1 Friday Event, 2 Saturday Events

Friday we watched a soccer game. It was really different from the American soccer games we have went to. I’m not much into soccer but Lindsay loves it. We cheered on the team we thought would win. They were the favorite between the two teams and they lost. It was heartbreaking. It was really close too. We had a great time with all the fans around us. Our first Olympic event and already we were getting razzed for our country spirit Lol It was fun and a little scary at some points. We were getting boo’ed to our seats then everyone around us were chanting Zika. I had no idea what that was about, neither did Lindsay.

Then we googled it and apparently our women’s goalkeeper Hope Solo had said she was worried about contracting the Zika virus while playing in Brazil. She made a comment that no one liked. It is a legitimate worry but not necessary to speak out loud right before going to another country. That’s like me crabbing about the bad water in the first hotel I was at in Greece. Not very nice to say to a publication.

We bought up some soccer souvenirs then head back to the hotel. We probably had 3 wardrobe changes a day.

Then the Opening ceremony which I already wrote about.

Saturday we watched Field Hockey on a blue field just like Boise State college football Lol Then we went to the swimming. Ooooooh the swimming was so exciting! We took some great action photos. Our seats were finally front row and we could see everything. We were holding up a USA Flag and the camera guy did shoot right at us once so we might have made it on tv somewhere we think. Maybe not. The swimming was really cool because it was always so close. There was never a clear winner. I really wish we had more swimming tickets to go see those events. I really enjoy them a lot. We don’t. I think next time we need to get more swimming tickets.

So much fun down here guys. I hope some of you get to hit an Olympics or if you already have you know what this feels like. Such pride to be American and so much fun. Everyone has been really great. Even the boos because of my American shirts and hats are just all in good fun.

Why does Australia not get boo’ed ever Lol Lindsay said it’s because Australians are all about having a good time and they aren’t trying to be snooty and power hungry. That part is true. She also said Australians aren’t trying to kill the whole world or each other for feeling disrespected. I don’t know about that. She said there is only about 250 gun violence deaths a year in Australia. I did not know that. She said that’s about a month in Chicago for gun violence which is true. It’s really bad in Chicago right now. The gang are getting really violent on each other. I don’t even go to the south side anymore. It scares me.

Tomorrow we are going to Church. I am so excited! The cathedral I picked out is gorgeous. I can not wait to experience Mass in Brazil again. I have done it 3 other times and I’m really excited!

We also have 2 more events to go to tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how things go.

I think we have won 1 gold so far. A young girl won the Gold for Shooting. I can’t believe how well she has done. I looked up what she competes in and it’s really, really hard. I’m a great shot but I could not do as well as her. Congrats to Ginny Thrasher!

Very proud of you. GO USA!


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