Incoming Message from the Big Giant Head

How great was that show? The writers were definitely on something because that show was so off the wall. I loved it. Huge fan of the entire cast.

So last night I went to bed early. I wasn’t sleeping I was laying there watching the news. My friend Peyton called me. She is someone I did date right after Meri for about a month. She said your hate group is vicious. She told me how out of nowhere they started attacking her.

Peyton is new to Twitter so that surprised me how fast they work. She has only had her account maybe a week? She told me some of the things that they said then she said the dirty name that I want far away from me.

Cheryl Crisafulli, my stalker for 5 years is back Lol The story on that is here

and here


Peyton said out of nowhere Cheryl chimed in and started up her crazy talk. I was not at all surprised because this is 5 years now this woman continues to stalk, harass, and bully me and my friends. So I sent Twitter the information. I have an email address now that I’m supposed to contact whenever she comes back. They will get rid of her right away they said. And sure enough:

again again1The good news is that Twitter handles this very quickly. And I send in this information and the information that Twitter sends me back verifying it is her again to the police for the case on her. I have to document anytime she makes contact with me or my friends.

What will make this woman just leave me the heck alone? Does anyone know how to make a stalker go away? I have kids now and that’s why I went to the police.

And she’s bugging my friends? What on Earth would Peyton ever do or say to make her get harassed this much?

Peyton did a good job handling the hate group trolls. She sure can take care of herself. I apologized to her then I told her to just block them. She said no Lol Of course now, she is Lindsay’s friend and that means she’s fiesty. So hopefully these horrible women will leave everyone alone and go live their lives.

Am I that awesome they need to be this jealous of me? Really disturbing. I hope they leave everyone alone. It’s getting ridiculous.

Cheryl continues to create multiple accounts on Twitter. She uses one with her name and then she makes up 3 or 4 fake accounts just to harass me.

I do not even know this woman Lol

How about just stop? Or is that not something she is capable of? This just proves to me and everyone how mentally disturbed she really is. I would think after I put her on blast she would go away but apparently I was wrong. She continues her stalking and it’s illegal. I’m sure the police will get tired of me filing reports on her. They said it usually takes a few police reports before they can give me enough info to go get a Restraining Order. I have to be able to prove she continues to stalk me first. Well she’s doing a good job helping me out with that.

So again. Am I really worth it? Isn’t this embarrassing for her? Does she not have that capacity to feel ashamed of what she is doing online? My goodness. Anyone that Google’s her name gets my blog link and can read how much she is a stalker. I just shake my head and laugh it off.

Stalkers be crazy!

Big Giant Head – OUT!