Greece Bus Tour Day 6 – Kalambaka

Kalambaka_Greece.gif The hunger pains were hitting all of us. I was looking at tree leafs and wondering if I boiled them would they flavor the water enough for me to be able to sustain my life. It was bad. This bus was driving erratic, going nowhere, and really giving us so little time to see anything good. We were cattle and we were being herded daily. It didn’t set in until Day 5, DAY 5! that I was in charge of a group of whiners. Even the kids turned on me and they love me like they love all of their toys.

We got in late, slept in late and no one was happy. There was mutiny. The bus rides were bumping, every time our driver would fling the wheel one side or the other the entire bus would swoon. I’ve seen women swoon, swans swoon, but a bus? This was new. This bus ride to the first stop was taking forever and I was hearing about it. We all decided 8 days was way too long for a vacation. I asked them all to just gut it out the last few days. I would make sure when we got home that everyone went to a spa and got massages or something. Anything. Just please stop complaining!

In Kalambaka there are a ton of places to do stuff. Hiking, walking, photography tours. You name it. And to Drew and his wife’s amusement, several monasteries. This is when both parents banded together against their kids and really threatened to leave them there Lol It was mean. Every time Drew’s son even looked at a girl or woman his mom would say that’s it, you are staying here and living in that monastery! And the daughter was getting the worst of it. Drew kept asking her if she liked boys. She said yes and he would say that’s it! You are living in the monastery! It was funny the first 3 minutes, not the next 3 hours.

We were struggling to find food for the bus. The snack places were harder and harder to find. We found restaurants. But no small grocery stores. One of us found a bag of oranges. It was the highlight of the day. We all shared which was nice but then the bickering started over who got the bigger orange piece Lol I could not win!

The photos I had been taking were coming out amazing. I bought a digital camera and every night I unloaded them onto my Macbook to see what I had. I was getting really good at adjusting the settings on it. My close up photos were all in focus. My far way photos came out great in panoramic view. Things were okay. And my selfies were making me laugh. All of my photos are on my Facebook. My family and friends have been having a great time looking at them and commenting. It’s been a lot of fun. I still need to upload them onto Flickr so I never lose them but I need to do that later next week.

2 more days on this bus I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. The only hope we had left was to get to the next town, find food, get everyone cleaned up and try to get a good night’s sleep.

That was wishful thinking…


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