Season 7 Ep 2


Meri: About 3 weeks ago we had Nancy our family therapist come over to our house to meet with the 5 adults.
Kody: There has been a very vulnerable thing that’s happened with Meri and she’s, she’s just found herself in this place where she’s just so unsure. As far as I can tell you know she was being catfished. A new term to me about this online manipulation. I want to give her confidence I want her to know that we’ll work these things out but I don’t know how to do it. The therapy session with Nancy I think went pretty well I, oh golly, but you know it’s just one of those things you just don’t know. You don’t know about the future. I still feel like there’s just so much more to say. And I don’t know what it is. I don’t even know where I am on it other than you know hey we’ve got to work this out. Let’s be very kind to each other as we do it. And that’s all I’ve got. You know I don’t know what else to think.
After all of these months since our breakup she is still struggling. Why? Because she is still in love with me. Kody is going along with the story told everyone because he doesn’t know. He really has no idea what happened. So he is supporting his wife and doing what a husband should do. He is obviously pissed off. Because he is not showering her with love and attention. At this point he had been on my blog looking at stuff and listening to voicemails. So his doubts were coming up.

Meri: We are just working on processing it and figuring out how to get through it and come back together as a strong family unit.
Janelle: Do you know I think that probably one of the best things that came out of the whole discussion was everybody really understanding that you know Meri has felt sort of like a square peg with Mariah moving out and everything the struggle is how do I fit in here and that’s where Meri is. And I think that’s the real work. She’s going to have to do a lot of it herself. But I think I for one am aware now of the difference between telling her she belongs telling her we want her but also than helping her feel like she fits in.
Kody: So Meri and I will, and can, and need to work all these things out.
I’m glad they are working it out. It won’t work for long. There is too much hurt between them and the truth is Meri is still telling our mutual friend she is in love with me Lol No amount of therapy can erase how she feels for me. We really were in love. We wanted to get married and have our own kids. This was a deep love we built together.

Meri: You know during the time that I was losing all that weight and I was having stomach issues  I was deep into the whole catfish situation you know talking to this person who was not real. I was stressing out a lot. I cried a lot. I couldn’t eat. I was keeping it all in. When you have that much stress and have that much being thrown at you and you don’t let it out it literally eats away at your stomach.
She has H. Pylori virus. She was on antibiotics for it last I knew but that’s what was causing the weight lose. I’m sure she was also stressed but all of her weight has come back on. You can tell.
I do at times still feel lonely. I’m taking steps to feel those lonely spots so we’re working through it.
She has filled her time with me with her new hobby of painting. She’s now painting her feelings out. It surprises me that she still feels lonely. This proves her family are really doing nothing new to help her and make her feel welcomed and wanted. They are not doing what they promised to do. To help her. That to me is incredibly sad. Meri should never feel lonely. She is an awesome woman and so funny.

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