Who’s coming with me?

The first official Cooper family bbq/pool party was last night. We decided that needs to be an annual event because it was a solid crowd and really fun. Everyone got along which is hard to imagine with my personal and professional worlds crashing into each other. Even the randoms Lindsay invited from the mall and her boy D-Rock (The party bus guy from Chicago) showed up with even more randoms. And we all just laughed and laughed all night. We ate like locusts, went swimming, played beach volleyball then sat in my gazebo and enjoyed not getting bitten up by mosquitos. At 9 I told everyone time to go I need to get my babies down for the night. No one wanted to go it was one of the those nights.

I really needed this weekend. I have been submerged in a depression for about 2 or 3 weeks now. 2 people told me I was depressed and I couldn’t see it, I denied it, and actually got pissed at both of them for putting a mirror up to my face. Lindsay was one of the ones that pointed it out immediately. When she realized 3 weeks ago that’s what was wrong with me she mustered all of her loving support and said Well call me back when you aren’t such a miserable little bitch I can’t believe you are depressed right now get the f-word over it so we can go have fun Lol She really knows how to yank the knife a few times, doesn’t she.  I feel a lot better. I am realizing when I am depressed that’s when I need to externalize and not internalize. Frankly with everything I have gone through the past few months I’m surprised I hadn’t hit that wall sooner. That’s what my other friend said to me this morning. She also woke me up a little bit by texting me at 5:50am because she’s on steroids and had insomnia. She sent me a photo of her coffee mugs. ???? Yeah I don’t really know either but I called her to hopefully let her say what she wanted to say to me so I could go back to bed. That didn’t work so we ended up talking for an hour and finally I said I need to go get in the shower and get ready for Church. She said that’s fine I’m ready to go to bed now, thanks! Yeah, thanks Lol 5:50am, darling!

I was shocked when I walked downstairs and almost everyone was awake, dressed for Church and munching on cereal and toast. I said am I dreaming this or did Heck Freeze over? Lindsay said I got everyone up and ready so we can all go to your ridiculous Church service as a family. I hugged her. Probably cried a little then said I am so happy everyone is coming with me today! I can’t believe it. She said you have no idea how much these people bitch when you wake them up at 7am and I owe her. Honestly most of my friends are Catholic so they know on Sundays get up so we can go. This was such a surprise. I loved it.

We got to Church. I usually sit up front or close to up front. Today we sat near the back because we had a crowd. Lindsay only let out one loud snort when Father said Let God take all of your troubles to paradise. I smacked her leg and Ben shot her a look. He is not Catholic he is Lutheran so this was an experience for him. He said he didn’t realize we knelt down that much. I said I call it Leg day Lol

After Church I went and got Father and introduced my family to him. He smiled and said he was happy they joined me and we were a good-looking group. Lindsay walked off and went to sit in the truck. Everyone else was not rude they made small talk and I asked Father to pray for my niece and nephew (Drew’s kids, we are not real brothers but we consider each other a brother) to have a fun and safe summer. He quickly prayed over them and told them to keep reading books and don’t eat too much ice cream. They both laughed. They are both amazing kids. Love both of them very much. Then a few people I know wanted to meet everyone so I introduced everyone.

We just stopped at a bagel place and everyone got their own bagels, cream cheeses, and drinks. I got an apple and a banana and a bottle of water. I told them we are going to eat on the road today so this was only a snack. I kind of have it all planned out. Now we are back at the house packing up. I am getting ready to make a run to the store to buy up a bunch of snacks and Cheetos for the plane ride. It’s going to be a long day of flying and I love it. I have missed flying around so much. These past few months has really been a passion for me. It’s my own version of Heaven. I feel completely awesome when I’m up there. And my new plane is really, really cool. I love it. It has taken a few trips to get used to but I’m finally learning everything about her. I haven’t named her yet I’m still waiting for inspiration to hit me.

We decided to drop off Drew’s family first because they have the dog. Then go to Oklahoma City to drop off Becky. She has had such a great trip. She said she missed her son who was at his grandmother’s for the weekend but she needed a fun weekend like this. Next we are going to head over to Las Vegas to drop off Peyton, Ben, and Lindz. Then I will come all the way back by myself. Unless Josh does decide to go with us because remember I do still have 1 seat available Lol He said he has been wanting to go with me sometime and this would be a fun day he thinks. When we get closer to Ohare I will call and see if he wants to meet up there. He has already texted me once to ask what time did I think I would be taking off today. I am trying for 11:30 to at least get us all on the plane but we all know that won’t happen unless Lindsay wrangles them again. I’m still in shock they were all up and ready to go Lol I just can’t believe it. I really did hope at least Drew’s family would go to Church with me. He knows how important that is to me. Even though he says they don’t go every Sunday like he knows they should. He said sometimes he just wants to lay in bed and read the paper instead.

I think my dog will miss Drew’s dog. They have been running around together all weekend. He has only stomped her a dozen times because she’s so little but then she just bites his ear and he sits down looking at her like you Bish Lol The girls are going to head back to Chicago when we leave with the boys and the dog. They said depending on if they are almost ready to be put down they may wait a little longer so they can sleep the whole ride home.

I think everyone really did have a good time. So much for impromptu vacations. I am so happy they were here. This is a great start to our summer!

I have 2 big trips coming up than 2 bigger trips coming up to finish out my year. No more overnight or weekend trips until those trips. I will continue to do my day work trips but that’s going to be it. I’m really trying to stay in town with my boys as much as I can. Lindsay has really picked up the slack on that. Her and Kevin have been sharing my work trip schedule. She said it’s fun for about 3 days until you realize you have 10 more cities to hit in 7 days and you can’t get a full night’s sleep because your time zone changes are killing you. People that travel for work I really don’t know how ya’ll do it. It’s not easy.

I will be taking Drew and his family with 4 of my Aunts and Uncles to Greece for an 8 day guided tour. I decided we are going last year and bought the travel package. It was an amazing deal then I had to figure out who to take. 10 people, Greece, 8 days. I may regret that but I think I am so excited to see all the historical sites anything that happens I will roll with it. My boys will not be going on that trip. It’s too much for them. And then after that I am going to Rio for the Olympics! I am going for a 5 day trip to see Lindsay’s cousin compete in the equestrian things for her country. We planned and booked that trip last year way before she got married so she may not be going with me. I will work that out later on.

After those 2 trips a quick break from traveling then I have Paris in November and Dubai in December. I have to do my yearly check ins with those offices and see what we need. Dubai is rolling the money back to the U.S. It’s so great. Paris has always been fickle. I don’t make that much money there but I wanted an International presence and honestly just an excuse to visit there yearly. I am in love with Paris and have been for years. I lived in Paris for a year of my life and loved every day there. My boys will also not be going on those trips. I’m just hoping the judge grants the adoption some time this year. I really pray it happens this year but I was told not to get my hopes up. I will keep praying.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday! I know I am. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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  1. I feel so bad for you on Twitter. That’s why I responded to the troll if she was calling me a dip shit. Must be they read what’s online and you know if it’s on the internet it must be the truth. I dislike ppl like that. I will back you up 100% as long as I know you’re honest. So far you haven’t given me a reason to doubt you. It would be cool to actually chat sometime and see the real you but that’s on your terms!! But you have a friend in NY that has your back. Happy Sunday Sam!!

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