R.I.P. Summer Beard

Woke up this morning and shaved my beard off finally. No one was a fan of it. My boys both touched my faced this morning. I think they prefer me clean-shaven. Sarah said I look much younger now. I’m sad to see it go but it’s time for a new look. I like to change-up my hair and facial hair often. It’s fun. It makes me want to buy new clothes Lol I can’t help it I love to shop for clothes. Probably because it’s so hard to find anything that fits me. So yes, my beard is gone. All of my family and friends on facebook just got a look of my clean face. Already 3 comments are, Finally! Thank Goodness! And it’s about time Lol No love at all for my beard. I haven’t grown a full beard in a while. I’ve tried the moustache but I look like a 70’s actor reject. It’s not a good look. Tonight after work I’m hitting my local Supercuts to get the new style. It’s called an Undercut. My version is the longer top will be cut down some. I’ve already rocked the Pompadour this summer then went to the Caesar cut. That was nice. I thought it went very well with my beard. My hair grows so fast. I think I will like this longer on top look.

Last night I had a baked potato bar with all the fixings and the left over enchiladas. Lindsay and Ben ate half of the pan before they left Sunday right after Church Lol It was hilarious they were fighting over them. I take that as a huge compliment. Tonight Sarah asked me to make Burgers and fries. She wants homemade fries. I have a Potato express. If you don’t have one, get one. You can get it at Walmart. It peels the potato in seconds and then it can turn it into curly fries. I bought it thinking I might use it once or twice. The first time I made curly fries they were all gone before I could get some. So I made a second batch and had to hide the plate by me before anyone else got more. They really are good.

So my lunch date with K went very well. She’s so sweet and funny. We talked about her work a little, my work a little. She asked how the boys were. I said they are perfect. Then we made casual chit-chat until the food arrived. She agrees, the salad at the Drake really is good. We split a dessert because what she ordered was bigger than she thought and it was all fruit so I could have it. She’s still having issues with my eating habit. She isn’t sure what restaurant to pick. I keep telling her I can find anything on the menu, don’t worry. I adjust, you don’t have to. Let’s go to all of your favorites for lunch. She wants to do a full on dinner date. I told her no. I said I go home after work to give Sarah a break and that would be something I have to schedule at least a week in advance since Brandi and Heather are back in school full-time again. Their last year. I told her this is what dating me looks like, scheduling it out way in advance. She’s fine with that because she is also not looking for anything serious. She’s recently divorced. Both of her kids are in college and she’s still not sure if I’m someone in her future because of my kids. I told her don’t fall in love with me, I won’t fall in love with you and it won’t be an issue. We can date until we stop. So far so good. She said it’s refreshing to not have pressure for more. I told her I’m not ready for anything more than lunch dates or movies. That’s about all I have time for. It was a nice talk. I like her. She’s fun.

I’m at work. I better push Send on this and throw it out to all of you.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and hang in there. It’s only Tuesday!

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