Greece Bus Tour Day 2 – Athens

map_of_athens1  The first real day of our tour. We were in Athens. It’s breakfast time. It’s 6am Greece time and 10pm Sam time. I’m dying already. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. My Uncle has the Jimmy legs (Seinfeld joke) and I tossed and turned. Breakfast was a sack left on the door knob of all of our rooms. It contained an orange or an apple, a water bottle, one muffin, one slice of toast with nothing on it, and a whistle.

I thought cool, we all probably need the whistles so I shoved mine in my pocket. I ate my orange, bartered my muffin for an apple, gave away my toast and only took a few drinks off of my water bottle just in case I may need more later. We packed up, grabbed our bags and off we went.

The bus! The bus was awesome. I had school flashbacks of Drew and I commanding the back few seats for only us and our friends and trying to act cool. Well as cool as you can be riding on a bus. The bus driver was affable and looked a little like that doctor in Cannonball Run.


The finger guy. That one. Yes. It’s probably his son.

We hit the first site, got out in an excited group, walked up, took photos, read all of the historical information. We got to ask 2 questions each, OKAY LETS GET BACK NOW THANK YOU YES WE GO Lol Our guide said that every single time. We had no idea this was exactly how each site would go and we figured out how to get the most out of our 1 hour at each place. The next site and the next went exactly like that. Walk, photo, info, question, load up!

We made it to the last site, the 5th one, and I was starting to feel weird. I asked Drew how he was feeling and he said like he got flung off of a space ride and landed back on Earth with no parachute. I said I don’t feel that bad but something’s up. Guess what I forgot. When you are taking a shower don’t let foreign water drip into your mouth Lol Guess what I dealt with the entire rest of the bus tour. Bad water stomach! Dun dun dunnnnnn! It was horrible.

We left Athens at 6pm and traveled to the next place. Up next according to my papers said Nafplion!

Okay, so I started reading off some random things my tour book said about Nafplion. The bus driver decided I didn’t know shit about anything and would add in his 2 cents. Which was funny and also offensive. He seems to know a lot about all the good drinking places and what dark alleyway not to go down late at night. He wasn’t very helpful on the good shopping places or any places to eat. He kept saying no good, no good.

We make it to Nafplion, check into our rooms, get settled in and pass out for the night. Until our English tour guide bangs on my door at 2am and asks if I know where one of my aunts is at. She’s missing.

She’s what? She’s 67 years old, how is she missing! He said her roommate (Husband) can’t find it, she went out to get some bottled water 2 hours ago and hasn’t been seen since. Great. So I had to get up, get dressed and start looking around. We asked the hotel people if they had seen her. Yes, yes, she went out the front doors 2 hours ago. She asked where to buy water and snacks. I guess my uncle and her had been having hunger pangs late at night and he did not want to go out and get food. So she went to shut him up Lol I started walking around looking to see if I could find any stores open. I asked the guide what was nearby. He went one way, I went the other and we finally found her sitting in a restaurant drinking greek coffee and watching soccer Lol She said she had gotten lost and found her way to the restaurant and needed to calm her nerves before she found her way back. I told her if she needs something send me, I would go. It’s dangerous and it worries me. She said it was an adventure and she’s not a child so stop treating her like one Lol We walked her back to her room, gave each other a look like Wow, and both went back to bed.

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