She left me a voicemail today and said you miss me more than you realized you would. She said you have been wanting to call me just to talk but you don’t know what to do about that. She also said you miss laughing and all of our silly jokes. She said you cried when you were talking about me to her and that she could only hug you and tell you it’s going to be okay.

I just don’t get how these people really don’t know you at all. I can see it all so clearly. I know your whys and your hows. No wonder you found me.

So if you are wondering if you should call me, if I would answer, that answer is always Yes. For you, everything will always be a Yes.





    1. Because she went on an international tv show and said I catfished her which is a lie. We had an affair, I am male and we were in love. When I walked away from her that’s when she lied about the affair to save her own ass. I am defending myself with her own words proving she lied.

        1. Absolutely yes. I would rather be labeled by you as vindictive than a catfish. Proof like her sending me photos in the tub prove how intimate we were with each other and prove how sexy I made her feel which she has not felt in years she said. It proves she wanted me to see her like that and that she was in love.

          Believe me if I had threatened her as she said if I had forced her in anyway to get photos like that there would be proof and law enforcement would 100% looking into it. I never threatened, blackmailed, or did or said anything to make her fear me. Ever. Never even yelled at her because I would hang up in frustration before I said something mean.

          I am not here telling half of this story I am here proving the whole story. I own the part of me coming off as vindictive. But now you know I’m not vindictive at all. I’m defending myself.