Season 7 Ep 3

Meri: Can I make these tables go right together so we have less tables because they are butted right next to each other.
Kody: I’m sorry why are we switching that why don’t we keep the space and make it so everyone can get around the table easier.
He said it calmly and just asked why. Yet she freaks out.

Meri: Because this is more like one big table rather than a banquet room that have all these separate little things going on.
Kody: Meri I
Meri: Christine told me to.
And there we see Meri lie Lol She does that when you confront her about anything. She will lie so you don’t get mad at her. She did this to me several times.
Sometimes it’s easier for me to not have Kody mad at me. So I’ll do anything to make him not mad at me.
See Lol Anything meaning lie. The real thing to focus on is why does she feel that way? Because he gets really mean with her and yells at her.

Christine: So I just owned that it was my decision as well.
Janelle: You were backing up your sister wife.
Christine: Yes I was.
Meri: Christine really does handle Kody’s disagreement with something much better than I do. I take things way too serious and Christine will just throw it right back in his face and they can do that well together. He and I don’t do that well together.
He yells at her and then storms out. He leaves her crying and abandons her then she has to pick herself back up and try to handle whatever is going on all alone. This is why she constantly says she feels alone.

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