Greece Bus Tour Day 4 – Olympia

Greece_Islands_web  Olympia is about 6 and a half hour bus ride from Nap. We had eaten through all of the snacks by hour 3. At hour 4 the group was getting restless. By hour 5 I was getting asked every 2 seconds ARE WE THERE YET SAMUEL? And by hour 6 I was rocking myself and hugging my knees in my seat praying, PRAYING to get off of this BUS!

We finally made it late into that night. We got all of the children and older adults settled in then we brought in food. It was much easier than the disaster of us trying to get through a late night restaurant mess. I had already been through that for 3 days now. Drew and I ran out and grabbed food. Any food. We brought it back with huge smiles and even stood through the never ending You Forgots that my family and his wife yelled at us. I don’t think Greece has your brand of mustard and I’m pretty sure they do not even know what Fuji water is. Sorry! We are so sorry everyone!

Guess what? They also have no idea what Chobani yogurt is in Greece. They have no clue. I know because I asked. Oh well wait, my Aunt asked everyone.

Nope, don’t know. You don’t have Chobani? Really? It’s greek yogurt. Don’t you people churn it in your backyards or something? Literally what she said Lol

Chobani-Greek-YogurtGreece does not know or care that the #1 yogurt brand of all time is a Greek Yogurt called Chobani. We got everyone fed, I took a very cold shower and crawled into bed by myself. I had enough of my Uncle and was very happy to pay for his own hotel room. I’m pretty sure he plotted that out before we even left. I survived 2 days of the snorting and Jimmy legs. I needed a good night’s sleep.

The next day we actually all got up early enough to enjoy a breakfast together. In the hotel. They offered a free breakfast with our room. I know this because I initially panicked when I woke up and there was no lunch sack hanging from my doorknob. I called downstairs and said Hi, where’s my breakfast sack. They said What is that? Come enjoy a hot breakfast buffet downstairs. I almost cried. So we all went down and filled up on food we recognized.

There’s no Chobani Samuel. Do you see this? You paid for this whole trip you need to call somebody when we get home. No greek yogurt in Greece, I think you got ripped off Samuel.

Thanks to my Aunt, the yogurt detective.

Off to the wonderful sites and sounds of Olympia! There are so many great places to see in that city. We all had a very great time on this day. I remember it because I was not getting yelled at as much. The bus trips were much shorter because all of the sites are very close together. We got to visit some really, really cool places. I have the best photos of our trip in this city. Some of them are too hilarious. Then there are others of Drew and I doing Olympic style poses. It was so much fun. We took our shirts off and got one whistle and 2 claps from girls standing there watching us. It was fun.

Olympia is awesome. It really is. I highly recommend making your way there someday. Great food! The best food on the whole trip. A lot of really cool restaurants and the stores are all set up completely backwards to what I’m used to but I loved it. The fruit, the fruit is so lush there. Huge, HUGE grapes. It was really cool.

Olympia was the best also because this is where Drew’s son asked his dad why there was a woman with her moobies out. He calls them moobies, I have no idea why. Drew covered his eyes, took a long look himself, got smacked by his wife and started laughing then telling his son her shirt was in the laundry and she was probably walking around looking for a clean one. I swear the stories I will tell my kids will probably be that false and that ridiculous Lol It cracked me up. I also found out that Drew’s wife had been having the same stomach issues I had been dealing with which meant he was not enjoying any late night husband and wife time. He was pretty pissed about it too. I told her close your mouth when you shower and you will be fine in 2 days.

I loved Olympia. But it was time to start heading over to Delphi.


F-bomb Delphi! The city where I lost my sunglasses!

Greece Bus Tour Day 3 – Nafplio

nafplion-map  Having very little sleep from my missing Aunt I woke up to my alarm going off and my Uncle’s foot on my calf. Weird, very weird feet he has.

We got our breakfast sacks, swapped food around until everyone was happy (It was getting easier the 2nd day of this) and decided it was time to shove off and back into the bus) Nafplio is very beautiful! It’s a coastal town and full of great places. All of which I couldn’t pronounce. It became a funny game where someone would ask me to pronounce the greek word and with my southern drawl I would murder it and everyone would laugh at me. Especially Drew’s 2 kids. They would crack up so I would say it a few more times just to hear them laugh. Great kids!

We hit 6 sites on this day. We had to figure out where to eat for lunch since that was not supplied to us and information on when we were supposed to stop to eat lunch was sketchy. Our english speaking guide was very helpful in pointing out restaurants that no one wanted to eat at. I finally had to take decision power over everyone and say this is it, it’s right here, let’s go try it. When the unknown food would come out we all took bites not even knowing what any of it was, then pushed the plates back and ate all the pita chips we could find Lol That’s when I figured out we needed to start finding snacks for on the bus. I thought it could wait until we got to the new city at night and I would go around buying up water, drinks, and snacks. My Aunts do not wait to eat. When they are hungry they all turn into angry octopus with flailing 8 arms all poking me asking me what’s to eat. Where’s some snacks? What kind of tour is this without snacks on board?

The sites were very picturesque and I had a great time snapping away trying to get as many photos (And selfies) in as I could. My favorite site was the Palmaidi! Wow was that cool. My second favorite was the Bourtzi. I had to look back at my brochure to make sure I spelled them right. Lord knows I still can’t pronounce them at all. The Pala is up 800 steps. We had a heck of a time getting everyone up there. The kids made it into a game counting the steps as we went up. A game my relatives did not want to hear. So I was at the back of our group making sure my Aunts kept going. I had to use several different motivational phrases to keep them going. We finally got to the top and realized we had 20 minutes to enjoy the view before it was time to crawl, slide, or roll back down Lol It was interesting. Very beautiful though!

We finished up there and loaded up for our ride to Olympia! This was the one place in the world I have wanted to see in person. I was so excited I could barely sleep this night. I mean I did, but I still couldn’t wait to get there. The snack hunting started as soon as we got into town. I made sure everyone had a great supper than I took Drew and his boy out to buy stuff. We loaded up on as much as all 3 of us could carry. I thought for sure our stockpile would make it a few days but I was wrong. I was sooooo wrong. Who knew 12 people stuck on a bus could eat that much! I don’t know how we all managed to go 2 days with zero snacks and all of a sudden it’s snacktastic time and all the snacks are gone in 3 hours Lol I was shocked and Drew just laughed.

Olympia. Wait until you guys hear what happened there! Oh boy was that fun.