Greece Bus Tour Day 1

The idea of a family vacation with Drew started up last year. He wanted to go international and his wife really wanted to go to Italy. Him and I had already went to Italy a few times. We volleyed ideas back and forth for weeks until we all agreed on Greece. I have always wanted to go there. It’s the history and the architecture that I’m interested in. All so very complex and beautiful. I knew some of my older Aunts and Uncles would want to join us because they have always wanted to visit there also. I promised Drew my side of the family would not ruin the vacation and he didn’t believe me at all. He was right.

We got everyone to New York city on time. Then we loaded up on the plane and off we went. 11 and a half hours later we land in Athens, Greece. Day 1 starts off and the hotel is not at all what the pictures in the brochure advertise (Is it ever?) so we had to adjust sleeping arrangements and I ended up sharing my bed with my Uncle that I don’t like. He snores, talks in his sleep, and puts his teeth in a glass on the bathroom counter. I know one day that will be my teeth in a glass on the counter, but for right now I cringe looking at them sitting there.

We got dressed and ready for a nice family dinner. Right? Wrong. The only restaurant we all agreed to go to had the worst service. The food was terrible and the water, I mean the sludge they say is water was not drinkable. After we left we walked around a little then met up in the lobby to figure out the schedule for the next day. I was the Trip Advisor. I was also the luggage guy, the errand boy, the Messenger and the Bad News Giver, as well as the last man standing when it came to being left on the bus at night looking for someone’s glasses, phone, or anything else that was a lost and never to be seen again.

Day 1 really was all about trying to get a good night’s sleep and soaking in the amazement and awe of being in Greece. The jet lag did not hit me. Yet. Oh but it did hit me, then slap me, then yank me down into these random bus naps that made my neck hurt the entire trip.

Day 2 was not much better. Day 2 we met the bus driver and saw our glorious tour vehicle from hell!


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