Saturday at the Lake

I slept like crap last night. I got the brilliant idea to turn off the air last night so we could all enjoy the night breeze. I woke up with bad allergies and kind of cranky. A hot shower later I was feeling a little better. I got downstairs and let the dog out. He loves it here. He runs crazy in the backyard. Started the girls coffee and checked on the boys. They were still sleeping. We have gotten into the habit of letting them sleep as long as they want to on the weekend mornings. So their bodies can just rest. We have had them out a lot this past week. They have a busy social life now in the city.

I started to make muffins for breakfast then decided against it. I told Sarah I was going to go grab breakfast for everyone I wold be right back. She got up and told me what she wanted. Then I asked Brandi and Heather what they wanted. Heather wanted Starbucks Lol Brandi wanted a sausage egg burrito. Those 2 drive me nuts sometimes. So I went to get everything from 3 different places. Got back and my boys were up. Everyone was in the living room sitting on the couches watching Disney. The girls were talking about the sales they have on their apps for certain stores this weekend. They were deciding who would take morning shift and who would take afternoon shift. Sarah has a hair appointment and she got invited to dinner with Cam and his friends. I wasn’t invited only because Cam said it was a special event he wanted to escort her to. I thought that was really cool. I’m guessing it’s an art thing because he knows how much Sarah loves impressionistic arts. I bet they have a great time tonight.

I’m going shopping with Brandi it was decided. Then later this afternoon I’m taking Heather to the outlet mall. They are having a really good sale on summer clothes. She’s going to help me get a few things for the boys and it’s already time to start thinking about the next sizes up. My gosh my kids are growing. Just when we move them up it seems like 2 months go by and it’s time again. We have decided to donate our good baby clothes to a women’s shelter. I found one that is in need of baby boy stuff. I’m keeping a few of their things. I want to start trunks for both of them. To store special items and things that are important to me for each of them. Hmmm I probably should go buy the trunks now that I’m thinking about it. It’s a good idea to keep the trunks here I think.

Sarah asked me if I would ever consider living here full time and doing a commute to work. I said I had thought about it but with the boys being so young I wanted to stay near a hospital just in case something happened. I can’t get any closer since there’s one half a block away Lol She said she wondered if that would be something we would do in a few years. I said maybe.

Probably when they are school age we might make the move here. I definitely want my kids educated in Lake Forest. It has a great school right here and I think that’s what is best.

Let’s talk about sweater vests. I wear them. I like them. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’ve been taking so much shit at work on Fridays for wearing them. Are they not trendy anymore? I thought it was classic! Of course I still say things are Rad and My bad so it’s not like I’m trendy at all. I do know what a dab is. I did one once and everyone laughed at me so I’m no longer rocking the dab. Um what else? I have no idea what the newest lingo is either. Everytime a new one comes out I say what does that mean? I feel old guys. I look great still. Been working out like a beast. My chest is getting a lot bigger this year.  I’ve been doing a lot of weight training. Very pleased with that.

I’m very lazy today. I’ve been reading to the boys. They are done for their afternoon nap. In an hour they will both get up and then we can play some more. I’m working on writing again. I have all of these awesome ideas I want to get down before I forget. I had a strong start then got writer’s block for a few months. It’s been hard to get the feeling to start up again. I want to, but I’m lazy. I have such a busy schedule on the weekends I just want to lay around with my kids and play with them. We’ve been learning to share. It’s not going very well Lol No one wants to hand over the cool toys. They grab them up and that’s it. It belongs to them. Heston is worse at this than Alex. Alex won’t really share anything but when he is done with it he drops it and that’s it. He is done forever with it.

I think we are going shopping at 2:30 today. I have to make sure the double stroller is cleaned out. I had left a bad diaper in there once and it was a mess. I had to hose the whole thing off and let it air dry over night. I won’t do that again.

I think my boys are up now. Time to go get them. Have a great Saturday! Love ya’ll!

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