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I have been skeptical of everything on this blog that is until Sunday when Meri’s own daughter Mariah proved without any more doubt that you have been telling the truth all along. Kody has admitted he wasn’t around. He admitted he was not communicating with Meri during the 6 months you two were together. The rest of them all said she was not talking to any of them she was on her phone all of the time. Robyn said she tried to talk to Meri but she wouldn’t tell her anything. The only person that was around Meri at all during the affair was her daughter Mariah. So why would Mariah be upset at all if her mom was really catfished by a woman? As strong as Mariah is about feminism and women’s rights she goes against her mom and sides with you. She says the relationship was inappropriate. She says she was upset that her mom was engaging in it If all of this was fake Mariah wouldn’t be upset at all. She would be angry at you, Samuel. You can tell she was holding back a lot of information. You can tell she was saying things without saying them. You can also tell when Meri went to visit her how scared she was at what Mariah was going to think or say to her. No wonder her daughter is so upset with her. Mariah now has all of the missing information. Kendra confirmed she was upset with Meri and talked about it. Kendra confirmed Mariah told Robyn, herself, and Kody if they split she would go with her dad because her mom was being inappropriate. This was in June when Kendra was actually at the Browns house staying with Robyn.
You don’t have to say or do anything more to prove this was a love affair, you are real, and Meri is lying. Her daughter completely proved your side. Meri continues to refer to you as a he. If she was 100% sure you were female, she would call out the name and back it up with proof. She has offered no proof at all to a real catfish situation or even any threats. All she is doing is sitting on the couch lying about you. She was crying last season talking about how kind and compassionate you are. She was crying because she misses you. Now this season she continues her slip ups saying he, not she.
The point I really want to make is if Meri’s family and only daughter really believed she was in fear, threatened, or catfished they would rally around her with love and support. They are all pissed because you can tell they don’t really buy her stories. They don’t trust what she is saying. They or at least someone has been listening to the voicemails. And they have taken that knowledge to the rest of the adults. Meri said herself the therapy session was 6 hours long. If this was a catfish you wouldn’t need more than a half hour to clear it all up. 6 hours filming her explaining things and them asking questions about all of it. That shows how much the other adults don’t know about this.
If Meri was threatened by you or Lindsay she would have filed a police report. She’s a celebrity. There is nothing. She doesn’t even mention a lawsuit or anything to stop you from telling your story. I’m sorry but anyone else would have shut this blog down long ago. They would not stop at trying to get this blog taken offline and go after you legally. This blog still being here after almost a year and all of the proof still visible and accessible proves to me that Meri really doesn’t know. She has been fed information from her weird group of new online friends. I went to look at their accounts and they are all sadists. They get off on poking fun at you and Lindsay. They say the most horrendous things and this is who Meri’s talking to online now? These people? How come none of these trolls use their real names and photos?
For me this just doesn’t add up. I believe you now. It has taken me months to get here. I believe you not because of anything you have said here. I believe you based only on Mariah’s reactions and words. She is pissed because she knows her mother was cheating on her dad. She is pissed because she knows you are real Samuel but because of the show or editing she can’t say it. After all the TLC money does pay for her college and her fun traveling summer she’s about to take. I’m sure all of that guilt money is coming from Meri because Mariah has her exactly where she wants her. Meri will do anything to get her daughter’s trust back. Even spoil her with trips with her friends when Mariah should be focusing on working all summer to help pay for her last year of college.
The Brown family is not this big happy family they try to throw onto our tvs. They are a normal family like anyone else just a very weird, perverted version. Kody has 1 wife, Robyn, and 3 girlfriends. That’s all this is. It’s not even discussed about their religious beliefs anymore. It’s all about the dynamics of who gets Kody’s attention each episode. This show needs be cancelled so they can really fix all of the problems going on. The adults are all overweight, the kids are all overweight. No one looks happy this season. The stress has gotten to them. Meri has gained back all of the weight she lost last season and then some. She looks terrible. She needs to stay the hell off of her phone and really work on herself. She had true love with you Samuel. She let it slip right through her fingers to go back to what? To a man who has said he doesn’t care anymore and their marriage is too difficult to deal with? I don’t buy this show anymore. I’m not going to watch it. Sister Wives is fake. It used to be insightful now it’s no different from the Real Housewives. Each week it gets trashier and the husband is just running around completely clueless. Does he even love any of them or just himself? I’m done with this show. I’m sorry Meri has been lying about who you are and what you meant to her. On tv she denies you, in all of these voicemails she tells the real truth. She fell in love with you. She probably is still in love with you Samuel. Don’t beat yourself up anymore. You did the best you could to get her out of that cult. It’s too bad she was too scared of Kody to leave.

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  1. So do you think there is any hope that after all this blows over you and Meri will get back together?

  2. I found it so odd that Mariah would be SO upset about a catfish. She must know the truth/ more information. That is the only thing that seemed logical to me.

  3. Would you please put all the speculation to rest by publicly posting 1) a picture of you and Meri together, and 2) a picture of you and Lindsay together?

  4. Oh yea yea yea! Meri’s daughter FOR SURE was holding back! She is definitely pissed off because of her infidelities. Mariah lived with her all summer,( as she stated) and I’m sure she saw and heard stuff Meri didn’t want her to hear……and yes they would all rally around Meri if it was a true catfish story. Alas, a bunch of lies ruined a love story.

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