Olympic Spirit vs Is that a Kangaroo shaped purse?

Good morning from Rio! Oh boy what a night!

We got into Rio on Friday. We got to our hotel and checked in. Thank goodness the reservation was there. I had a dream on my Greece vacation that our hotel overbooked and we lost our Olympic room Lol Lindsay and I are sharing a room which is no big deal we’ve been doing that for years. Not because we can’t afford 2 rooms, it’s because she takes off on me and I can’t find her. So she suggested years ago when we are traveling as a pair to share the room that way I can either go with her when she takes off to explore or I can at least know when she’s sleeping. She tends to sleep until noon from being out until 4 or 5 am when we travel. Ben could not make it on this trip. He has already taken off too much time from work, he really didn’t want to go, and he had plans for this weekend. He is having a bunch of his family come out and stay for the weekend. It had been planned since last year around Christmas time so he had to honor it.

There’s only a 2 hour time difference for me so this isn’t killing me. The Greece time difference was very hard. I’m still probably dealing with a little of that. As soon as we got into our room we started putting our Team clothing up in the closet. Every Olympic games her and I compete on who has the biggest country spirit Lol I went all out this year! We are not the head to toe clothing people. It’s more about the tshirts and socks game.

I am a proud American. I have all kinds of American shirts, hats, socks, even a pair of red, white, and blue shorts I’m pulling out for our last day here. I was trying to figure out what to wear for the Opening Ceremony.

Lindsay is a very proud Australian American. Her mother was Australian her dad was American and she has dual citizenship. But if you ask her she’s all Australian. Especially at the Olympics Lol So out comes the first outfit so we could go meet up with her cousin, look around and grab something to eat. Also to buy room snacks. She has lost a lot of weight which I am very proud of. She has been eating a lot of vegan stuff but mostly she has watched her portion sizes as well as a lot of exercising. She hasn’t joined a gym yet but she said she wants to tone up by walking first then she will. She is almost at her 3rd goal weight. Once she hits that she will start in with the weight training.

Out she comes in an ALL Australia get up. Head to toe and she’s laughing. We took a selfie then I took a few photos with her phone to send to our iPhone Group chat. I decided to throw on a USA flag shirt that has an eagle flying right across the chest with the wings at an angle and wrapping around the back. I bought it at a truck stop in Iowa of all places. It’s pretty epic. She was dying laughing.

We got down to the lobby and already started hearing the comments. People were laughing and giving us thumbs up. The people in Brazil are so friendly and always happy. They smile at everyone and seem to really enjoy hosting the games this year. I’m so happy to know we are safe and have good clean places to hang out at. I was a little worried because all of the bad press Brazil was getting.

We did not see any of the protesters but we heard and saw on the tv they were there. We started looking around. I had a local map that helped us find places that were still open. Her cellphone works like a champ here. Mine, not so much so that’s been a challenge. We found the place her cousin told us to go to still open and serving food. We decided to get the sampler platter to try a little of everything. I got a Coke she got a Diet Coke and we found out the food in Rio is really, really good. So flavorful. I loved it. The salsa down here is very different from the salsa I have been eating for years. It was a lot better and less salty which I like.

We met up with her cousin and a few other athletes and hung out. They tried to get us into the Olympic village but that’s a no no. We tried Lol So we let her go to get some sleep, did a bunch of pictures and Periscopes with her and her friends and a few other athletes then we walked back.

We started walking around a little but I told her I was a little worried because it was already so late and we probably should walk around in the daylight first so we can see where things are. She didn’t want to but she agreed because she was pretty tired.

We got back to the room, she crawled in her bed, I crawled in mine then we started talking about what we wanted to do in the morning. Both really excited.

The whole reason she is here is to watch her cousin practice for the Equestrian events she is in. This is her 3rd Olympics she is competing in and it’s kind of a big deal both for her family but also for her country. She is not one of the well-known Equestrian athletes but as I was told by her the horse is the athlete she is just the guide. So she can literally compete every year until she doesn’t want to anymore. Which is pretty cool. If we had more time we would be able to see her compete. We have tickets for it but neither of us can stay that long. We mostly wanted to be here to support her Opening Ceremony stuff and to just enjoy a few of the events. Although there has been 1 small discussion about staying.

We have tickets every day. We are leaving on Monday afternoon. We will be able to see 5 events. I’m really excited about it. I have no idea what one of them is but Lindsay said I will get hooked just watching it because it makes no sense Lol I can’t wait.

We have been doing a lot of Periscope videos. They are on Lindsay’s Periscope channel. We are getting better at them. She has such a quick sense of humor and it’s hard for me to stop laughing before she makes another joke that really gets me going. The comments are hilarious. People can comment right there on the screen as we are filming. It’s really cool. And it lets all of our families and friends see what we see. Technology is advancing.

We are heading out to our first real event. I am so excited! It should be fun. I hope everyone watches the Olympics tonight and gets into the spirit. I am working on an Opening Ceremony blog but I ran out of time right now. We had a lot of fun and met some very cool people!


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