Home sweet Homemade cookies? Yes!

We are home! Well at least I am. Lindsay is staying the week so we can get a clear direction of work things before she heads back to Las Vegas. Ben is flying in Friday night to spend the weekend here. We get today off to sleep, shower, eat, and just chill.

I missed my boys so much. They are so awesome. Already awake and waiting for me as soon as I got home. I took a shower before I went near them. You never know what air-borne pathogens are you on after an international flight. We played for a while then they went back down for a short nap. This time Sarah had made us homemade cookies. It was so sweet and they are really good! We brought out all of our stuff we bought for her and the boys. They are heading to the laundry for today but I think Sarah really likes all the stuff I got her. She asked me for a tshirt. I bought her so much stuff Lol She’s spoiled and I think she deserves it.

Lindsay and I set all of our other gifts out on the kitchen table and started putting them into piles of who gets what. We have a list but some things I started grinning and saying Um no, that’s mine. So then she started doing that too Lol We really got some unique and cool items. I hope we have enough for people we promised gifts for. This always happens with me. I can’t help it.

So recap yesterday. We went to watch Rugby. Rugby is very violent with no padding. It makes you feel like a caveman watching it. You make this grunting noises and say Ooooohhhh a lot. You also yell out things like you never thought you would ever say like GET HER! TACKLE HER!

It was very interesting to watch. Those women are all very tough and I’m sure could flatten me if I ever tried to play rugby. I can’t imagine how many bruises they all have. I hope everyone survives. After Rugby we made our way over to weightlifting. I had never seen Olympic weightlifting so that was my pick. I can honestly say I will never get tickets to watch that again. I was in constant worry hoping no one ripped their arms right off or a neck did not snap under all that weight. I could barely watch it. I do not know how those athletes do that! My goodness I love to lift but I do nothing compared to that. I’m pretty proud of my 250 bench and my 225 dead lift squat. But that’s about all I can handle if I’m going to be doing 5 sets of 10. My arms burn my legs turn to jello and my back says Hellllooooo what are you doing! So happy everyone that we saw did a great job, made it through without injury and it looked like they were pleased with how they competed. There was this one guy that flipped out. He scratched? He disqualified himself? He did something wrong. A buzzer went off, he completely dropped the entire bar then screamed. I thought he was about to go Rollo Viking on somebody but that didn’t happen Lol It was exciting but worrisome. So that’s not tickets I will get again.

We left there grabbed something to eat and went over to say one last goodbye her to cousin. I asked her what will happen when she wins a medal. She said she and her horse will do a victory lap and she will not stop smiling for a year Lol I really really hope she wins. She works so hard! They all do. Not that I understand equestrian stuff at all but it looks hard. You have to be completely in tune with your horse. And she seems really really good. Lindsay said she wants her to send a text photo with whatever medal she gets this year. We were both trying to encourage her a lot. She said she is very hopeful she will medal. She didn’t care which medal but she really thought she had a great chance at the Gold this year. I really pray hard she gets it. She’s a very sweet woman and so tiny. I hope she has all of her Olympic dreams come true! If not I’m sure I will get to see her try again in Japan in four years. She said she has no plans to quit anytime soon. As long as her keeps qualifying and being invited to try out for the team she’s staying with it.

Good luck to all the athletes. Even the Russians. They were cleared to compete. If they are still doping they will get caught again and lose their medals. The IOC would not have cleared them if they had not taken the steps to prove they are clean. It’s so controversial but the point is they are allowed to be there, don’t trash them. They are doing the best they can too and I really hope no one else is cheating.

Team USA medal count is, let me go google it,

medalLook at that. USA in the lead already! And who is that in 5th? Lol Australia does have a really great team this year. They aren’t as dominate in swimming like in the past. That surprises me a little.

I really do hope all the athletes are injury free and okay. They really are all doing their best. Even the poor french guy that snapped his leg. Geez that looked bad and he was a trooper. Pray he gets well soon.

I had a great time at the Olympics. I am done traveling until November. I have no more trips planned for the next few months.

Still no news on my adoption court date. I know my hopes are up for this year but they are starting to fade. It’s going to happen when it’s meant to. They are both already Coopers so I just need to be more patient.

I’m going to go help out with my boys, they just got up from their little nap and then I’m going to bed. Lindz and I both slept on the plane a little bit but it’s nothing like stretching out in your own bed. She’s already passed out. She was out as soon as she got out of the shower. It was a real honor her allowing me to hang out with her cousin again this time. She did not drink at all and was actually very fun to travel with this time. Usually she’s sleep deprived and crabby. We had such a good time. I think I like sober Lindsay. A lot.

Hope everyone has a great week. It’s so good to be home!

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