Chiefs vs Bears game

I’m taking Sarah to the Bears game tomorrow. It should be fun. My first Bears game this season. I have season tickets again this year and I’m really excited to see how the defense is looking. The offense, well I still feel Jay Cutler should be gone. He hasn’t produced anything in the post season for me to talk about. It’s hard to get rid of a seasoned quarterback. Look at Tony Romo. Already hurt again. Time to let him go too.

Sarah is excited. She went out last night and bought a Bears tshirt. It’s pink. Yes, pink. I can’t complain but when she came out wearing it last night I said Ooooohhhh oh. That’s pink. She said isn’t it cute? Yes it’s cute. It’s pink. It’s football! She said be quiet and then she did a twirl and made the babies laugh so then I dropped it.

This has been a busy week at work. That’s why I haven’t been writing much. Sorry about that. I get home and I’m on dad duty until 9. Then I have to get my stuff done and set out my suit for the next day, make my lunch if I am eating at work then start laundry or help do dishes. Play with the dog or take him for a walk. By the time I get to bed at 11pm I’m exhausted. Then I think I should write a quick blog. Nah, it can wait.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all this week. I’m laying there with my mind going over work stuff. Or I’m worrying on silly things. Then I fall asleep and wake back up. It’s almost Nyquil time to knock me out. I’m hoping this weekend I can pass out and catch up on my sleep.

Brandi and Heather are taking the boys up to the lakehouse tonight. I’m taking Sarah to a nice dinner. She found a fancy restaurant she wants to try. She saw it on tv. I made reservations and we are going to dress up and go eat. Then tomorrow we are going to the noon game and leave from there to go up to the Lake. That gives us all a little break from each other.

Sarah watches that show Flipping out with Jeff Lewis and keeps telling me I’m getting more and more like that. I demand a lot, I become critical and then I just flip out and then storm out. I have had 3 major blowups since she came to live with me. All 3 were my fault. All 3 I apologized for. But I reminded her I haven’t had a flip out in months. So that has to count? Or is she still upset by them? I don’t know. We watched the show last night and she kept giving me side eye and going Mmmmhhmmm. See that? Lol Nice. I’m nothing like that as a Boss. That guy is crazy. And to yell at his main or house manager like that? That’s extreme.

Drew finally sent me copies of the photos from our trip. His pictures are hilarious. He has a ton of his kids doing Greek Olympic poses that cracked me up. I picked one of the best ones and put it in a frame to add to my photos in my office at work. I showed everyone at work and they cracked up. Those kids are the best. They really are. I’m so happy I got to spend a lot of time with them. It had been a while since I’ve seen the whole family so it was fun.

I better get back to work. My lunch break is over and I’m done eating my sandwich.

Have a great weekend guys! Love ya’ll!

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