Opening Ceremony in Rio

Our first full day we were just excited to be among the crowd. We walked around and started buying up all of the Olympic gear we needed to haul back. We each bought another suitcase just for our souvenirs. We have a bunch of folks back home that asked for tshirts, hats, or things. We had to write it all down so we got it all.

We made it over to her cousin’s practice rounds, made sure we said bye to her and good luck then we took off. Olympic park this time is huge and very well laid out. It is literally all right together which makes it very easy to navigate. I don’t speak Portuguese but Lindsay speaks Spanish and can get us by with her mixture of knowing a few phrases of Portuguese. I tried to learn it before we got here but I had too much going on. I didn’t get time to learn anything but a few words. We shopped all morning of our first day. Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We took a nap because all of the other Opening Ceremonies we have been to are minimum 4 hours. And most of the time we are standing up, clapping, shouting, or singing along.

Our seats were 2nd level. That’s the closest we have ever been before.

Finally it’s time to make our way to the stadium.

  • Tickets – check
  • Sunglasses – check
  • Ear plugs – check
  • ID – check
  • Ready to party Brazillian style? – CHECK

We had to wait in line to get through security. I put all of her money in my wallet so she literally had nothing to carry in to make it much easier for us to get in. We planned on buying stuff after the ceremony to carry it back to the room. We immediately hit the bathrooms, grabbed drinks and snacks then went to find our seats.

HUGE STADIUM! Wow the first time we walked up to see the whole thing it was amazing. Kind of like the very first time I saw the Nebraska stadium from the inside. Took my breath away. We high fived, grinned, and found our way down to where we belonged. We started taking photos right away. We did a few Periscopes to start out. Then sat and waited. The entire stadium was a white floor. We waited and waited. Finally they announced it was 20 minutes to start.

The live event was an hour before NBC television time so we were seeing everything way before most of all of you. Unless you watched it on the BBC Channel, then you saw what we saw. What we found out was the audio was bad. We could not hear what was being said at all. We could hear murmurring. Which was disappointing. But everything was so loud we had in ear plugs. The fireworks are very very loud from inside the stadium. They were cool but every time I could feel it in my chest and kind of scared me when I wasn’t prepared for them to light off.

Let me get to the best part of the ceremony. The people we were sitting with. They love their country! We were surrounded by Brazillians as well as a few Canadians. We danced with them, passed snacks around, got each other water each time one in our little group was going down to the bathroom or for drinks. It was like a little party of our own which made the entire thing better.

The beginning of the ceremony was pretty emotional for all of them. And the progression of Brazil’s history was very, very cool and interesting. The interpretation was so cool. Seeing it like we did we didn’t get to see the whole thing only the stuff that was closer to our side. Then came all of the dancing and watching everyone go nuts when Giselle started walking. Honestly that was not easy on her at all. I know she was very proud, very happy to do her catwalk but you guys didn’t see how long that walk really was Lol In heels! She should get an honorary medal for that. Everyone around us was jumping up and down when she came strutting out, whistles, and clapping. It was a big moment for all of them. Then the other parts of dancing and finally we get to the countries coming out.

The USA Team was going to be in the E section. I asked Lindsay why and she said I dunno who cares, WHERE”S MY TEAM Lol She was so excited. She was completely decked out in Australia hat, tshirt and socks. As soon as the Aussies were at the beginning waiting to come out she was jumping up and down. And all of the people around us were high fiving her and clapping for them. She was so happy to see how big her team was and was talking mad shit already to everybody telling them it was their year to get all the Golds Lol It was hilarious.

Then came my team.

USA USA USA!!! We were all chanting together and WOW what a team we have this year guys! I didn’t know at the time but later on tv I saw it’s over 500 atheletes! WOW! It was so cool seeing Michael Phelps, our Greatest Athelete of all time, carry the flag. We got some really good zoomed in photos of that part. Well the best I could do.

And we waited and waited. I knew that as soon as the Brazillian team came out our seatmates would lose their shit Lol And they all did. They were jumping up and down and already started in with their country’s chant. It was so much fun! We were jumping up and down with them. They had flags waving over our heads and screaming at each other. Very, very proud people! It made it so much fun.

Then things calmed down. We sat down for a few minutes finally. My legs were cramping up. I’m getting old guys Lol We waited a few minutes then it was time to stand up again. The closing part with the 5 rings, that was so cool from where we were at. The Speech was pretty good but I had no idea what he said. Then finally the runner comes in. The crowd went nuts as soon as they saw who it was. I did not know his story. That part I wished I had been watching it on the tv because I had no idea who that was. Lindsay asked and they said it was a guy who got tripped up in earlier Olympics. I really thought Pele would be there. I really didn’t know who this guy was but watching him go around and everyone’s reaction, that was cool! The torch was lit, the place went nuts and we had a blast. I was not better than the Sydney opening ceremony we saw years ago. I can honestly say that one was the all time best. So creative and cool.

I can not wait to see what Japan does for their ceremony in 4 years. Of course I will be going to that one with my sons! And Lindsay. It’s become a tradition now.

We made some new friends. We told them all where we were staying and said stop by anytime. We exchanged numbers then realized it’s easier to exchange Twitters Lol So we did that, added them all in to my Twitter and then walked out.

We bought up so much stuff guys. There was an entire separate gear set for the Opening Ceremony so of course we loaded up on that stuff. We were singing, dancing and having a great time leaving. We got back to the hotel on a huge adrenaline rush. We didn’t want to go to bed, so we went out Lol And we had a great time. We found a club, we danced and had a few Cokes. No alcohol. Then decided to get back. It was really late.

We had already seen 1 event. Which I will blog about in the next one. We both got some really cool photos and videos. They are on my Facebook and going to be on my Flickr by tonight. I have so many photos to upload on there. Geez, I take way too many pictures.

Just found out Russell Westbrook is staying in OKC to play for the Thunder! YES! Today is a great day!

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