Rio Olympics! I want a light up Jacket!

Like 2 locusts that emerge from a dirty life and in need of some glory, Lindsay and I have once again made our way to the Olympics. We are really excited this year. We got into Rio last night. Here is a quick wiki summary of the Olympics this year.


  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • August 5, 2016
  • August 21, 2016
  • 207 nations, 8,255 confirmed athletes (more than 10,500 expected)
  • 306 in 28 sports

all_iconsIn case you have no idea of what some of these are here is the list of the sports being played.

We are here to watch her cousin practice for the Equestrian stuff. We won’t be able to stay to watch her compete. It’s all very thrilling. We met up with her and a few other Olympic atheletes last night for a few hours. She told us where to eat. We tried to sneak into the Olympic village but that place is on lockdown. We couldn’t get in. So we stood outside of it and started calling out random Olympian names that we knew or made up. We did see a lot of people. And we had no idea who they were. Yet! I know some of the folks we took pictures with will be very famous shortly.

We are on a mission to eat and rest because the Opening Ceremony is tonight and I can not wait! We will be Periscoping it on Lindsay’s channel. This will be fun! We have already made 15 Periscope videos with different Olympians. Still not really sure who any of them are yet but I wish everyone the best of luck.

GO TEAM USA!!! Your outfits for tonight look weird Lol I can’t believe that’s our design. It’s Polodiculous! It looks like my closet in college.

We were told to keep our passes and landyards tucked into our shirts when we are not near the Olympic areas because people are stealing them right off of your neck. You MUST BRING ID everywhere. It’s a requirement. Happy to show that driver’s license photo off (Not really) to people in another country.

So honored to see all we can for the next 4 days. Then we have to get back home. Lindsay is not drinking alcohol. Which is weird because every time we come to Brazil she has gotten wasted and sloppy. This might actually be a lot more fun than I thought.



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