Website over Capacity

uh-oh  The last few days my website has fluctuated between working fine into it’s stuck and won’t go anywhere. My “resources” are at max something. I have no idea what that means but I bought more resources from Godaddy. I was told this is a good thing it means that I am getting a lot of visitors that are staying on here to read a bunch of posts.


My rankings are:

Global Rank 1,581,224 and Rank in United States 419,063

Is that good? I have no idea. I think it’s good but what do I know? I also don’t care but the analytical people told me it’s important to know how my website is ranked and how much time people spend on it. It said the average visitor spends 5 minutes per day here. Really? I hope I’m making it entertaining. I believe my average website visit to other websites is around 30 seconds Lol I click, read, click off.

A lot of people did not listen to the voicemails. Or they may have only listened to a few. The audio is not the greatest so having them transcribed is helping out. It’s also making people want to re-listen to them again. That’s why my website is being so crazy. I appreciate your patience. I do believe the issue has been $$$resolved$$$ and we are good on resources, whatever those are.

As you may have noticed my Twitter is full of the updated links to the voicemails. Lindsay set that up a week ago using the Buffer app. I’m not actually posting those. They are on a schedule, they go in groups of 10 at a time per hour then a break then 10 more go off. She has randomly picked the times so I don’t have any set schedule. All the voicemails have my summaries on what the conversations were about as well as some new and updated information. Be sure to check those out if you are interested.

When those are all done, I’m going to be posting the last text messages I have. The break up texts. And then this story is finished. We all know the ending, anyway.

Or do we? Lol


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