For whatever reason my book sales have been great. On paypal it’s going really good. Getting a lot of orders. And Amazon. Who knew Amazon would be so great to  me! They send me reports monthly on how my book sales are and so far I have received 2 royalty checks from my book sales. It’s awesome! I donated another check to each of the charities I support from my book. They really appreciate it and are surprised as well how my books are doing. 100% of all the money goes to polygamy based charities. I don’t keep the money. I don’t want it and I don’t really deserve it to be honest. All I did was share my embarrassing story and own up to my part in it. That doesn’t seem right for me to keep money for that.

I also am jumping in the rankings on Amazon. I never cared about it before. Now I’m getting excited. I am in the Top 100 in a category! Can you believe that? Of all the millions of books on Amazon, my book has hit the top 100. I’m at #77.

For all the haters telling people my books aren’t selling, explain my rankings on Amazon? I can’t fake that, I have no control over it. It’s all Amazon Lol  I have to be selling a lot of books to go from May 31st 2016 rankings to July 3rd, 2016 rankings like this:

May31st2016 July3rd2016









My books are both selling very, very well. And my royalty checks have both been over $25,000 each time. Keep in mind Amazon deducts their fees and I’m only getting 35% of what I earn from them. Because I’m not allowing them exclusive rights to sell my book. Some people have Paypal and want to pay that way. That’s why I don’t take the 70% option for royalites they offer. I want to offer my book on my blog and on Amazon. I take a huge hit on earnings but again, it’s not money I keep. So what do I care?

I jumped from #480 to #77 in one month!

I also jumped from #1278 to #202 and #1304 to #205. Explain that! You can’t other than say well, his books really are selling a lot.
I am very proud my book sales are up. I also know they will not continue this pace. But at least my story is out there. And that’s all I ever wanted from all of this.

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  1. Congrats..the way people bash your is amazing that you are rolling in the bank. The haters must hate that:)

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