PrayforOrlandoHeartborken for ya’ll. I have donated money to 3 different pages. It’s not enough but it’s all I know how to do. Praying for ya’ll!

I love you all. #OrlandoForever



Hate crimes always bring out the crazies. Shame on you Heather. Still praying for you.

Not Jackie, just Samuel 😉

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Author: Heather (IP:, cpe-098-122-152-005.nc.res.rr.com)
Email: heatherkategrayson@gmail.com
How dare you, Jackie. You insult your own sexuality by claiming you aren’t gay. You insult Vic Urben by pretending that she is a man, because she isn’t feminine- just like you aren’t. You don’t stand with Orlando. You hate yourself and all the people in that club who look and lean the way you do. But at least THEY were out having fun that night. You were alone in your filthy trash hole typing on the internet.
No one would mourn your loss. You don’t deserve to pretend to mourn for anyone, especially a group of people you yourself insult and disown.