Are we dead? I hope not I haven’t finished my Starbucks Lol

This past week has been bad. There wasn’t much of a good day except at night when I would get home to see my boys. We are officially 4 months along! I can’t believe that. They are huge. They look exactly alike, they do everything the same and it’s getting harder again to tell them apart. I can do it, but I have to take that second look sometimes. I love my boys so much. I couldn’t imagine my life without them now. They really are the best thing I have ever done for myself. Love them.

So this week work was bad. More in-house fighting than I had ever seen. The projects are piling up. We have clearly bitten off more than we can handle, the summer interns are helping and still learning. Things are a mess. It got so bad I stood up early in the week at 3pm and told Shelly I am F-BOMB done and that I was leaving. She laughed and said she was going too. She said take me for an ice cream. So I did. It’s so funny when I was a kid she would take me for an ice cream just to use it as an excuse to get a little break while working for my dad. My dad never said no to that because it got me out of his hair and it gave her a treat. He did realize how hard he worked her. So now that she works for me she tells me to take her to lunch or take her of an ice cream. She cracks me up. I bought her an ice cream, I had a bottle of water and we talked. We came up with a strategic plan for the next day. Big deep sigh and I went home that night.

The next day, same mess, but a little better. That night I picked up Sarah. Brandi had the boys and asked us to get her a Starbucks. The nannies are obsessed with Starbucks. I don’t even ask them anymore if they want me to stop for one. I just drive there Lol I do enjoy a Soy Latte sometimes but usually I just get a bottle of water. Sarah had a few things to mail, I needed to drop off the dry cleaning. We hit the store to get a few things then we headed home. We were both laughing and talking about something funny on one of those drive home radio shows. Out of nowhere this lady smashed into Sarah’s side of my car from an adjoining street. She didn’t pull into us she hit us head on. I swerved left then went right and got us over. But not before causing all kinds of damage to some property.

Sarah said Are we dead? I started laughing and said I hope not I haven’t finished my Starbucks. I told her don’t move. I dug my phone out of my suit jacket and started to call 911. But some guy came running up and said he already called they were on the way to not move. Don’t get out in case we both have neck or back injuries. Sarah is an RN so she started to assess herself. She felt in pain but she started moving things to test herself out. I didn’t move. I told the guy go check on that car because they had to have been injured badly. He said there were people back there with the lady. She was alive. More people came up to check on us and Sarah got out. She was in pain but wanted out of the car. She thinks she was having a panic attack feeling trapped. I waited again not really sure what to do. I was in shock. Sarah came around to check on me and told me to move my feet, legs, arms, hands, then she held my neck and told me to move it a little if I could. I did. She said get out you’ll live. I got out to see this mangle of a truck. My baby! My Range Rover! Are you freaking kidding me. WTF! I had damaged a lot of property to the right side and asked if everyone was okay. Then Sarah went back to check on the other car. The lady was a mess. She apologized profusely then informed me she had no insurance. Great. And just right for the kind of luck I have Lol I told her don’t worry about it I’m fully covered even for uninsured drivers I was glad she was okay. She said she looked at her phone, looked up and saw us. She tried to hit the brakes but it was too late. She was making me feel all kinds of angry but I didn’t say anything. The ambulances showed up before the police, imagine that. And we all got checked out. I told Sarah we are both going to the hospital. There might be things wrong we can’t see or feel just yet and I’m not taking any chances. She didn’t want to but finally agreed. So off we went.

We both have seatbelt bruises across our chest. The airbag gave me a nice little bruise on my face and I had a fat lip for a day but I’m okay. I’m sore as heck. Sarah took the brunt of the hit and is all kinds of sore. We both got out of the hospital that night and I called everyone to tell them what happened. Lindsay said she’d pick up Drew on the way and I told her no. It wasn’t that bad. She asked if she still needed to come to help take care of the boys for a few days since Sarah and I would both be out of it. I told her no. Which means she will probably fly out here this weekend anyway because that’s who she is.

Sarah is sore. She was hobbling around and I asked her to do me a favor. I told her I bought her a ticket to fly home to her mom’s in Texas. I told her if she tried to recoup here she would only be messing with the babies when I knew she was still sore and that would never allow her to heal. She fought me on it for a few hours. I finally said I can’t have you here like this. I need you to really go get better and you need time off. Just go. I’m not mad. I’m making you. Go. She agreed. I dropped her off this morning. I told her I would pick her up next Saturday and she better feel back to normal by then. She laughed and said she was feeling worse than she let on which I suspected and she would have kept trying to work.

The day after the accident I had both nannies in to help out. I went into work because I’m really stupid and tried to tough it out. Everyone kept telling me to go home but I stayed. I got home that night. I tried getting comfortable but just felt off. I was not feeling it at all. I was on the phone with a friend and told her I think I really need to go to the hospital. There is a hospital literally across the street from my condo. She said go and I went to Sarah’s room. I told her I’m going to the ER I feel like shit. I asked if she wanted to go too to get checked out also and she said yes. We both had been trying to tough it out all day. We got there and waited for a while. They finally checked us both out and gave us a higher dosage of pain meds and told us to throw out the other ones we had gotten. We got home a few hours after we went and man did those pills take all the pain away Lol I was loopy! They made me very hungry too. I took off work to rest yesterday and now I’m up trying to get through the day. We are not going up to the lakehouse this weekend. It’s too much for me. Sarah called to check in. She got home safe and is getting baby’ed by her mama Lol She deserves it. She said her mom made her a bunch of her favorite snacks. There really is nothing like your mom’s cooking is there? I’m happy she will get to heal up in peace.

So here I am, 2 nannies and trying to help out the best I can. I will be lying around almost all weekend. And ordering in food. I’m not feeling up to cooking at all.

And of course Lindsay just called. She’s here without Ben. He had to work. She’s on her way from the airport she just asked if we wanted Starbucks Lol

Yes we do!


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  1. She lives in Las Vegas and would have stopped by on her way here to get him.

  2. My goodness, you had an eventful week! I’m glad you and Sarah are alright after the accident. I would have really lost it with the woman, especially once she mentioned the phone. Having lost a love one in a VERY STUPID accident, distracted drivers are one thing that automatically make me furious. I am highly resistant to pain pills, but always am nervous to ask for higher dosages because I don’t want them to think I am an abuser of medication, but generally most stuff doesn’t do a thing for me.

    I hope this coming week is better, and less chaotic!