First day back to work

Feels like Monday, acts like Monday, but it’s not Monday.

We brought in all the office Olympic stuff for the staff. Everyone had a good time picking out what they wanted. I told them all to wash it all before you wear it. It did come from Rio. Today has been very productive. Lindsay seems to work faster in the morning. We had an early lunch and she seems done. She said something about going at 3 to go shopping and get a haircut. I said aren’t you working until 5 and she just laughed. She tried to tell me she’s still on Las Vegas time, which is 2 hours behind us so her 3pm is really 1pm, not 5pm as she was trying to pass it off. Nice try. Women and their hair stuff.

I’m going home to play with my boys. We had so much fun yesterday and last night. This morning I didn’t want to leave them but it was time to go. We are doing very well with 2 nannies. Things are going okay and the 2 ladies are working out a nice schedule. Things are getting easier so we won’t be needing the 2nd nanny much longer. They boys are mostly sleeping through the night. Which means the second nanny is sitting there getting paid for watching them sleep. I’m still a little paranoid about SIDS so that’s why I haven’t let that part go yet. The problem is I watched a documentary on SIDS and freaked out. So then I had everyone watching the boys closely. Enough to drive everyone nuts. I’m not allowed to watch that kind of stuff anymore Lol

My boys are both healthy. We are coming up on the 6 month mark! 6 months wow. This is going so fast. They aren’t my little babies anymore. They are both growing like weeds. Heston did a roll over. I was there. I saw it. We’ve been waiting for Alex to do it too and he is trying but so far not happening. They both scoot themselves when they are on their stomachs. They are both sitting up a little wobbly not completely by themselves yet but I prop them up on the couch surrounded by these pillow things so they can’t fall or roll off. I usually sit on the floor by them and we all laugh and watch tv. Or we are all on the floor playing with toys and stuffed animals. They love my animal noises. I have a bunch. I make the animal come up and get them and make noises. They both crack up. Except the snake. No one was a fan of the stuffed snake so I gave that to my dog. Who tore it all to heck in honor of his brothers not liking it. We had snake stuffing all over the house for 2 days. And he was happy to do it.

Everything is going great. It’s almost too great. I’m happy, they are happy. The doctors are happy. It’s almost family photo time. This time we’re taking them with Ben and Lindsay. Drew and his family already had a set with my boys, me and his family taken. And of course Drew sent one to Lindsay who immediately called me up cussing me out saying she wanted some too. Those 2 are in god parent competition forever it looks like. Lindsay already told me she started buying the boys Christmas gifts. I said I did too. I told Drew about that and he said he hadn’t started for his own kids yet but he was going to start as soon as we got home from Greece. My boys are so blessed to have god parents who fight over them. It’s ridiculous and if the gifts are way over the top I will be donating them to a Children’s hospital because I saw Lindsay google Baby Rolls Royce cars Lol She said she was just looking but she said they had to be 3 and up to have it. I told her NO. No Rolls Royce, No any type of car anything right now. And no she was not going to buy them matching Camaros when they both turn16. She just laughed and said try getting the keys away from the boys at that age. She is ridiculous.

I’m still tired. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I took a long hot shower, got comfortable and laid down. Then I woke up at 2am. Got a drink of water, walked around to check on everything and laid back down. I didn’t have a bad dream I think my body is still trying to adjust from all the travel.

Tonight we are going out to dinner. I’m taking the boys with us. And we are going to try to go to Target as a family. For the first time. I hope it works out. Lindsay said she will push Alex in his car seat while I push Heston. I hope people let us shop without stopping us to gawk at the twins. But I also like showing them off so I don’t mind as much anymore. I used to freak out, I used to say you can look but please do not touch them at all. I was that parent. Now I’m a little more relaxed about it. If someone grabs a little hand I just Purell it right after they leave. I’m a little bit of a germaphobe.

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday? Is it Tuesday? I think it is. Get through your work day, go home and relax. Because we all have 3 more days to go!

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