6 months old almost

Good morning from the Lakehouse. We are celebrating our almost 6 month old twins this weekend. Lindsay came up with the idea. It’s their half birthdays. So much fun. She put together a slideshow of the photos I sent her or she took from the past 6 months. I can not believe my two little peanuts are this big. Wow. It was very emotional for me to see how we started off. I didn’t even mind the really bad photos of me with unshaved face, messed up hair and big bags under my eyes. That’s what a real dad looks like.

It has been sleepless nights, worrying all  of the time, feeling like a total failure, realizing I can not handle all of this, wanting to give up some nights, not knowing anything, to finally starting to realize I did it. Well we did. I could not have gotten this far without the girls. My nannies are the best. They really are. We will be back to all 3 nannies soon. And we are in a much better position that way everyone is getting more time off. We have all built trust together. We can now all schedule to do things. And we are getting ready to add in swim lessons for the boys. I had to wait until they were 6 months old. That will happen in a few days so next Thursday will be their very first swim lesson. I can’t wait. I have a pool here. I want everyone to be safe with the boys when they are in the pool. And I will be even worse than I am now once we are in our home pool with no trained life guards Lol I even asked Sarah if she would go take a baby water safety class with me. She said no. She is a great swimmer and she feels confident about how we both will handle it. She said at this age the adult HAS to have their hands on the baby at all times in the pool. You can teach them to back float but at this age it they can not do any of it all on their own. I guess I am paranoid. I just don’t want them to ever get hurt. Which is dumb because at some point they will. We did have scratches early on from them scratching their faces a little. Then we put mitten things on them to help that and made sure their nails were trimmed.

Guys, the first time I clipped Heston’s nails my hands were shaking Lol It took me a few seconds to finally do it. Then I was like NO I’M DONE. I CANT DO THIS! Lol I was ridiculous. Now I have it down. No problem.

6 months old. I feel like that’s a big accomplishment for me. If we make it to Year 1 with no major disaster I will be so blessed. Heston babbles but not like Alex. Alex has a lot to say. He is always babbling. They are both scooting around on their tummies a lot. They are both raising up on their arms and knees a little bit. It’s fun to watch them try. Alex finally did a roll over. They are both still working that out. We figured it out because we put Alex in the crib on his back and when we went in to check on him he flipped himself over. I have Nannycam so we watched it on the video. Then I took a video of it with my cellphone and sent it to everyone.

Our family photos with Lindsay and Ben was ……… Hmmmm it was fun at first. My boys did fine through the 2nd outfit. But after that it was all downhill. They were all done smiling and looking at the stuffed animals above them. Nothing we did could get them to stop and that’s when we said enough. The photographer said that was normal and they usually have a twin meltdown sooner than that. Hey, my boys are awesome they don’t meltdown as fast as other twins I think? I have no idea. I have never had them around other twins yet. That might be fun.

Today we went out on the boat this morning, just cruising around slow. The weather is perfect. The girls are shopping. I’m writing this then going to start making stuff prepped for dinner tonight. My buddy Cam and John are coming over tonight to eat with us. We’re grilling out. Chicken and steaks for them. I’m grilling tofu and asparagus for me. Yummy, my favorite. I saute the tofu for a few hours to give it a nice flavor. It really is good if you have never grilled it.

This afternoon we will go back on the boat for a little while then go swimming. I want to see how my boys do. And with all of these adults here we can keep a very close eye on them.

Things could not be better in my life. I’m dating 2 beautiful women, I have the most perfect twin boys. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My life is great! I am so happy. I really am.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. Go have some fun today!

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