Lindsay and friends have collaborated on a book together. They tell their stories of what happened, what they saw, what they were involved in. Everything comes out. Finally. Your preorder of $10 is taking half off of the total price which will be $20. You will receive the book weeks before it’s available for sale at full price. It is her book and she can price it however she wants. I disagree with the pricing of it.  I do know the title of the book but she does not want it released until the books are being sent out on the preorders.

This is the book everyone has been waiting for. All the dirty details, behind the scene information, as well as a bunch of new stories no one has heard…YET! Lindsay does not hold back. She tells you how things happened and adds in her opinion on all of the things that have been rumored or speculated on for months. This is the tell-all, put it all out there, book that hasn’t been available, until now! Pre-Order your copy today!

She did not use my publisher Lol I don’t blame her they are awful to work for. She used a real editor with a lot of experience and she hired a professional service to make the book cover. I am jealous! I can’t wait to read this myself. I have no idea about some of the stories she has. She has refused to tell me much until now. I will be finding out things like everyone else. Kind of makes me nervous Lol I plan to buy a copy to support her and her friends and I look forward to seeing what in the heck this book is all about. I can’t wait!

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