2 years they did not talk to each other Cheryl was stalking both me and Jodi, taking screenshots of our conversations, checking our Facebook accounts and our Twitter accounts and documenting anything we said or did.

      Sam and I soon started a cycle of bickering and fighting. Somehow, he twisted the issue at hand and it became my fault.   He would pick fights over childish things, and not show up when we were finally going to see each other.  The blame was always deflected on me.   He also canceled potential meet ups by crying on phone from the hospital while having chemo. One of those nights, I called to say hello. He sobbed, “Please pray for me.”  I got down on my knees and prayed.

Wrong. You have to be talking to someone to fight with them. My chemo treatments were never in a hospital setting. I take pills 3 times a day when my leukemia comes back, it’s in remission. My cycle is every 8 years or so it comes back. I take the pills for 3 to 6 months. I have a mild stomachache the entire time I’m on the pills and that’s the extent of my chemo treatment. This again shows, she doesn’t really know me and she is completely making stuff up. Look at the hero complex coming out. Wow. I have no words for that one.

     Three weeks later, I finally told him he was nothing but a “mind-fuck”.  I meant it, I had enough.  

She must have looked in the mirror and said it to herself because again, never spoke to this woman.

    I grew irritated by Sam and his mind games.  They became increasingly worse when he created a blog,    He blogged about the woman he loved and wanted to share his life with.  I caved in and called him because parts of what he was writing was about me, special things I had told him, things he had told me, etc.  Sam assured me this unnamed woman he wrote of on the blog was me.  Then, he created a “letter series”of posts that he added to the blog a few pages at a time.  He referred to it as an ongoing love letter.  Sam swore this letter was meant just for me, despite uploading picture after picture to his blog of him out having a great time with very attractive women. 

The letter I wrote was not for her at all. It was for someone else. That woman knows it because she not only read it, loved it and thanked me. She also printed it out. So that part is true. But I did not write any letter ever about her. Again, she is taking anything I say or do as directed at her. That is really creepy.

     I told him  his life stories didn’t match up with his pictures on the blog, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on to something even my wildest imagination couldn’t dream up.

Her wildest imagination has run wild alright Lol As I’m reading this right here for the first time I’m really kind of getting creeped out.

      Sam and I would stop talking for periods of time. Then out of the blue, odd things happened  like his cousin Tristan called me saying her sister Taylor died the weekend of my birthday, so Sam couldn’t fly down to see me afterall. Then we would start talking again. This was a typical occurrence with Sam.  The cycle started again, just when we are to meet, a catastrophic event happens in his life.  If I complain, then I’m the bad person.  These spurts of reconnecting never lasted more than a few days, because I finally became relentless in insisting he come see me or at the very least, Facetime me.  And when things didn’t go my way, I admit, I was a RAGING bitch. My head was beginning to clear after so many months of emotional manipulation by Sam.  After my series of demands, which I more than deserved, Sam never wanted to hear from me again.

Taylor died yes, but Tristan wouldn’t and did not contact this woman at all. More lies. I never want to hear from you now but look at the story she has created. She has some serious mental health issues. This whole story is screaming, stalker.


     One morning I had an epiphany.  I woke up and said, today is the day I blow this asshole’s story wide open. (Yes, that may sound overly dramatic, but that’s exactly what happened). 

Overly dramatic was 4 paragraphs ago Lol

     Remember “J”- Sam’s victim after me?  I reached out to her via Facebook and finally told her the truth, that I had never met Sam in person.  We exchanged so many stories, and compared notes. For days, we put our heads together and tried to figure him out. Sam had told “J” his blog was about her, shocking, huh?   Sam gave some bullshit story to “J” that he and I were neighbors in Miami, we had dated briefly and that I was a stalker obsessed with him!  We laughed about that one.  It’s kind of hard to stalk someone with no true online or real life presence.   

J is Jodi Salata. She is not a victim, she was a former friend of mine. More lies. She did contact Jodi after she saw Jodi and I had a big blow up on twitter and we stopped talking. This was 2 to 3 years ago. Again, proving the entire time this Cheryl woman was stalking both me and Jodi.

    “J” revealed to Sam that she and I were communicating with each other.  Sam wasted no time in texting me that I was a horrible person and I should leave he and “J” alone to be happy.  I replied with, “LOL. You are an asshole.”  I also confronted him with a revelation: I didn’t think he was the guy in the many photos he sent me throughout our “relationship”! 

Again, no relationship with this woman. She can’t prove anything she is saying. All she has is her stories. She has never contacted me. Never spoken to me. She is obviously very delusional to make all of this up.

    Bingo, that did it. I never heard from Samuel Jacob Krane AKA Samuel Jacob Christianson again. Well, that’s not entirely true, my damn Yahoo sent out a spam mail to his email, to which he replied, “Why are you still emailing me?”  Ha-ha!

No emails from her ever. Again, more lies.

    After that text from him, I was hell-bent on finding out Samuel Jacob Cooper/Christianson’s true identity. He must have sent me over 100 photographs over the course of a year.  I frequently Google image- searched them, without any luck.  I quit doing that for a while to give myself some reflection and inner peace.  Then by chance, in January of 2013, I logged into  Twitter and discover Sam tweeting to “J” with the handle @svegan73 .  So, I started reverse searching those photos again, this time with a new image from his Twitter profile and viola… I had a HIT !!!   The real guy, the tall handsome hunk Sam claimed was him, was really “R”- who had unknowingly become a pawn in Sam’s chess game.   I reached out to “R”, and we talked back and forth for hours.  He actually called Sam via the number I provided and the  blog was taken down!

Hell bent is right Lol She shifted into a super stalker mode and has continued to stalk me for years after Jodi and I stopped talking. Without me even knowing it until this year. More lies. My blog was never taken down until I did not renew it so I could start this blog up. Again, more lies. And who the heck is this R she is throwing in there all of a sudden? Most likely a troll friend of hers if this guy even exists.

     “R” and I compared notes.  I learned that Sam stole those photos from R’s Facebook page.  “R” was the real hottie, who in the hell was Sam? Here’s where the story takes an unbelievable twist, “Sam” catfished “R” with my intimate photos to get even more photos from him!  I immediately told current victim “J” about the con game Sam was carrying on by claiming “R’s” photos as his own.   “J” told me that Sam called her to say that he had bought “R’s” personal photos, and that “R” was in on the whole vile deception. Yeah, right.

There are no intimate photos of her at all. She is lying some more to make this story compelling. This is how creepy she is about this story. Again, she has gone out of her way to defame me in order to either get my attention or to keep people like Jodi out of my life.

         After “J” found out Sam wasn’t the guy in the pictures, she demanded that he produce a picture of his driver’s license to clear up this nonsense once and for all.  You guessed it, Sam wouldn’t show valid ID.   But wait, it gets weirder.  There’s a new name added in Sam’s crazy playbook.

Jodi knows who I am. We have been friends for years. Cheryl is again lying about all of that.

     Out of the blue, Sam Christianson has a new bff on Twitter, with the handle @honorthyblade – a large framed woman with short blonde hair who tweets lots of pictures of herself .  This “honor” persona, tries to befriend  “J” (I’m watching this unfold on twitter).  Remember, Sam never provides a copy of his driver’s license to “J”, but suddenly his friend @honorthyblade says she will send a picture of her driver’s license. But wait, she can’t, because she didn’t have it with her at the time.  In the “truth is stranger than fiction” department, “honor” instead sends “J” a picture of her mother’s driver’s license!     More on that, later.

Large framed woman Lol She is referring to Lindsay and I just read that to her. Lindsay said her frame is medium size now that she’s lost 45 pounds so “go f*** yourself crazy stalker Cheryl “Lol This was a bs story. Again more lies. Very crazy how this story keeps getting worse.

     After that strange license incident and putting some other puzzle pieces together, “J” and I decided that Sam must in fact, be a woman.  None other than @honorthyblade. 

More lies. What happened is Cheryl kept talking Jodi and wouldn’t leave Jodi alone. Jodi just wanted to know why we stopped talking so she kept playing along with crazy Cheryl to see what was going on.

    “J” and I snagged a catfish even though we didn’t know her real identity.   The deception and betrayal sickened us deeply. 

Again, more lies and bs.

     One day, I get a message on Facebook from a woman named “K”.  She said she was being catfished by a Samuel Jacob Cooper that she “met” on Plenty Of Fish dating website.  “K” google imaged Sam’s photos and soon discovered he was using “R’s” photos (here we go again). When she reached out to the real guy in the photos (“R”),  he, in turn,  told her to contact me to get the whole sordid story. 

Now she is making that up, again. Notice how it’s another dating website? I have never been on or used a dating website in my life.

  Now, a new sockpuppet enters the picture. Sam’s sidekick while pursuing a relationship with “K” was a friend named Jaxon Walker.  “K” tells me she has NEVER met Sam in person. Although Sam had sent her a very expensive gift and flowers, he would never Facetime.  Same story, different victim.  Sam always had an excuse, and a friend/relative who intervened for him in these relationships. Two or more of his personas to embed themselves in the newest victim’s life.

This is the 2nd time I’ve heard that name Jaxon Walker. There is no one by that name in my life. Or in Lindsay’s life. Now her last name is Jackson or was before she got married. And people had called her Jax or Jaxon based on her last name but had also called her Jack or Jackson. It’s all the same based on the last name. But never has anyone used the name Jaxon Walker. So this is a made up person’s name coming from Cheryl.

    Sam asked “K” to meet his friend Jaxon in person, because they were in the same area.   I asked “K” if she took pictures of Jaxon and herself on the day they met, and she said yes – in fact, they had gone to a casino together.  I asked her to send them to me, and she agreed.  The pictures she sent of Sam Cooper’s friend Jaxon was one and the same of Sam Christianson’s twitter buddy @honorthyblade!   

Again, not true at all.

     “K”  tells me her father is now very suspicious and hired a private investigator.  “R” (guy from FB photos) and I also speak to the private investigator who promises to tell us what he finds.

More bs stories.

 The investigator discovers the phone number “J”, “K”  and myself all had for Samuel Jacob Krane/Christianson/Cooper was in fact, registered to:  Jackie M. Overton –  a woman residing in Shidler, Oklahoma, with her mother Della.  At long last, we had the name and location of our catfish.

This is not at all how she put Jackie’s name into this story. As she has admitted what she did was take the photo that was out there of Lindsay and Meri at Disneyland into a reverse Google image search and Jackie’s photo of her and her mom pops up because Lindsay and Jackie look similar. That’s exactly how Jackie’s name came into this story. From Cheryl and her google detective work. No other way no matter what she is trying to say. She got caught lying about it to a troll who turned on her and sent me screenshots of their conversations.

     Time to revisit  “J’s” request for Sam’s license story. As you recall, she didn’t receive a photo of Sam or @honorthyblade’s licenses , but oddly of honor’s mother.  The name and information on @honorthyblade’s  mother’s license was actually Jackie’s mother,  Della Overton of Shidler, OK.  

Again, not true at all.

      Boom….. end of story, right? No. The grooming of Jackie’s next victim soon starts.  

And again, no victims at all. None. More of her stalking me though Lol

     A few months later, “J” texts me, “OMG, go to Twitter, I think Sam /Jackie has a new victim”.  Her next victim was a reality show celebrity who is none other than one of the Sister Wives.

Jodi did call me out of the blue after not talking to each other for 2 and a half years. She called me on March 11, 2015 at 1:11pm. I looked it up in my cellphone bill. We talked for 14 minutes. She was checking on me seeing how I was doing. We kept it short and sweet because it was very awkward talking to her out of nowhere like that. I knew that her mother in law had passed away. The day I found out she died I did call her up and offered my condolences. But that had been the last time we talked.

    I wish I could say this bizarre but true story is finally over, but Jackie’s catfish scams continue.

There are no scams, no records of anything. No police reports. No nothing. Only this Cheryl woman with the wildest story you have ever heard, at least for today.

The next chapter  belongs to Meri Brown … 

There are no scams, no records of anything. No police reports. No nothing. Only this Cheryl woman with the wildest story you have ever heard, at least for today.

She did talk to a magazine and get the Jackie is a catfish, Jackie is me story started. I’m happy she got her ego fed on that one if that’s what she was after but it also makes her libel for slander and defamation. Which is the 3rd step we will be taking with her soon. People ask me all of the time where did this Catfish story come from. It came from my very own stalker Lol She lied to the reporter and fed them bs to make it look as though I know her. She thought she could get away with it but she didn’t. I had to wait until Meri verbally called out my name and attached it to the catfish story she is lying about in order to do something about all of this. Now that she has done that, I am going to sue. And not just Meri. It’s going to take a few weeks or months to get all of this stuff together but my lawyers are working on it. Their people are taking screenshots and gathering information with Twitter and Facebook’s help in order to get me the information on who these folks really are.



This is what Cheryl does to ANYONE I talk to publicly online. She immediately contacts them. Like I said she is stalking me daily. Also why Lindsay and I have now locked up our accounts until the police handle this. She sends them a message that says I need to talk to you, Sam isn’t real blah blah blah. She goes into how she can get 7 “victims” to contact the person and tell them their stories. She can prove all of this, yet never gives anyone any proof at all. And she has outed me as Jackie. Keep in mind this a grown ass woman with 2 kids. Why on Earth is she so obsessed with me? I would love to know the reason to that. Here is the Radar Online article that started it all.

So here is what I know how. I have spoken to Cheryl’s ex husband. He is a very nice guy and told me that she caused a lot of issues during their marriage with paranoia and insecurities. He said the divorce was bitter and they are not on friendly terms. They do things for their kids’ sake but he prefers not to have anything to do with her at all. His family also feels the same way because she continued to cause problems and issues for him and his family ever since the divorce.

I have also spoken to her son. He apologized to me and said he is embarrassed his mother is doing all of this. He has been watching things unfold for a long time and felt she was escalating recently. I told him I went to the police about all of this and he said do what I needed to do, maybe this would make her get some help. He said he used to help her out looking things up when she asked him but he wants to stay out of it because he realized she wasn’t not going to stop. He said he is really sorry for all she has caused in my life and doesn’t want to talk to her about it. He said he just wanted her to stop or get help. He seems like a nice kid. Must take after his dad.

I’ve also been in contact with some of her other family. They again verified she has been on Facebook and Twitter for years stalking other men as well as me and they are also embarrassed about it. They said she doesn’t take no very well and she is obsessed over small things. They apologized and said they just want her to stop.

Hopefully her family will talk to her now because very soon within the next few weeks I know the police in her area will be visiting her. The police officers I talked to this morning explained they have to get all of this documentation together first. They take my police report and put it into a file, scan it up and send it to her local police. Then they get on the phone with whoever is assigned to my case there and they discuss what actions they will take. They do believe once she is faced with this much evidence of stalking, harassing, defamation, and cyberstalking she will either stop or she will escalate this into a level where they can put her into a mental instituation for 30 to 90 day hold. Whatever they need to do I support.

There are also more people stalking me online. Lindsay has been working up a spreadsheet to get everyone’s real names and information. She almost has it all done. There are about 10 real people in a troll group, that has multiple accounts. Each person is running 2 to 6 accounts. You can do a search on Twitter, type in my twitter username @notbatmanyet and view ALL TWEETS. There you can see what this group of trolls are up to. They harass me, bully me, post information and photos of Jackie and basically make themselves into a hate group. Lindsay will finish getting their information soon so we can send that entire list into twitter and also file a police report. You have to get a police report turned in otherwise Twitter will not give me any information of who these people really are. Once we do that they will send it to my lawyers and we will take appropriate action. Because I’ve really had enough.

98% of the people read my blog, read my twitter and leave me alone. 1% contact me with questions mainly about Meri. Then there is this other 1% of hateful women who are on a mission to do only God knows what to me. It’s very sad to me to see them spend all day all night on twitter bashing me like this. I have them all blocked I don’t see anything they say. They can’t contact me so they do go after anyone that talks to me publicly. It has gotten to the point I tell everyone just DM me and don’t tweet anything to me. Because the group immediately pounces on anyone that does show support for me. This is a typical message they send out to anyone that they find contacting me publicly. They harass, stalk, bully, and completely attack anyone that tries to defend me.



Keep in mind, no one has proof. If they are claiming they have proof, they are lying and manufacturing it all. If Cheryl’s story were true it would have come out long before this story with Meri. She is taking this opportunity to get her stalk on and come out with the most crazy stories she can to get people to feed her ego and weird obsession over me. She is lying. I don’t know her. Never spoke to her. She is full of crap and I really want her to go away.

But I know she won’t because like she admitted, she has been stalking me since 2011. Now that I’m aware of it I’m going to file a police report each time she continues her games until the law does something to her. I’m waiting to hear back from the police. Then I will decide if I’m going to file a Restraining Order against her. I don’t know what else she is up to and I really don’t want her anywhere near me.

I was able to find this great article that lined up with all that I have been through. So glad to hear it’s not just me that has a crazy stalker.

In the article is this quote about female stalkers:


I don’t know what kind of mental health issues these women have or why they find it necessary to continue to stalk me. They got what they wanted. Meri went on national tv and continues to claim I catfished her. I didn’t. We had an affair. I have proof, she offers nothing but her stories. She also is not saying Jackie’s name or attributing her name to any of this. Why is that? Because there is zero connection to me and Jackie. Or even Jackie and Lindsay.

I really want to be left alone. I do realize that’s not going to happen with these sick, twisted trolls. It’s sad to me and annoying but it does not get to me. That’s why I blocked all of it so I don’t have to deal with it. They continue to harass me daily, even on Mother’s day. What is wrong with these people? They continue to contact me and anyone that talks to me. So please just contact me privately otherwise you will get harassed. Lindsay takes care of all of them. She gets accounts suspended, she finds out their real information and she is working very hard to protect me from seeing any of it. I am happy to be getting so much support from people that now realize Meri is lying. Her biggest mistake was to not say Jackie’s name. She has the perfect opportunity to name her and wouldn’t do it. Now she is left trying to cover her ass, again, and deflect the truth of why she left me so many voicemails filled with loving messages and how well I treated her.

I leave Meri alone. We do not communicate. Period. That door for her will always be open. I do realize she and I will never talk again. Ever. I’m okay with that. I just want her to stop talking about me and all of this. It is hurting her show’s ratings. The fans are pissed because they are tired of hearing about it and they are also pissed that she isn’t being honest or taking any responsibility for her actions.

Finally, here is the troll list Lindsay has assembled. Most of these accounts are fakes or double accounts for the 10 people inside of this nasty troll group. If you get bored look them all up. It’s very sad to me the things they say. What’s even worse is how much time they dedicate on my life and how little they obviously have going in their own lives.

Look in the mirror ladies. Everything you have done or said to me will find it’s way back to you. It’s all about character. Yours online is what you say, think, and do. And that stays online forever. I hope I’m worth it. You giving me so much of your energy. It’s a complete waste of time and a lot of former trolls are coming out of hiding and talking to Lindsay now. They are spilling the beans and giving her a ton of insider information. Please don’t engage with these people. They are mean and nasty. They won’t stop. It’s just sad.

Troll List
170 Troll Accounts
Inactive Accounts
1.    @emmalatifah -inactive
2.    @chowalater – inactive
3.    @carlisle555 – inactive
4.    @lawgirl156 – inactive
5.    @juliearmendare1 – inactive
6.    @catherline_lenci – inactive
7.    @ipreferanimals – inactive
8.    @sammyheld80 – inactive
9.    @jaxonwalkerssis – inactive
10.    @digitaljedi_SCK – inactive
11.    @nickoconner2 – Inactive
12.    @jillisadill – inactive
13.    gorecamp – inactive
14.    @nocatfishing1 – inactive
15.    @gingermcqueen – inactive
16.    @elisafurr – inactive
17.    @curiouser121 – inactive
18.    @lularoemaile – inactive
19.    @lornadu1 – inactive
20.    @cozycoasters – inactive
21.    @clmmomof6 – inactive
22.    @waldenrae13 – inactive
23.    @reelingemin – inactive
24.    @bamagirlreads – inactive
25.    @vegasmorgue – inactive
26.    @leesaBB1212 – inactive
27.    @benismybitch – inactive
28.    @sherirealestate – inactive
29.    @curiouser121 – inactive
30.    @tonyaheald33 – inactive
31.    @dear_scam – inactive
32.    @ghost_active – inactive
33.     @ginelea – inactive
34.    @surfklutz – active
35.    @samisjackieo – inactive
36.    @cheflaurafraser – inactive
37.    @coc0buddy2 – inactive
38.    @fightscammers – inactive
39.    @realhousewifeNR – inactive
40.    @weight65losing – inactive
41.     @cathyjoiner – inactive
42.    @tamisue32 – inactive
43.    @jenncliff210 – inactive
44.     @notamanyet – inactive
45.    @seekwisdomtoday – inactive
46.    @zeecarl – inactive
47.    @cassieirish – inactive
48.    @armyhoodie – inactive
49.    @jennygurl12 – inactive
50.    @goodnight4now – inactive
51.    @notbatmanIRobin – inactive
52.    @disco_lemonyade – inactive
53.    @lookmamawematch – inactive
54.    @sgs080208 – inactive
55.    @taylorgal12 – inactive
56.    @timeaftertime04 – inactive
57.    @ertransue – inactive

Accounts Deleted
1.    @marymary32216 – deleted
2.    @sassy_blue_ – deleted
3.    @saltyfriedfish – deleted
4.    @betty_began – deleted
5.    @hurrocane_Matt1 – deleted
6.    @alwysfaithful84 – deleted
7.    @mommapitbull6 – deleted
8.    @bionicbrooke – deleted
9.    @factmonkeyproduction – deleted
10.    @jodiecaddy – Deleted
11.    @nanny4sammy – deleted
12.    @kz8t4hh_sync – deleted
13.    @djdiddleznet – deleted
14.    @hurhurfarts – deleted
15.    @niceflipflopss – deleted
16.    @lotta5309 – deleted
17.    @tffj70 – deleted
18.    @oui411 – deleted
19.    @wilma_legroback – deleted
20.    @karrielynn88 – deleted
21.    @tsanto77 – deleted
22.    @allyourfault75 – deleted
23.    @mylilschatzy – deleted
24.    @texascute1 – deleted
25.    @texascutie1 – deleted
26.    @texascutie2 – deleted
27.    @texascutie3 – deleted
28.    @billybobbeeker – deleted
29.    @christylb03 – deleted
30.    @jinxy069 – deleted
31.    @catfishnetter5 – deleted
32.    @catfishnetter6 – deleted
33.    @phil_in_da_hous – deleted
34.    @allaboutdemlulz – deleted

Accounts Taken Over
1.    @vic_urben – account pwn’ed

Dead Troll
1.    @kathlosangeles – dead

Accounts Suspended
1.    @logicallolly – suspended
2.    @notbatwomanyet – suspended
3.    @beautymarks987 – suspended
4.    @jackieiswhackie – suspended
5.     @pedsnurse12 – suspended
6.     @truthseekerllc – Suspended
7.     @trackingjackie – suspended
8.     @itscher711 – Suspended
9.    @cher711 – Suspended
10.    @wandaonover – Suspended
11.    @notbatmanyet1 – Suspended
12.    @notrevoeikcaj – Suspended
13.    @abookoflies – Suspended
14.    @samuelcatfish – Suspended
15.    @TexasCutie2 – Suspended
16.    @bustinliars2015 – Suspended
17.    @lookbe4uleap – Suspended
18.    @notbatmanyett – Suspended
19.    @delljackcooper – Suspended
20.    @delljackcooper2 – Suspended
21.    @delljackcooper3 – Suspended
22.    @delljackcooper4 – Suspended
23.    @ulurveme – Suspended
24.    @bsbookclub – Suspended
25.    @n3tt3r – Suspended
26.    @n3ttr – Suspended
27.    @netterrrr – Suspended
28.    @netterrrrr – Suspended
29.    @netterrrrrr – Suspended
30.     @netterrrrrrr – Suspended
31.    @netterrrrrrrr – Suspended
32.     @netterrrrrrrrr – Suspended
33.    @sirnetter – Suspended
34.    @netterrrrrrrrr – Suspended
35.    @catfishnetter1 – Suspended
36.    @catfishnetter2 – Suspended
37.    @catfishnetter3 – Suspended
38.     @catfishnetter4 – Suspended
39.    @sirnetterII – Suspended
40.    @netterli – Suspended
41.    @jopsychcuntz – Suspended
42.    @dj_diddled – suspended
43.    @nickoconner1 – Suspended
44.    @nickioconner1 – Suspended
45.    @AllAboutTea_ – Suspended
46.    @AllAboutthe_ – suspended

Active Now
1.    @lollyislogical
2.    @surfklutz
3.    @DLA0318
4.    @SundAzeD0
5.    @catchsamcooper
6.    @CNLindstrom
7.    @ThumperTwit
8.    @waldenrae13
9.    @alexateheston1
10.    @shereallysaidit
11.    @catfishwarnings
12.    @notbatwomanyet
13.     @babsintx2
14.    @liberalmo
15.    @sierra_danilea
16.    @cacowgirl8
17.    @not_doris_day
18.    @eugeneAmazon1
19.    @blondesense
20.    @itzgeralyn
21.    @manicmommy7
22.    @brookie4life84
23.    @knittyup
24.    @thebsbookclub
25.    @ulurveme2
26.    @hls_themovie
27.    @dreamzzz35
28.    @pinkladyalley35
29.    @Hey_Tayy
30.    @phalange_reg22
31.    @RitaEvelynYanez

I expect a response to this. I know Cheryl will have some sort of mental meltdown. Her son warned me she is going to go off. He asked me not to tell anyone that we have spoken because he doesn’t want to deal with it or even have that conversation with her. I’m sorry but it’s the only way I can get her to realize this has gone on long enough and needs to stop.

Sorry this post is so long. I had a lot to say because I’m just tired of this crazy woman trying to ruin my life. It’s not working by the way. I’m having a bad week, yes. Lindsay is here helping me out and will be staying until Sunday. I’m doing better. I’m okay. None of this upsets me. I just annoys me but I let it go. Because to me, this stuff is just ridiculous.

Like Lindsay said, congrats, I have my very 1st stalker Lol She’s not even blonde!

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  1. Your blog is so interesting I spend most nights reading it. I actually started watching Sister Wives because of you! LOL now I just wait patiently for a mention because I can’t take anything they say and do seriously anymore. I am patiently waiting for your interview someday. I give you credit for protecting Meri for now. This crazy stalker you have is ridiculous. I LOVE the proof you give with every lie that is told. That is how I have always been and it tends to shut people up quickly, unless of course they are obsessed. Well back to your blogs, I haven’t been able to read them because of the busy Christmas month but I am making time now. You answer all my Sisterwives questions and make me feel better about it. If the pic is really you, Meri is probably devasted at the loss. LOL How could she ever look at Kody again?

  2. You have had a bumpy run lately. I hope things calm down and you can get on with healing. Luckily you have lots of distraction with your boys.

  3. Wow I would of done this along time ago Sam. This story is getting old. I do not have Twitter thank god for that! Bunch of drama drama drama! Not sure if u read that last comment but soooo glad u are pushing forward and taking action trying to stop this BS! I’ve been seeing some stuff on Facebook too.

  4. Well, this clears up some things I found on the Net the other day. 😛 It also clears up where this all came from.

    I have noted that my 12-year-old child behaves better than the trolls do. 😛

    I looked at Kendra’s Twitter and saw the trolls just harassing and hounding her, saying nasty things, even sexual comments about her husband. 😛 I saw her send a tweet to Rosie O’Donnell asking if one of her staff contacted her, then she said somebody impersonated Rosie’s staff. Then the trolls twisted it into *Kendra* trying to pull in celebrities when that wasn’t it at all, because I could see the truth in the Tweets.

    They behave like a group of middle school bullies. I also see how they’ve responded to people you talk to on Twitter. I saw the “Jackie” Twitter profile with the catfish picture, and yeah, more middle-school tactics. You don’t expect that from grown adults.

    As for Cheryl, with a pretty face like hers, I don’t know why she’d feel the need to stalk anybody. She should be able to get all the attention she wants through normal means.

  5. Now that was an interesting story, well worth the read! Almost as good as your Meri saga 🙂
    That twitter troll list is impressive.

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