Adoption Day coming this year!

The judge finally set our adoption date. My lawyer stopped by my office and told me in person. All I could do was hug her and cry. She said it’s a good day and it’s before Thanksgiving and Christmas. She said he also approved my court papers being sealed. We had petitioned that because of all the false lies online about me or using my name. The judge looked it up and granted it.

Because of that I will not be posting when the boys are adopted. Just one day months from now just mention it. This gives me time to get my family in town for that day and have a huge party to celebrate. We didn’t get to have a baby shower because why would I do that? But we will be having an adoption party. I asked their birth mom to come and she said she will be there with her parents. I asked her if she wanted me to text their birth father and she said that she was fine with that. He already responded. He told me congrats, to take care of them but sorry he’s not coming. I understand. I felt it was the right thing to do to try. For them and for him. I also asked their birth mom would it be okay to do family pictures with her on that day and she said yes. She is really happy for them. She is happy for me. And she is happy they are becoming officially my boys.

Adoption is not easy. It’s a hurry up and wait game that I don’t like. No amount of money will hurry it up. No who might know the judge, who is friends with the court clerk, nothing works. It’s a process. It takes time, and it really is important to try and stay positive. I know a lot of people who have to wait much longer than I did. It helped that my adoption was a kinship and we took care of most of the paperwork before they were even born.

Lindsay was in the office with me when I got the news. I called her in and told her. She jumped into my arms and we hugged then she said OMG I get to plan their whole party and left the office Lol That was her excuse today to leave. We have time, it’s not happening tomorrow, but geez. I’m going to hire that party planner I had for the other party. She stressed me out but she created a very beautiful party. I bet she blocked my number. I was not very helpful to her. I kept telling her just do whatever looks nice I don’t care. She said it was very stressful for her to work like that. She’s used to people having opinions or at least a little guidance. I didn’t give her anything to work with at all. I just said make it look good. Wow me. That was about it.

I got home tonight and told the boys. They just looked at me. They have no idea. It’s a big day for our family. I can’t wait. I probably won’t sleep much tonight I’m so excited. I need to go make some phone calls and answer some texts and emails. Word spread fast in my circle of people. Everyone is so happy for us. I can’t wait to party and feel like a whole family finally. This was the last piece.

Anyone else still waiting for their adoption court date I pray you get it soon. I know how hard it can be. It’s worth the wait.

I am so happy! Heston and Alex will finally be adopted! Isn’t that great news!

New design finally

Good afternoon. After months of fighting, blowing up the designs I installed and/or really not working on anything Lindsay finally installed the new blog design I picked out. I really like it. It’s more modern looking and bigger. I can finally read my blog on my cellphone. The other one I had problems with.

Thank you Lindsay! You did a great job. I’m sorry I was such a pain in your butt this week while you worked on it. I really was excited and just wanted to see it.

Now I see it and I love it. I hope everyone will enjoy it too. If not, sorry but she told me it will be a cold day in heck before we ever change it again. That I’m too difficult. Me? No way!

I’m going to be adding in a few minor things myself. I’m trying to learn how to do all of the technical things on my own so I don’t have to wait for her to do. She click, clicks, click and it’s done. I click and wait. Then have to unclick because I don’t know what I’m doing.

The fonts are weird. I know that. I have a bunch to pick from and one of these nights soon I will sit down and figure that out. I just wanted everything readable. I axed a few of the widgets. They were no longer needed. And I’m adding more about my companies on here finally. That’s what I always wanted but couldn’t figure it out. I had paid for my own business website 3 different times and got ripped off 3 times. Lindsay refused to work on that one because I wanted a bunch of stuff on it. Instead we compromised (She wore me down) and I agreed to just load up one page here. Then we will work on getting my facebook page for it going. I have had a twitter account for it for a long time. But I don’t run it.

I’m really excited to announce I have my adoption hearing date finally! But I will write an entire post about that. I get to adopt my boys THIS YEAR! I cried. In fact I’m tearing up now just thinking about it. I am so happy. My boys won’t even know the difference but I will. My family will. And I will never, ever worry that someone can take them away from me. They will officially be all mine!

God really shows you that your life is in your own hands. The free will we all possess is so powerful and really the guide to your happiness. I am so blessed in my life. I really am. I appreciate every single day and I pray all of the time that others are as happy as I am.

I love my new blog, I love my life, I love my boys! Thank you all for sticking around and reading about what’s going on with me. As you can see I have made more time to write and update. I want to get back to writing every day. It was my therapy for a while but I took a break from all of it.

I hope you are all having a great week. Hang in there guys only 1 more day before the weekend! We are going up to the Lake for some boating, jet skiing, and shopping. I can’t wait to get out of the city and look at my trees and lake again.

Have a great day!