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First of all, RIP To a Great Man, Muhammad Ali. Doesn’t matter what you thought of him, doesn’t matter what he said. He changed the world just by being who he was. Everyone respects him and I am sending prayers and love to his family and all of his millions and maybe billions of fans. He has been an inspiration to me for years. It is a loss that will be felt forever. What a life he lived! God Bless you Champ!


Greetings from the Lakehouse. We decided to come up late last night. We left the house around 10pm. I have no idea but it worked out because the boys slept the entire trip up here. We may need to try that again on a Friday night. Much easier to deal with. I have no idea why we never thought of doing that before. We got in got the boys put down for a few hours and my house looks amazing! This is the first time everything was done properly. The lawn was done, yard work done, pool ready, boats ready, kitchen full of food and pantry stocked, the entire house lemony fresh and clean. Even the 2 loads of laundry we left was folded and stacked up to be put away. I hired a new Home Service company for the summer. They come in and do everything you want. And I highly recommend them. I had 4 or 5 different companies doing varied services and it was a complete pain in my butt to schedule and deal with all of them. I found this One Stop shop type company and decided to give them a 1 week trial run. I’m sold! I will be signing them up for until the end of August. Amazing to come home to this.


Sarah and Brandi are with me. We are all trying to work this new schedule out. So far so good. We only had a minor meltdown on Tuesday night and that was my fault Lol I’m going to rat myself out and say the completely stupid thing I did to cause havoc that we survived. There was only one of the nannies that threatened to quit until I explained what happened. I learned my lesson, oh boy did I ever. Let’s just say don’t ever think you can leave 2 naked butts in the crib right after a bath so you can run to the laundry and grab out blankets and night times clothes real quick only to end up on the phone for 2 minutes and walk back into a nanny screaming at me for poop EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. I was gone 2 minutes I swear! 2 minutes and these 2 blew mud eveywhere Lol Never again. I know now to throw on the diapers no matter what. We had to redo the baths, change all of the bedding in both cribs, rinse out all of the poop in the laundry room sink (Yuck) then wash all of it. 3 loads of laundry. It made for some angry women up in my house Lol I helped. It’s not like I wasn’t helping. But it’s something we have all been very careful about and they all told me from day one, always put a diaper on because you never know when it’s fudgy time Lol


I’m sorry but my boys thought it was hilarious. They have no concept of what they did but as soon as I started laughing they started laughing which made it even more hilarious. The smell and touching the poop was not funny at all. I need to buy disposable gloves. I never thought I would need them but it’s good to have them on hand just in case. Hey, we made it 3 and a half months before we had our first blowout Lol I had heard of blowouts like that before but I thought they were just Urban Myth.


I made the world’s hottest nachos last night. I think I burned my tongue and mouth. I woke up with that cottonmouth feeling and it’s still sore today. The girls both said the salsa was like eating fire Lol I need to tone that recipe down a little. My nose was running, my eyes were watering. It cleared up my sinuses but at the risk of imminent death! Okay it wasn’t that bad but it was hot. I was getting ready to make a call and all of a sudden Sarah came running through the living room into the kitchen to grab a water saying HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT Lol It was hilarious. She’s okay now. We warned Brandi and she said she loved hot stuff. Then 1 minute later she said O M G Sam, are you trying to kill us Lol


This week at work was really busy. I had a few trips out of town. Some people knew about, some they didn’t. I’m sneaky like that. I like to check up on my employees. It was fun. Things are busier than ever. My personal life is suffering. There are not enough hours in the day. I’m juggling things the best I can but I really feel like right now I’m just problem solving, not living. Have you ever gotten into that place before? It sucks! I come home exhausted, I get 2 minutes to change my clothes then I’m on baby duty until they go down for the night. That’s the best part of my day. Driving home all I can think about is I just want to see my boys. Sometimes I call Sarah on speakerphone and say let me talk to them and I tell them I’m on my way. I miss them. I can’t help it. They really are the best thing in my life. They keep me going. I didn’t know I could love anybody this much. Times two. It’s awesome.


I did put in for another adoption. I’m doing an international adoption of a baby girl. Well at least I started the paperwork. It’s going to take 2 to 3 years to get it approved so I was told to start now. The best thing is with the agency we are working with they approve me and then I can decide when to say Yes I’m ready. That will give me time to figure it out. I do want a daughter. I do think adopting for me right now is the best choice to start my family. I do believe that I can offer all of my children an amazing life with so much love and support. All the lessons I have learned will be built into their hearts and minds. All the mistakes I have made, all the bad choices, all my doubts and worries will guide me into a better understanding of how to love them as I need to love myself. I want a daughter. I really do. I believe she will be a great addition to our home. And I do believe I will adopt more or if God blesses me someday I will have more kids. I want a bunch of them. I have goals, I have dreams and my dreams do involve retiring soon. I have enough money to last me 5 generations. And I have set myself up business-wise to continue to reap the benefits of all the great decisions I’ve made thus far. I have money. I want a family. I want to raise my kids and not work myself to death. I waited all of this time to have my own family. I’m doing it my way. Without anyone that can ever take them away from me. I know I can do this. I want to do it. It’s all I have ever wanted. My kids will know how much I love them everyday. My boys already do. I tell them every time I’m near them. I talk to them about love and compassion. I talk to them about God and about my life.


When they are older instead of giving out allowance I will tell them stories about my struggles while I wear Dad Jeans and scratch my stomach chewing on celery stick Lol I will be that guy! I will be the fun dad that let my kids do anything they wanted in our home but made the most well behaved, polite kids outside of our home. Or at least I will try for that. I just want to do a good job here. I’m trying really hard. This is not easy stuff. My life is not easy. But it sure is worth it!


Have a great weekend everyone. I’m going out on my boat before the rain comes. The boys are down so I have about a 2 hour window here. I need to test it out to make sure she’s good to go. I have family coming into town soon and I really want to take them all out for a ride. Off I go, in my lifejacket!


God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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