Season 6 Finale

Season 6 Finale
Meri: So I guess I should bring something up. That I need to talk about.
Meri lied about me being a catfish. I am male. I am real, we have met in person several times  and here is my side of all of this.
When she concocted her lies about me she often missed the obvious truths. She became consumed by her fiction and trying to convince people her story was real she overlooked the obvious facts.
We were still talking to each other and in love during the family trip to Alaska. You can go to the Call Log and see the dates from that time period and see our calls to prove that. I’ve also posted the voicemails and the texts we shared during that time.
The plan was as soon as she got home from Alaska she was going to move into my rental house which was 2 blocks away from my house and we would begin to officially date openly and no longer hide it. She wanted out. She told me several times she was done with Kody but she wanted to stay close to the family during the transitional time. Then we would move back to Chicago for my work. Within a few months. She was okay with that and wanted to move for a fresh start. The night before this dinner she told me she needed to do a dinner with Kody there and she said I’m going to tell them all I’m leaving. That’s exactly what she did.

I needed to have a conversation with Kody and my Sister Wives for a while. So now that we are sitting here at dinner maybe I should do it now. Maybe I should start talking.
What I was told right after this dinner when she got home, she was emotional and said it was scary but she felt really good. She told me what she had said. They did edit out a lot of what she said because a few of the things she told me was not in this at all. We would talk on the phone at night while she was in Alaska. She would take a walk after dinner and call me. We would talk an hour then. After she got all the older kids to bed or settled for the night she would call me and we could talk longer then. We were so in love while she was in Alaska because we both knew we would be together soon. Her now trying to turn this into a different meaning is a lie. It frustrates me she’s making what was some of our happiest conversations into something it never was. She is about to begin the lies.

I hate bringing it up because we are talking about happy things. We are talking about the kids. We’re talking about Madison we’re talking about this fabulous trip that we’ve been on. Yeah this is really that bad. And I don’t know how to do it when I know that all eyes are on me and they have been for a while because they know that something is going on.
This is true. Everyone already knew she was going to leave. She had told all 3 women in therapy a month before that she wanted out. They all were silent and did not even come to her house to talk about it privately after she told them. It was a few days before she told Kody she wanted to leave. They began talking about a spiritual divorce. An unsealing. She said she would have to get unsealed by Kody before she could be free. I had no idea what it meant. Later on after we broke up when I visited the AUB Church I asked how an unsealing works and they told me how it goes. They also explained to me a spiritual marriage is forever and beyond. So if the person does not get unsealed and just walks away they will still be tied to their husband or spiritual husband if they never got officially unsealed.
They all knew already. This conversation was not going to be a huge surprise but it would still be surprising.

I don’t think, you guys, okay. So ya’ll know, it’s no surprise that I’ve been struggling with stuff, lately. I mean you guys all know, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that when Mariah left to college, I don’t know if that just kind of set me in this weird place.
The struggle was with her and Kody. The weird place was she had all of these ideas that her and Kody would be able to travel a little. That they would be spending a lot of quality time together on her days with him. What happened was they continued to fight really badly and he would go spend time with Robyn instead. She said it became his routine to spend his scheduled days with her doing other things then he would show up late at night, had already eaten supper would watch a little tv and then they would go to bed. She said he would get up early the next day and that would be all the time she spent with him. Other than the times he would pop in to ask a question or to grab some Liv products that she stores in her pantry by her kitchen. She said all the things she expected them to do as a couple was not happening at all and she was spending a lot of time alone. She said it really hurt her feelings that he was not even paying attention that they had this opportunity to work our their issues and have a lot of time to really rekindle things. But she said after the first year of Mariah being gone she gave up. She said she was just staying there because she had found her own routine and she was just living her life. She said she had thought about leaving 5 years before when Robyn showed up but she felt stuck. She said with the show and the contract she had to sign she couldn’t walk away. She would have nowhere to go and no money. So this way she could pay for Mariah’s college, have a nice house and go on free trips. It was a shitty trade-off but it was all she could do for herself until she got her college degree.

Usually when people go through empty nest it’s a couple doing it together. But in a plural situation that’s not the case. I’m in this place where I just feel alone. Isolated. Lonely. I don’t feel like anybody else in the family can even relate.
This was all true. When her and I began talking on the phone she would tell me how often she had alone time. I was shocked. I just assumed with all the kids around and all the other adults she would have a houseful all of the time. Or that she would be busy constantly. We began talking all day and all night whenever both of us had an hour or 2 free. It was rarely interrupted by her. If someone did come in she would tell them she was on the phone and they would ask whatever they needed and she would not let me hang up. She would say no let me get rid of them.

I’m feeling at a place of limbo right now. I don’t know what I need to do is what I’m saying. I’m going to be doing something but I don’t know what it is that I need to do.
The something was move into my rental house Lol She was going to begin our life together with me.

I wake up in the mornings and I turn the music on in my house so that I can have some noise. Because it’s just quiet. It’s lonely. I just feel lonely. I’m just alone so much of the time. I got into this place where I was talking to different people on social media and making friends and I got into this situation talking to one person who really made me trust him. He was just saying all the right things. Being very kind and very compassionate and understanding and I trusted him. We kind of just started talking online and I laughed.
This is me. We used to laugh all of the time. Everyday. We got along very well. She was so easy to talk to. Great listener and she really enjoys telling her life stories. She talked about her daughter all of the time. She really does love Mariah with all of her heart. We would make silly jokes and then have comments back and forth. We would laugh for hours and then realize how long we had been on the phone. It was a lot of fun.

I just don’t know what it’s going to be. And I don’t know where I’m going to go or what I’m. I just don’t know what I’m going to do right now. So don’t be surprised if I just up and am gone.

She finally told them all on camera. She was leaving. To be with me. And they all already knew. That’s why you don’t see a huge reaction or a huge wow moment from any of them. They had been told a month before.

Christine: You’ve got to at least give us a warning.
She told me after the dinner Christine was the only one that sincerely was concerned about what she told them. She said she had expected Robyn to be a lot more supportive but she said Robyn acted like she just told her she was going on a vacation and would be back in a day or two. She said she was disappointed because Kody said nothing at all. She said he just sat there with a mean look on his face. She said he was trying to figure it out but she said he did not take her aside afterwards and talk to her about it. She said when they got home from Alaska they had a huge fight about the dinner. She said he was worried about what the fans would think about what she said. She said he told her they may lose the show if she didn’t do something to fix it.

Robyn: Or let us know where you are at at least, we won’t bother you but I mean we want to know you are safe, we want to know you are okay.
Robyn really could not have cared less Lol She was so tired from the day and she was not being as supportive as Meri had wanted her to be.

Christine: We all know that Meri has had a rough couple of months just from watching her behavior. She will come to family things as little as she can. And even when we work together she’s very detached and is on her phone a lot. So I don’t know what to do.
She was with me Lol We were spending a lot of time together or we were on the phone.

Christine: We will be there for you, alright?
Meri told me Christine is a very sweet person. So this was genuine she said.

Christine: I do think she needs to tell us what she is going to do. For her to decide to just be up and gone someday, we are more of a support system than that. Just doing that isn’t fair.
No actually they haven’t been. For years. That’s why Meri turned to me for all of her support for those 6 months. Because I actually cared enough to ask how she was daily and check up on her. I was the one that was with her through all of her medical stuff. I gave her support, encouragement. And we would pray together about test results and her medical procedures.

Janelle: Meri at one point said don’t be surprised if one day you see me gone. And my first gut reaction was What you are just going to run away? We may have our issues but I still very much care about what’s happening with her.
Yes that’s exactly the plan we had. I do believe Janelle does care. They just haven’t gotten along because Meri is bossy and Janelle is older and doesn’t listen to anything Meri says.

Robyn: Meri has been very different. When I first started noticing that something was up with Meri I just tried to talk to her. She has talked to me before about I don’t know where I fit in the family. It’s very confusing. The answer to this situation with Meri is screaming at us. This is your family, we love you, the kids love you. This is where you belong, this is where you shine. Can I just be done? I’m a mess now.
Meri was talking to Robyn about how bad things were with Kody. She was not talking about anything in regards to me with Robyn. Ever. Robyn would go over and talk to her and try to be supportive but Meri couldn’t tell her she met someone. And again we see someone else’s agenda for Meri’s life. Which is a huge issue with all of them. They all think they can solve her solution by telling her you belong here. And they always put the kids in the middle of it. To pull her back in. They need to let her decide. This is the time in her life where she has the most freedom. She has earned it by helping raising all of her kids. Let her find her path and just cheer her on no matter what she does. They don’t do that. They all assume she is going to continue to be the work horse of the family and always be there to plan, organize, or pull things together for parties and events. It’s a lot of pressure for her and she feels obligated to do it.

Meri: I think that for a while now some of my family has been concerned of what I’m doing, what’s going on with me. Do I want to stay here in the family? I do see the more I pull away the more they wonder why are you pulling away? I do feel isolated. And so I started talking to this person online. And we laughed. He was cracking jokes and just making funny comments and I was making funny comments back. It was like I felt this release. And it just felt really good to laugh. It started out as a friendship and I loved the friendship. I loved the friendship. We were talking on the phone and he was expressing love for me. And attraction to me. He was saying really, really kind things. Very flattering things. And I felt flattered. It was really sweet. And he was really making me start to feel love for who he was portraying himself to be. This is really, really confusing because I was really caring about him too. It was probably one of the most confusing situations I’ve ever been in because I’m sitting here, married. And I’m feeling these other emotions directed towards somebody else. I don’t think there is only one person in the world that somebody could love. It’s how you act on it. And I had chosen to not act on it. And I told him that.
We did start talking on the phone the 2nd night we began talking publicly. We had met each other a long time before we began talking on twitter. So what everyone thought was our beginning was not. It was December or January from years ago when we met. We had not talked since that time. We laughed the whole night the first time publicly. Then she began messaging me on Twitter Direct Message the next day. That next night is when I gave her my cellphone number. 10 minutes after she had my number she called me. All of this is on my blog.
Here she admits that she was starting to feel love for me. Later on in her lies and her stories she changes it to she cared for me. So this begins a pattern of her rewriting her own history. And this is exactly why we pulled out all of the text from anything she mentioned me or our story on her show over the past 2 seasons. So all of you can catch her in her own lies as you read along.
We slept together within 6 days of our first public interactions on Twitter. She invited me to Disney, I flew into town. That night she came to my house and we made love for the very first time. We did act on it. We most certainly did. The entire 6 months we had sex very 3 or 4 days. And while she was in Utah with me on vacation we were having so much sex it was way out of hand. We both knew we had crossed the line. But the line didn’t matter anymore. Because we were in love. And we had every intention of being together forever.

Meri: And he then started really, really pushing the issue. He started expressing these things very early on as we were starting to talk. And I remember thinking that’s kind of weird you don’t really know me. And I even told him that you don’t even know me. And he was like I know what you look like I know a lot about you. And

Another lie. I never pushed any issues with her. She is lying again. Look at the text messages from March 3rd, 2015, March 4th, 2015, March 5th 2015. That’s the exact date where we had this conversation. I told her I didn’t know her. But I wanted to. That I wanted to know her heart and her mind.

Director: Did you want to meet him?
Yes she invited me to Disney she wanted to meet me so badly.

Meri. Yeah. I wanted to meet him. I didn’t see any problem with meeting him. He never would meet me. And then there were other things that kind of started making me wonder what was going on there were these little cracks in the story.
And here is where this entire story of hers begins to fall apart. She has claimed that I was threatening her. That I was blackmailing her. That I was almost verbally abusive. Later on she claims that I was forcing her to leave me voicemails. All of these terrible, terrible things. Then why on Earth would she want to meet up with me if I was really treating her like that? Why would she feel safe with someone so mean to her?
The little cracks in the stories were from her side. Not mine. If she ever had a question for me I answered it and showed her proof of everything. It made it a lot easier after we did meet and she began to see my life. My houses, my vehicle, my money being flashed around with expensive gifts for her and the $50,000 in the Chase bank account I had for her that she never told anyone about. I proved everything about my life to her. Everything. The cracks she was referring to was the lies she was getting caught telling me. And the reasons there are 8 voicemails of her telling me how sorry she is and she knows she messed things up. Her words.

There were times early on that I was talking to him that I knew that he was just feeding me a line of bullshit. I knew it. And I knew this within the first week of talking to him. And I chose to ignore it because I enjoyed just talking to somebody.
I never fed her bs. I spoke from my heart always and fell in love with her. She loved talking to me. That’s why she called me so often.

Again, she just busted herself out on her story that I am female and that I catfished her. Why would she refer to a female as a bastard? See what I mean. She can not keep her lies and her story straight. Also during this she was bawling her eyes out as she recounted how much fun we had laughing. She was very very emotional during all of this because our breakup she didn’t want it. She wanted me to forgive her and come back. I walked away from her and I stayed away from her. And she was devastated. She tried contacting me several times. She did contact Lindsay and Lindsay called her once to talk about it. When i said bye I will leave you alone. I did. I have refused all of her attempts to contact me for months.

I’ve been pulling away from the family because I’ve been trying to protect them and I don’t know how.
Her family was never in danger Lol Ever. This is her trying to save her own ass. She knows damn well all of the photos, texts, voicemails, and a lot more I haven’t shared. She knows she can not get out of this. The only thing she can try to do is lie her way out of it so Kody doesn’t get mad at her and so she can stay in her big ol’ house. I never threatened her or her family. I just walked away. And I refused her calls and texts. I never, ever made contact with her again after we broke up. It was over and I knew it. So I stayed away from her.

Meri: I don’t know what to do is what I’m saying. I’m going to be doing something but I don’t know what it is that I need to do.
This is back at her dinner and she’s telling her family she is leaving. And they know she means it.

Christine: Something like what?
Meri: I’ll figure, I don’t know.
Christine: What do you need from us?
Robyn: Yeah what do you need from us?
Meri: I don’t know.
Christine: She hasn’t known what to do and she has been lost for a long time. For 6 months at least she has been lost. And she hasn’t know she hasn’t had any direction.
For 6 months we have been deeply in love, talking all of the time, everyday and having a great time together. When we managed to sneak off together and find time we hugged and kissed all of the time. She would pull my arms around her and she would say this is where I belong, in your arms. Then she would smile and snuggle in closer.

Meri: I don’t know if it’s something that I just need to just go back to work and start working with kids again.
Christine: What about school?
Meri: I don’t know if I just need to just dive head first into school and forget everything else.
Christine: I’m frustrated. I’m like Mariah has been gone for 2 years. And you still don’t know what you are doing. And it’s just getting worse. You can always try things. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t mean you failed. It just means that it didn’t work. Start something else. If she goes away for a week and decides it doesn’t work then come back and do something else. Come on. Come on. Stop being scared. And let’s move.
Meri: I don’t know if I need to go away for a week on a camping trip out by myself. I don’t know.
Janelle: You are sitting here with all of these possibilities you don’t know what to choose. Meri you could choose them all. You could choose them all.
Janelle: You know I’m really all about supporting Meri going off and figuring out who she is or figuring out what she needs to do and whatever I can do to help her. But it’s really important that Meri’s back at Thanksgiving. Because it’s very, very important to me for the sake of the children that we hold a continuity. And holidays have always been a really big marking point in our world as far as everything is fine with the family we are all together, all is well.
Thanksgiving Lol Meri said she does a lot of cooking at Thanksgiving and was really looking forward to not having to slave all day long with me. She said we could get a catered meal at my place and just enjoy each other’s company.

Robyn: Well I want you to know that we are going to miss you if you do take some time away and we support what it is you want to do. So don’t take anything of us being supportive of you as like we don’t want you around.
Robyn practically helped her out of the door in my opinion. She was Meri’s biggest supporter and Meri said she felt like Robyn was shoving her out. She said it shocked her how indifferent Robyn was about her announcement.

Robyn: Look Meri, if you don’t want to do this anymore we are going to love you we are going to support you tell us what we can do to support you tell us what we can do to be there for you. We are here for you and we love you and our kids love you and whatever we can do to support you as women. What can we do for you? The thing that would make me the happiest is if Kody and Meri were to stay married. In my happiest part of my life Meri is my sister wife and she’s married to Kody.
The thing that makes Robyn the happiest. Again, not even considering what Meri wants with her life. That’s been the problem for years. They don’t even ask her what she wants. They tell her what they expect from her. Especially Kody.

Meri: You know Janelle and I haven’t had a great relationship for most of the time that we’ve been in this family together and I see her really just trying to be supportive of me and Christine is doing the same thing. I mean they are just supportive and Robyn doesn’t know what to do with me. And I have given them every reason to be scared of what I’m going to do but I have only done it because I’ve been trying in my weird crazy way that I didn’t know how to handle it. Just trying to protect them. Trying to protect the family and the kids. I mean I love that they are sitting here wanting to support me but they don’t know what’s going on. They have no idea how bad it is. They don’t know what I brought into the family.
I was never in her family or near it Lol So this fake crying here, this is for sympathy. She is trying to sell this lie that I am a horrible person and that I was abusive to her. Not true at all. I was in love with her. I was sweet, kind, loving, and always trying to make her laugh. That was our connection. The laughter.

Meri: So I started figuring this stuff out. I started looking into him or who he said he was and there was way too many, way too many holes, way too many questions that he couldn’t answer. And then when I would ask him about it he would flip out. He would become almost verbally abusive with me. And all this time he still would never meet me. He used to make comments about his friend who was technologically suave. That she could do damage. And he would make comments like you never want to mess with her.

She did ask me about my businesses and my personal life. But not very often. Any question she had for me I did answer. I never flipped out. I was never verbally or any other kind of abusive. That is Kody not me. Kody yells at her. Kody treats her like she works for him instead of a wife. He has done it for years because their marriage is shit.
We met the first night I was in town Lol She drove by stalking me within the first half hour of me being in town while I was outside of my gated community talking to my neighbor. She drove by and saw us standing there talking. A few hours later we were together. She drove to my house and we had sex.
Lindsay was never any kind of threat to Meri. Lindsay has always been a threat to the trolls that were talking shit about me and Meri. Meri would tell me or Lindsay who was saying things to her and Lindsay would go handle that. Now whatever handle that meant all I know is that Meri would tell me the person would stop harassing her or that the account was gone. I never asked Lindsay what she was doing but I assume she was getting into their accounts and deleting them or at the least deleting the comments they were putting out there. I ignored everything as I always have. I just hit the block button and move on with my day. I don’t let any kind of troll near me.
The comment don’t mess with Lindsay I said to Meri 3 times and she is putting it out of context here. They are all 3 within the text messages I have posted on my blog and what I said was Is that account gone? Meri would say yes and I would say this is why we don’t piss Lindsay off, of This is why we don’t mess with Lindsay, and Lindsay is not someone these people should mess with. Verbatim that are the 3 comments I made in regards to that and it had nothing to do with Meri. She’s lying. Lindsay was protecting Meri and I from a lot of really negative comments and a lot of people starting to cause trouble about the affair. Lindsay protected both of us. And she still does.

Meri: I thought I was talking to a man online and on the phone. And I think it wasn’t a man. It wasn’t a man. I believe that it was a woman pretending to be a man. It was a woman who had been watching me online. And I feel like I have been targeted. And I feel like my family has been targeted.

She was talking to a man, me, on the phone and on Twitter DM and a few emails. We had already met in person. She says I think it wasn’t a man. This indicates she’s not sure of what she’s saying. She is telling the rumor that the trolls on Twitter had been saying for months. After we broke up and I refused to take her calls or talk to her Meri was very hurt, sad, depressed, and she went into self-preservation mode. She had to come up with some story to explain what she had done. We had crossed all the lines. She was worried I was going to spill the beans on everything. Initially I had no intention of it. I walked away without saying a word. I took abuse, crap, and all kinds of threats from her and her little troll friends for 6 weeks. Once the tabloids started up with the story about the affair and then claiming I was a catfish that’s when I told Lindsay go post everything we have. And she set it all up for me to comment on and publish.

Meri: I made the conscious decision to start pushing people away because I felt like I needed to protect them. I was afraid of what they could do to the family. The biggest concern that I have through all of this is what my family is going to think of me and feel about me and what they are going to want to do with me. Kody is not saying anything. He doesn’t know what’s going on with me. This is not the time to tell my family. We are having such a good trip.
Protect people from what? No one was contacting them, no threats were ever made because if there were any kind of threat there would be a police report. There are zero police reports. There are no civil or criminal lawsuits. There is nothing at all. Not even a police call to ask me about any threats. Complete lies.
Here she actually tells why she is scared. And it’s not me. It’s her family. She is scared of Kody. He yells at her and treats her like crap. He is the one that has threatened her several times. When she was not talking during Season 6 he came to her house in a rage and said she better start talking because they needed to act like everything was fine in front of the camera. She told me she wanted to stop pretending everything was fine and that she was happy. That’s why she stopped talking. She said it was fake. It was always the women protecting him from the stupid stuff he says and does on the couch sessions. She said she was done protecting his image and that people need to see th real Kody. And that’s exactly what happened. He made himself look like a huge douchebag.


Meri: I don’t know how to fix this. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so confused. I don’t know how to fix this.
Exactly. She knows how many lines we crossed and she does not know how to get out of it. I decided from the very start I was going to tell the whole truth and show all of my proof to not let anyone think I was a liar. I have answered tough questions I have admitted to the affair and I have taken full responsibility for all of it. But I will never let anyone call me a catfish. That’s a lie and it’s not true. Meri is confused because she doesn’t know how to save her ass from this. She knows all that I know about her. She knows what we have done. And she’s worried.
Kody: So now Meri is saying she’s really struggling it seems like she has lost her identity. It seems like she is struggling with what she should do where she wants to go. It’s weird some of the words she is saying sounds like she’s leaving or something. It’s just, I don’t know what to make of this.
She lost it years ago. You weren’t paying attention at all. This is normal for a mid-life crisis. She is having to redefine her life now that she is no longer focused on Mariah’s life and raising her. She was leaving your ass Lol Meri kicked Kody out in May. I don’t know why he’s lying and trying to act surprised. They began talking about a spiritual divorce and unsealing in July. He was well aware she was leaving.

Kody: It seems like Meri, I don’t know. I’m gathering from this that what she’s sort of saying maybe is that she doesn’t want to be married to me anymore but she does want to be in the family.
She has not wanted to be married to him for the past 5 years. This is what she said in 2010:
Meri: (In 2010) I don’t even know that I want to stay sometimes. The only thing that even wants me to stay is my committment level and my daughter.
Proving again that I’m telling the truth using her own words. This is when Robyn was coming into the family. Meri wanted out. She was not happy and she was very upset about it.

Kody: I’m afraid to ask her. I’m afraid she is going to just get right in my face and say this is you.  

What husband is afraid to ask why is wife is upset? She makes it very obvious she’s pissed, hurt, or upset. He knows what he has done to her. He knows how badly he has treated her and all of the fights and yelling he has done to her. He knows. That’s why he doesn’t want to face it. Because he knows he has been abusive to her.

Kody: I feel like the only thing that can fix this is just being in a prayerful state. And I just hope we can all do that. I hope that I can do that.
Praying is not at all the way to fix this. Talking it out with her, being honest with yourself and admitting to all the bad you have done. All the hurt and pain you have caused her. Until he really takes full responsibility for all he has done to her and admits he has abused her, she will never heal. And that’s exactly why they are still not back in love and saying how much they love each other and want things to be rekindled. It’s because Kody will not admit to anything wrong he has done to Meri. She told me that’s why she has stayed angry at him for the past 5 years. That he will never realize how bad he is to her.

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