What gum did I chew when I was a kid?

Just sat down to start typing this out and my kids woke up. Sat down again and the dog needed out. I think everyone is all settled now for a little while. I’m up late. Which is normal but instead of sleeping like I normally do I’m trying to get things caught up. I am very behind in my work emails. It’s bad. In fact it hasn’t been this bad in a months. Thus causing all of the stress in my life. I’m fielding phone calls about work and because I haven’t read all of my emails I have no idea what people are talking about. They all say the same thing, “Well it’s in the email, didn’t you read it?” Insert long deep breath in and fiery ball of exasperation out. No! I haven’t read my emails. No I am not up to date and no I don’t know what you are talking about. Calm, kindness, patience. All things I am trying to do a better job of.

So a friend of mine, she’s female, oh yes and just a friend, called and started talking to me about a very random topic. Then she remembered that I had pissed her off June 7th, 2012 at 8:17pm and decided to rehash that fight all over again Lol It wasn’t that exact date or time but it sure felt like it. So she started up the exact same way she did before and I sat there and listened to her going off on me, again, and did remember that’s what she said the last time about this. The problem is she feels or felt, no it’s definitely still feels, that I have taken the side of my buddy Chewtoy. That’s his nickname and I can not write on here how he got it because it’s both Rated R and disgusting. So Chewtoy did something to her, I was expected to handle it. I didn’t because I honestly didn’t even know what he did until she told me and then when I did find out I still didn’t do anything up to her expectations. Now I did go over to his house, not a dog house, and ask him did you do _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with her _ _ _ _ _ _? He said sort of. I took that as yes. I told him to fix it and I left. In guy talk that was the proverbial, you’re an A-hole, don’t do that again warning. I think she expected me to go punch him out but that’s not my way anymore.

Apparently it’s Lindsay’s way still because she punched a girl tonight in the mouth according to her and Ben’s 2 very different versions and they are patiently waiting for the police to come get her from her home. She said she deserves it and was happy to do it again if the situation came back up. I just shake my head because it’s always something from her. Oh and it is never her fault, not even this one Lol Getting back to my story. My friend chewed me out, I listened, I apologized without any real meaning of sorry behind it and she said she would talk to me later. That is the moment I often want to hit the Block Caller button on my IPhone but I also realize that never works because even when you do block a number, the person can still leave you voicemails and it goes to a special place in heck in your phone called Blocked Voicemails Lol Meaning you can still listen to it and out of human curiosity you will listen. I know this because my ex-girlfriend was blocked, she’s unblocked now, and left me ohhhhhh about 5 blocked voicemails in a row a few weekends ago. She had a lot to say. She was hurt. I listened to all 5 then deleted them without responding to any of it. Ignore is my policy. Ignore the blocked caller and I can pretend she is fine now. Which she is. She just wanted to vent at me. Or actually on me because by the 3rd voicemail I was no longer a topic it turned into “Why do all the men in my life treat me like this!” Maybe it’s because you leave blocked caller voicemails on your exs cellphones?

Lindsay is still working on getting the photos page up. She is making the Call Log page also. It will have all 1560 phone call details from the entire affair. Yeah, I was shocked too. Together we made a combined 1560 calls Lol And out of that came 233 voicemails that I made public. Now there are a lot more voicemails. Some are in the Rated R section because they are dirty Lol Very dirty. And not appropriate to be out in the public. Still shocked to realize that many calls. Wow. It’s a wonder I kept getting chewed out for not answering my phone or calling back with that large amount of call volume! 1560 calls in between us wasn’t enough, I guess Lol

My boys 3 month check up went great. They are now 13 pounds, 25 and a half inches long each. They are wearing 6 months old clothing already. We sort of zoomed right past the 3 months outfits. We did put them on for I think 2 weeks, but they are getting big. So big I struggle now to carry the diaper bag and both boys by myself. The car seats with baby in each is cumbersome and it does make it a challenge to get them downstairs.

We did not go to the lake this weekend because I have way too much work to get done. If I would have went there nothing would be done. I am probably looking at another 4 hours of work here. I better get back to it. I just needed a little break.

I was asked what my favorite gum was as a kid. It was fruit stripes. I would shove in 3 pieces at a time. Random but okay. There is your answer 😉

Please say a prayer for my friend’s mom. She had a heart attack today and needs prayers. I sent one up the moment I heard. God bless my friend and her family. It is scary.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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