Energy blaster and the bird

I did the one thing you aren’t supposed to do with 3 and a half month old twins. I took them out on the boat Lol They were in their car seats. We cruised not zoomed and they loved it. I think. If I had a babble translator I believe they would say Wow Dad, that was awesome! and I love going on the boat! I heard all about it all the way down to the dock from both nannies. I turned around half way there and say Oh Look who finally agrees on something Lol I put them in the boat. Told the girls to jump in, grabbed the dog and off we went. My family’s first boat ride. We had to kick the cobwebs off. Then I dropped all of them off and went out for some big wave action. I was doing just fine until some douchebag in a bigger boat than mine (It’s always that type, isn’t it) decided he had the right of way even though all boating laws said I did. I flipped him off as I went full throttle past him and gave a kick out wake he had to buzz over Lol Enjoyed myself too much. Great day for boating. Now it’s cloudy and I don’t know what. The weather here is schizophrenic.


I want to talk about this green stuff people keep asking me about. It’s called Liv Green 2 O by a company called Liv International. They have a website. Meri sells it so you can contact her on twitter to ask about ordering it. It literally is the best stuff I’ve ever had for energy and post workout drinks. I love it. It tastes really good. I have lemon and mint flavor. I’ve been on it for over a year now and I can tell a difference. It’s not that expensive either. You get a 15 day or 30 day supply and they will custom make a package for you. Don’t tell them I sent you to them Lol That wouldn’t be cool at all but do get some. It really helps me out a lot. I drink 2 of them a day. It really is good stuff. Highly recommend it.


So what are ya’ll up to today? Anything fun? I’m working on some emails for work. Then I’m going to stop working for the rest of the weekend and go enjoy myself a little. I have some friends coming over tonight for dinner. We are grilling out. Then we are going to play some new card game that is this summer’s big hit. Should be a fun evening. It’s weird not having to go grocery shopping. The company sent me a list of weekend activities I thought we would do. And they guessed on what food to buy for us. How awesome is that? I emailed the lady and said do you have a personal chef too ya’ll took care of everything. She said she could find one if I wanted it. I may take her up on that. Might be fun to have some better cooking than what I do. I do all of the cooking. I even prep Sarah’s lunches for her. She is eating a lot better now living with me she said. She likes some vegan stuff. She mostly just likes my snacks. I do a lot of fresh fruits or veggies for my snacks. I’m always in the kitchen chopping something up. I have one of them Slapchop things. Those are both fun and quick. Pain in the butt to clean but they work great.


Back to work I guess. I haven’t been writing too much lately so I guess that’s why I’m back on here already. Tomorrow I will update with my plans for next week. It’s going to be super busy for me. Again.


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